14 Health Benefits Of Iodine For The Body And Mind Strength

benefits of iodine for the body

Iodine is a trace element essential for the normal growth and development of the human body. While 3/5 the amount of iodine concentrates on the thyroid gland that secretes thyroid hormones to control the metabolism in the body, the health benefits of iodine play an important role in its proper functioning. Iodine also helps optimize the utilization of calories so that preventing its storage that forms unexpected excess fat, get rid of toxins from your body and aid the system in taking advantages of various minerals especially calcium and silicon.

Without iodine, the thyroid hormones can be synthesized thereby causing serious effects to your body. An iodine deficiency can cause mental retardation, poor perception, frustration, fatigue, abnormal weight gain, constipation, goiter, decreased fertility, and even unexpected stillbirth in expectant mothers. There may be more serious diseases or symptoms you can suffer from because of not enough iodine amount, so maintain a healthy diet with this element to keep you always healthy.

At present, VKool.com would like to show you 14 health benefits of iodine for the body and mind strength. All of the mentioned benefits are found in reliable sources and investigated through studies before, so you can absolutely believe in it. For those who don’t know or wonder how beneficial iodine is for the human health, just spend a few minutes reading the article to have more experience!

14 Health Benefits Of Iodine For The Body And Mind Strength

1. Boost Metabolism

benefits of iodine - boost metabolism

Boosting metabolism is known as one of the most important benefits of iodine for the health, so you have to take in an enough amount of this element to ensure a normal development as metabolism. More clearly, while thyroid plays the main role in regulating the metabolism, iodine is a decisive factor to secret thyroid hormones indeed, so a deficiency of Iodine raises the risk of an underactive thyroid thereby causing a sluggish metabolism. If you get the Iodine at a good level and all equal to your condition, you may find an increase in the metabolic rate as well. More thoroughly, you can get tested to check whether you have an Iodine deficiency or not instead of just assuming and taking a supplement when you feel necessary.

The benefits of iodine on the metabolism indirectly take good effects on the efficacy and efficiency of the body’s organ system as well as regular processes like sleep cycles, food absorption, and the food transformation into usable energy. in fact, the body maintaining the basic metabolic rate also improves the protein synthesis which is essential for the functioning of the human body. In addition, the thyroid hormones which are partly secreted by iodine, along with triiodothyronine hormones, also influence the blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and body weight. In brief, ensuring a proper creation and distribution of iodine element in the body is the key factor to maintaining good health.

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2. Protects Thyroid And Prevent Goiter

benefits of iodine - protects thyroid and prevent goiter

Nowadays, human have to face more and more dangers because of the development of economics, an increase in pollution, and even the toxins from any kinds of products, foods, and drinks or mistakes in lifestyles that expose them to free radicals. All of these factors bring bad effects to the human body including the thyroid as well. Therefore, it is important to have an enough amount of Iodine to protect the thyroid against free radical damage otherwise, you will leave it susceptible to unexpected damage, which can cause more serious problems and conditions like goiter. Protecting thyroid and preventing goiter are also important benefits of Iodine as well. It may be not strange for you that Iodine deficiency is the main cause of Goiter, so you deeply need to improve the intake of foods rich in this element. Some recommended foods for you are eggs, seafood, salt, and other dairy products to avoid iodine deficiency also cure an enlarged thyroid gland.

According to the specialized aspect, a right amount of Iodine helps prevent hypothyroidism, a condition caused by under-active thyroid glands and the slowing down in all processes because the chemical balance goes off track in your body. Because of hypothyroidism, your body cannot simply burn off available calories and turn it into necessary energy thereby making you suffer from a sudden weight gain, fatigue, trouble concentrating, cramps, leg swelling, constipation, dry skin, and even a coma and heart failure. Although this condition is caused by a number of reasons but not only an iodine deficiency, it is also advised to increase the intake of iodine indeed, you can utilize the benefits of iodine to encourage the hormonal activity also aid in losing weight and body fat as well.

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3. Improve Immune System

Improving the strength of the immune system is another of the health benefits of iodine.
Besides almost being known as the thyroid gland implications of this element, it also has other functions including boosting the immune system. Iodine, in fact, is a scavenger of free hydroxyl radicals stimulating and increasing the activity of antioxidants in the body, similarly to vitamin C, thereby providing a strong defensive basis against various diseases, particularly cancer and heart disease. In some studies conducted among rats, this element bonded to fatty acids presented in the cell membranes and leave less space for free radicals to harm other organisms thereby being believed to protect the brain cells against the unexpected effects of those free radicals.

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4. Increase Energy Levels

While iodine is very beneficial in ensuring the utilization of calories along with preventing them from depositing in the body as excess fats, it also plays a role in maintaining certain levels of energy indeed. Increasing energy levels is also one of the benefits of iodine in the body.

If you do not get enough Iodine for a day, you will drop in a deficiency of energy as this element helps thyroid function properly and is also a factor make you feel up and desire to go, particularly when you feel lethargic and need more rest. In fact, it is difficult to consider which level of energy is healthy but Iodine is always necessary to boost your energy by anyways.

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5. Aid The Reproductive System

benefits of iodine - aid the reproductive system

Aiding the proper growth and maturity of organs in reproductive system is another of the health benefits of Iodine. Pregnant women are always advised to take in an enough amount of iodine because this is beneficial in preventing stillbirths and neurocognitive conditions including cretinism in a few newborn babies. A deficiency of Iodine can make a woman infertile and cause gestational hypertension that may result in many complications during infancy indeed and you may be well aware of how dangerous they are. Not only does the take in of this element be essential for the pregnant women but it also plays an important role in the proper movement and growth of babies besides their speech and hearing abilities.

In common, pregnant women are not aware of the benefits of iodine for their health and their babies. While iodine presents in the breast milk and passes into their babies, they may lose a great deal of iodine each day. It has been indicated that pregnant or nursing women can lose more than their entire required a quantity of iodine each day, which causes a serious iodine deficiency for them even after pregnancy as well as breastfeeding because of the changes in the activity of the hormonal glands.

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6. Prevent Cancer

Among the health benefits of Iodine, preventing the risks of cancer is known as a typical one. Besides its important thyroidal influence, its anti-carcinogenic properties are also appreciated to the human health. Studies before have indicated that cancer cells shrunk under the activity of iodine and then even undergo apoptosis, known as automatic cell death, and are replaced by healthier cells. Although the exact mechanism on how this process goes on is still unknown, the positive connection between iodine and cancer prevention has been believed, particularly its effects on causing cell death in the breast cancer carcinoma cells.

In addition, iodine is beneficial in preventing thyroid cancer, one of the extremely serious forms of cancer indeed. It has been indicated that the patients with thyroid cancer consistently got an improvement in their condition after improving the intake of iodine and people suffering from an iodine deficiency have higher risks of thyroid cancer as well. Basically, preventing and curing thyroid cancer is one of the benefits of iodine for the health.

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7. Program Cell Death

Not only does iodine help prevent the risks of cancer but it also ensures the programmed cell death so that there will be the removal of harmful cells like diseased cells and cancer cells as well as the new formation of new organs in the human body. This function among the health benefits of iodine also comes from its activities for the thyroid gland leading later hormonal secretion and the thyroid gland regulation. In other words, shall no process be done without iodine indeed.

8. Balance Hormones

Balancing hormones is also one of the health benefits of Iodine that is derived from its activity on the thyroid grand. That means having a low amount of this element can cause your hormones thrown out of whack with less effect on the thyroid gland to regulate many other hormones in your body. In addition, iodine has been believed to help raise the libido up to a natural and proper level so that you can ensure your sexual activity to your satisfaction and the maintenance of your relationships. Although it is hard to identify which symptoms result from an Iodine deficiency, you should always take in enough Iodine amount for your body as well.

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9. Detoxify Toxic Chemicals

Detoxifying toxic chemicals out of the body is another of the health benefits of Iodine. For example, it flushes out some chemical toxins such as fluoride, mercury, lead, and biological toxins besides some other works throughout the body, which is very important indeed. In addition, iodine has certain antibacterial qualities to fight against various harmful bacterial conditions including Heliobacter pylori, a dangerous bacterial infection in the stomach also relating to gastric cancer as well.

Fluoride is one of the toxic chemicals presented in the human body over time which should be neutralized instead of being stored up over several months or years. It is fortunate that iodine is able to combat the fluoride level automatically for most people, so if you want to get rid of this toxic chemical, try to consume a right amount of iodine, not too much, to get natural results on the benefits of iodine for the health.

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10. Protect Against Pathogens

It has been said that the prevention is always easier than a treatment, so it is advised to protect yourself from as many pathogens as possible. Meanwhile, Iodine is considered to be an alternative method to antibiotics to treat certain pathogens in the body, which is the reason why it has been popularly recommended to consume. In fact, a number of people hate to take an oral antibiotic because it can kill off both the good and bad bacteria and keep the body the excess levels of candida as well. Instead of oral antibiotic, you can consume foods rich in iodine as a natural way to treat pathogens without any damages of healthy bacteria the body needs.

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11. Improve Cognitive Ability

Improving cognitive ability is another of the health benefits of iodine. It has been indicated that people with an impaired cognitive function got a considerable improvement when speeding up their Iodine levels along with them, which stimulates the old in common and someone without the cognitive ability to consume enough iodine in their diets. In fact, most of the people with fine cognitive functioning get enough Iodine on their regular basis as well. So, if you are suspicious about the connection between cognitive ability and iodine, you can ask a doctor or professional to check out.

12. Protect Against Radiation

This one of the benefits of iodine, protecting the human body against radiation, is not really necessary for everybody but just for those who have to face radiation in certain cases. More clearly, iodine is used to aid patients in recovering from radiation treatments, which is helpful for disasters like at Japanese nuclear power plants.

13. Improve Nail, Hair, And Teeth Health

Not only does iodine help prevent and treat some internal diseases but it is also beneficial for the external health including nails, hair, and teeth. More clearly, this element aids in the formation of strong and bright skin, teeth and hair.

Especially, iodine plays a very important role in hair care because a deficiency of this mineral can cause hair loss. In addition, it speeds up the growth of hair and improves follicle strength as well. However, you should not take massive amounts of Iodine with an expectation to turn around your hair pattern before as it just helps to improve the strength of hair and speed up its growth in certain levels and impossible to bring you the one as before.

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14. Some More Cautions

Despite various benefits of iodine for the health, you should also pay attention to some points because there may be other side effects for certain person.

  • For those who suffer from tuberculosis or kidney ailments, an overdose of iodine more than 2,000 mg is dangerous.
  • When exceedingly taken, this mineral can cause thyroid papillary cancer instead of helping prevent it as your expectation.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should be careful when taking iodine except for especially prescribed doses.
  • Everybody has a different reaction to dose amounts, so try to consult doctors to have a healthy balance of iodine for your health.

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After reading the article on 14 health benefits of iodine for the body and mind strength in our main Health page, hope that you can see how well the mineral iodine brings to your health so that you then add enough amount of it to your daily diet. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other health benefits of iodine if you know or experience.

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