10 Health Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Crystals You Should Know

health benefits of Himalayan salt

Until now, Himalayan salt is known as the purest salt on earth because it has no toxin and pollutant. This pure salt is extracted mainly from the Himalayan belt, popularly called “white gold”. Himalayan salt has the pink color, which is an uniqueness mainly by the iron oxide present in it. Hence, people often call it as “pink salt”. Himalayan salt, in fact, is predominantly comprised of sodium chloride along with about 80 occurring trace elements in nature, including magnesium, sulfate, potassium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, fluoride, and iodine. In addition, because almost minerals present in this pink salt are in colloidal form, it will help human cells easily absorb them. Thanks to the rich content of minerals, Himalayan salt can provide your body and soul with amazing therapeutic benefits. VKool page, today, will provide you with information about top 10 benefits of Himalayan salt. You will be surprised about its benefits after reading this article and I ensure that you will want to get it in your house immediately. Let discover this!

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Crystals You Should Know

1. Detoxify Your Body

The first benefit in the list of top 10 benefits of Himalayan salt is to detoxify the body naturally. You can dissolve Himalayan salt with the bath water and use this to take a bath to help rejuvenate and detoxify your body. The salt electrical charge along with its various minerals will be dissolved in the water. Hence, when taking a bath in this salt water, it will aid you in removing toxins from healthy cells and moving into the bloodstream. This, in turn, releases toxins out of the system. Moreover, Himalayan salt is capable of cleansing your body energetically.

2. Maintain Healthy pH Level

The second benefit of top 10 benefits of Himalayan salt is to maintain a healthy level of pH in your body. It means that your body cells contain natural alkaline.
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This will assist your body in functioning properly and inhibiting the cancer cell growth as well as getting rid of parasites, fungi, viruses, and disease-causing bacteria. Himalayan salt is able to control the alkaline level in your body. Because it helps to flush away acidic toxins in your body, the pH level will become more normal and also have slightly alkaline and thereby balancing the hydrogen ion concentration in your body fluids.

Additionally, this pink salt can maintain the intake of fluids in and around your body cells and may even have the ability to remove harmful heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, and mercury.

To sum up, in order to maintain your healthy pH level, you just mix 1 teaspoon of this pink salt in a glass of water and then consume it on a daily basis in the morning.

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3. Benefits Of Himalayan Salt – Improve Dental Health

benefits of himalayan salt - improve dental health

It sounds strange but Himalayan salt is very beneficial in improving your dental health. It is able to fight against gingivitis and cavities and also get rid of bad breath. Besides, this salt is loaded with potassium, preventing the gum areas from bleeding. Himalayan also has calcium, which is a mineral strengthening your teeth. Moreover, the antibacterial and antiseptic property content in it is effective for preventing the growth of bacteria in your mouth. This is one of the main factors causing numerous oral issues.

You simply dissolve pink salt with warm purified and distilled water and then gargle your mouth with this salt water for about 1 minutes after you brush your teeth.

You should apply this twice every day to keep dental healthy.

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Keep following to find out more effective benefits of Himalayan salt!

4. Prevent Muscle Cramps

Preventing muscle cramps is another among benefits of Himalayan salt. It will ensure a proper balance of fluids and electrolytes, which is an important aspect of your muscle health. Electrolytes are beneficial in conducting electrical impulses, which, in turn, ensures nerve impulses to other body cells and proper muscle contractions.

Besides, the rich source of magnesium in Himalayan salt also stimulate the intake of calcium and thereby supporting your muscle health. Both calcium and magnesium are equally necessary to ensure healthy muscles. Additionally, this pink salt owns potassium which is also very important for proper muscle functioning.

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5. Promote Sound Sleep

There are numerous benefits of Himalayan salt and the ability to promote sound sleep is one of them. If you want to get a good health, you firstly have to get a proper sleep.
And if you experiencing sleep deprivation, you can use Himalayan salt to help deal with this problem. Himalayan salt has various minerals, supporting the adrenal glands as well as keeping the body alkaline and thus promoting sound sleep. For example, the magnesium content in this salt will aid in relaxing your mind, decreasing stress, and stimulating high sleep quality. In addition, it also helps you combat depression by controlling the serotonin level.

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6. Relieve Skin Inflammation

Apart from health benefits of Himalayan salt, it is also proved that this salt is effective for easing skin inflammation. Thanks to the high magnesium level in it, the pink salt will provide your inflamed skin with a hydrating and anti-inflammatory effects. Also, it is capable of strengthening your skin barrier and maintaining your skin moisture. For people who experience psoriasis or eczema, extremely dry skin, taking a bath with the pink salt water may be very effective.

To apply it, you just add 1 cup of Himalayan salt to your warm bath water and then soak to this for 30 minutes. You should enjoy this several times per week to get rid of skin inflammation more quickly.

7. Normalize Blood Sugar

benefits of himalayan salt-normalize blood sugar

This is one among the most effective benefits of Himalayan salt. Both those having diabetes and those at a higher chance of this disease may receive an improvement after applying Himalayan salt. Some certain minerals present in this pink salt, such as vanadium, , magnesium, and manganese can be beneficial in maintaining the normal level of your blood sugar. For example, chromium is able to transfer carbohydrates into glucose and also aid in regulating and producing insulin. If your body is not provided with enough chromium, insulin may not function properly. Additionally, vanadium is also responsible for glucose metabolism and magnesium has the ability to control blood sugar levels.

To sum up, in order to maintain the normal level of blood sugar, you should stop taking your regular table salt and then use Himalayan salt to instead.

8. Relieve Symptoms Of Respiratory Diseases

Himalayan salt can also aid you in combating respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis or even allergies. This pink salt is able to cleanse your respiratory system, protect it from harmful toxins as well as keep the respiratory system healthy. Besides, Himalayan salt contains natural anti-inflammatory property, which is beneficial in loosening up excessive mucus and also stimulating mucociliary transport. Another among benefits of Himalayan salt for your respiratory system is to get rid of harmful pathogens in your respiratory tract, which slows down the treatment process. Moreover, the pink salt particles are also effective for penetrating deep into your lungs to heal damaged tissues.

9. Cleanse Your Digestive Tract

benefits of himalayan salt-cleanse your digestive tract

Another among benefits of Himalayan salt which can make you surprised is that it can clean your digestive tract. You can also use Himalayan salt to naturally help cleanse your digestive tract. In fact, this salt works as a natural laxative to aid your digestive system in releasing stored toxins through stools. This, in turn, ensures a healthy gastrointestinal system without impurities. Besides, various minerals in this salt are beneficial for your digestive system.

  • You just put 2 teaspoons of Himalayan salt into a quart bottle filled with warm water.
  • Then you shake this bottle to dissolve the salt in water.
  • Now, you add the lemon juice extracted from a lemon and consume this entire solution before your breakfast.
  • Next, lie down on a side and relax for 27 to 30 minutes.
  • You will soon suffer from a bowel movement after 1 to 2 hours. Do not forget to drink enough water during this time.
  • You should apply this detoxifying treatment once every 2 months.

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10. Maintain Fluid Balance

The last benefit of top 10 benefits of Himalayan salt is to maintain fluid balance. Because of loaded with several electrolytes regulating hydration, Himalayan salt becomes the best choice for maintaining fluid balance. Proper hydration is very necessary for all cells of your body to function effectively. This salt is packed with major electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium. Your body absorbs all these electrolytes more quickly than water.

  • You just drink this solution as a part of the daily diet to maintain a proper balance of fluids in your body.
  • To make this solution, you put an inch of this Himalayan crystal salt in 1 bottle having a lid.
  • Then you add 2 or 3 inches of filtered or water to cover all the salt crystals.
  • Allow the water to sit for overnight.
  • Now, you consume it with filtered water each morning before your breakfast.
  • Note: When you make this sole, avoid using metal lids and spoons.
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With top 10 health benefits of Himalayan salt crystals, hope that you will get rid of these health conditions to keep you always healthy. You can freely ask me anything related to benefits of Himalayan salt by putting your question in the comment box and I will answer you soon. Also, you can find out more benefits of other fresh foods by accessing our main Health page. If you also know others health or beauty benefits of Himalayan salt, let share them with us!

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