How To Deal With Rejection From A Girl In Love – Stop The Hurt!

how to deal with rejection from a girl in love

I can almost guarantee that in our life, everyone is rejected at least once. The rejection may come from a company you apply to, from your colleagues who reject your ideas, or someone who refuses to let you borrow something. However, among many forms of rejection, being denied by a person in love is most agonizing and disappointed. Learning how to deal with rejection from a girl in love is essential to avoid grief that affects your work and life.

How To Deal With Rejection From A Girl

how to deal with rejection from a girl a review

“How to deal with rejection from a girl in love?” is a question that I raised for myself when witnessing the sufferings of a friend after he was rejected by the girl he loves. In fact, there are many people who have experienced this feeling. Some people seem to be crazy and cannot control themselves after the shock in love. Some others quickly recover, continue to work, continue to live and continue to love. How did they do to overcome feelings of shame and hurt after being denied? That’s exactly what I want to share with you today on our site. I hope these tips will help you find out how to deal with rejection from a girl in love that can help you stop hurt, sadness and loneliness.

Accept The Truth. As I said above, rejection is just a common reality on a daily basis. If you want to get someone’s love, you’ll need to ask her out and tell her know your thoughts. If you ask her out, you may be rejected. It’s a simple fact that a near-unavoidable part of the dating process is rejection. The earlier you accept the rejection, the easier you move on from it.

Do Not Expect Excessively.

do not expect excessively review

Remember that all cases can occur, including rejection. Therefore, you should be psychologically prepared to accept her rejection. The more you hope, the more you get disappointed if you are rejected. Being polite and humble not only help you find out how to deal with rejection from the girl but also can help you make a good impression. Who knows, it could bring the magic to you!

Acknowledge Your Feelings.

acknowledge your feelings review

Because of a rejection by a potential romantic partner, it is very natural and normal if you are going to feel grief and upset before you feel acceptance. Therefore, do not shy away from admitting that you are going through a difficult time at least to yourself. Understand your feeling and give yourself time to process the rejection instead of reject your emotions. Take the rest of the day off work if you can, watch a movie or eat something sweet are some ways on how to deal with rejection that can temporarily help you get better. Make sure that you do not spend days sitting in your house to wallow in your hurt. That will just make you feel worse for a long time.

Take Her Out Of Your System.

take her out of your system review

I know it is very hard, especially if she is your classmates or your colleagues and every day you have to see each other. But you can still do it step by step. Try not to talk to her and avoid encounters as much as possible. You can do your homework, focus on your works, or look for someone to chat. However, as you are currently friends, a conversation is not inevitable. In this case, end this conversation as early as possible. Trying not to be around the girl you can’t be with is one of the best ways on how to deal with rejection that helps you soothe your hurt. Over time, you will be accustomed to not have her in your life and forget your sadness.

Throw The Memories Away. You can try not to talk to her, but you will probably remember the memories of the past between the two of you. Throw all of the memories that she has given you. Delete all the messages, unfollow and block her in Facebook and Twitter. For something like pictures, letters and gifts, burn or bury it in the farthest place to forget her.

Talk To A Friend.

talk to a friend review

You may do not have a girl, but you always have friends who willing to give you tips on how to deal with rejection. It is very important to talk with friends you trustthe feelings that you are experiencing. The friend you need is the one who can advise you frankly, help you analyze and sort out what went wrong. They are always there and watch over you during your grieving period to make sure that you not too immersed in your grief. Remember that not complain too much. In addition, call your friends whom you haven’t spoken to for years. Interesting conversation about the things you miss about them can help you feel more comfortable. If possible, pay them a visit. During that visit, you can also meet many new friends and enjoy the freedom of a single life.

Do Not Take It Personally.

do not take it personally review

After being rejected, many people tend to blame themselves. They believe that they are rejected because they have done wrong things. However, remember that the rejection says nothing about you as a person. Think about the times you rejected other person, whether the reason is their fault or not? It is similar to the girl you love, when they reject you, it does not mean that you are bad person, or they hate you. Even, they can also have feelings for you, but there are too many reasons to discourage such sentiments such as they are too busy with work to date, they are in a relationship, or simply they prefer to be single.

Do Something That You Haven’t Done Before.

do something that you haven't done before review

Doing something new helps you avoid repeating the same things that can give you hurtful feelings of the past. Throw away painful past, set your mind and try to do something fun can be the effective ways on how to deal with rejection from a girl in love.

Learn From Rejection. Sometimes rejection offers you an opportunity to learn from your experiences and improve yourself. It wake you up that you have to change. If possible, ask her the reason why she isn’t interested in dating you. If it’s really your fault, accept it try to fix that side of yourself. That’s the way to increase your chance of being accepted in the next time.

Try A New Sport.

try a new sport review

It is a great avenue to release all the bad feelings that you are suffered.  Drain all the sadness in your heart by punching sandbags or go to the gym for some power lifting. Besides helping you get a better mood, these new sports & exercises might give you the dreamed body. She could think she might have had the greatest regret in her life when see you again. Moreover, with better appearance, you can be more attractive to many other girls.

She Is Really Missing Out. Rejection means she cannot comprehend your inner beauty. Do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t understand you? When you are rejected, remind yourself of how you are amazing, and she may not find anyone else having positive characteristics and invaluable qualities like you.

Go On A Journey.

go on a journey review

Do charity works, and it is recommended that you should participate in activities such as giving gifts to the poor, caring for patients in hospital or helping out at a retirement home more than just donating money and relief goods. Volunteering for a charity will surely not only make you too busy to remember about the rejection but also help you spend your time on more important things in your life. You suddenly realize that there are so many things more precious than love. Moreover, you will help many new friends that one among them may be your half in the future. You can also go on mountain climbing, biking, canyoneering and other fun activities that can be done alone. You can also travel to somewhere that helps you heart find tranquility.

Find A New Girl.

find a new girl review

Someone has told me that there are two great ways on how to deal with rejection. The first is giving yourself time to forget the girl you love. And the second is finding a new girl who can fill your heart with her love. It is true! Being rejected is not the end of the world. Her rejection will give you a chance to be able to find another person who is better, more suitable for you and love you more. There are smart, pretty, funny, and friendly girls everywhere. You can ask your friends to introduce you to their network. She will be a friend of your friend, or a new friend you met when traveling. Remember to become friends first and let her discover interesting things at you. And never compare, just make you remember the girl who rejected you.

All of the above tips on how to deal with rejection from a girl in love have helped myself and a lot of people out there. With my personal experiences and studies in this field for a long time, today I am glad to share them with anyone who desires to find out how to deal with rejection from a girl he loves. Let’s follow these tips above and stop your hurt, sadness and move on!

If you feel the tips on how to overcome with rejection from a girl in love I offer in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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