How to prevent breast cancer naturally in female with 10 tips

Breast cancer is one of the most popular diseases that women all over the world suffer. In average, one out of eight women suffers from breast cancer.

It is a dangerous disease, however if detected early, the rate of survival is much higher. To control and prevent this kind of disease, we should learn more about its symptoms. There are some common signs of breast cancer that you may take notice such as a lump in breast, dimpling of the skin and fluid from the nipple…Some certain factors: diet, genes, personal health history…contribute to the developing of breast cancer. Therefore, on, I would like to share with you some tips on how to prevent breast cancer in female naturally. I hope that you will enjoy it.

How To Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally In Female – 10 Effective Tips

1. Find Down How Dense You Are: 

how to prevent breast cancer-find down how dense you are

It is suggested that you should learn more about the ways how to find down the dense breast. It is considered as the latest method to explore early the risk of breast cancer.

  Breast cancer can be hard to discovery if women have more tissues than fats, because the tumors and issues have white color, meanwhile fats have dark color. The experts recommended that we should check regularly to find down the unusual appearance of breast cancer.

2. Get Moving:

how to prevent breast cancer-get moving

Another tip on how to prevent breast cancer naturally is to get moving. According to research, it is suggested to increase the physical activities. It can help to lower the risk of breast cancer about 10% to 30 % in some ways. Obviously, doing exercises can help lose weight and prevent obesity. According to research, women who suffer from overweight or obesity have higher risk of breast cancer. Estrogen is the main factor which enhances the overgrowth of cells and breast cancer. As we know that estrogen comes from ovaries. After menopause, most of estrogen will be produced by the fat issues, not from ovaries. Therefore, the number of estrogen will increase due to the fats in the body.

Moreover, estrogen metabolism will be altered by exercise. When the ratio of good estrogen is over the bad estrogen, it will help reduce the risk of breast cancer. There are many different types of exercise such as swimming, walking, yoga and aerobic…that you can try. In summary, you should do exercise at least 30 minutes a day to protect yourself from breast cancer.

Please, read more: physical games to have different interesting guides.

3. Know Your Family Cancer History: 

how to prevent breast cancer-know your family cancer history

The fact shows that about 5 -10 % patients caught breast cancer from mutated genes.  The same aberrant genes can be carried by both men and women. For example, BRCA1 and 2 are the genes leading to breast cancer and ovarian cancer in women, prostate and testicular cancers in men. Therefore, you should look at the medical history from the first degree relatives to the third- degree relatives to have the genetic experts consulted. They will provide you important and accurate information to help you give the decision on having genetic test.

4. Minimise Radiation Exposure : 

how to prevent breast cancer-minimise radiation exposure

Mammogram is the basic method to observe breast cancer. However, ionizing radiation in most screening tests can cause the risk of breast cancer because DNA mutations are caused by ionizing radiation. In addition, dental x-rays and airport security screening can lead to radiation exposure. However, it will not be the big deal because very small doses of radiation are released by mammograms in case of obeying strictly the guidance of doctors.

5. Limit Hormone Therapy: 

how to prevent breast cancer-limit hormone therapy

Complementing estrogen along with progestin therapy for long term will increase the risk of breast cancer. However, people who have to use hormone therapy to treat menopausal symptoms need to identify the small but effective doses in a short time.

6. Breast-feeding: 

how to prevent breast cancer-breast-feeding

According to research, breast-feeding in the first 6 months can help to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Without menstruating during breast-feed, the number of cycles of women are limited that decreases the number of estrogen. Therefore, it is recommended that women should breast-feed to lower risks.

7. Eat Right Foods: 

how to prevent breast cancer-eat right foods

There are a lot of evidences showed that foods have big impacts on your risk of breast cancer. You should eat more vegetable and fruits, avoid fatty food, processed food, red meats and sugared drink. The researches show that carotenoid levels affect to the risk of breast cancer. The more carotenoid in blood, the more risk decreases. Carotenoid is found high in vegetable and fruit. Maintaining a healthy diet is the essential way on how to prevent breast cancer naturally in female.

8. Drink little or no alcohol: 

how to prevent breast cancer-drink little or no alcohol

Alcohol has close association with the risk of breast cancer.  Therefore, you should intake a moderate amount of alcohol. Remember just one drink a day.

9. No smoking: 

how to prevent breast cancer-no smoking

Smoking causes a lot of dangerous diseases. It is same as alcohol. Smoking can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Therefore, it is better to say no with smoke to protect yourself from the risk of breast cancer.

10. Detect Early:

how to prevent breast cancer-detect early

If breast cancer is detected early, patient can survive at least 5 years. To prevent the risk of breast cancer, women are recommended to take the mammograms and breast exam at the age of 50. The experts also advise to have mammograms at the early age of 40. If have any unusual symptoms and changes such as bleeding or crusting, you should report to the doctor. Detecting early can be considered as the most effective ways on how to prevent breast cancer naturally in female.

I have recommended you 10 tips on how to prevent breast cancer in female naturally. I hope that they will be useful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave the comments and join the discussion. I will answer as soon as possible.

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