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This product contains many ingredients that have no science backing them, and they’re made by a company with almost no online presence – except for some very nasty customer interactions. That, and there are no reviews of this product from verified customers. If you want to know more, read on:

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Sinrex Overview

Sinrex is a male enhancement pill that’s supposed to make your sex life explode. Men who have problems in the bedroom need worry no longer, so Sinrex claims, since it can not only help to make their erections harder and longer-lasting, but it’s supposed to make them last longer during sex and to have more semen as well.

This product is made by X4 Labs, a Canadian company that seems to be more focused on penis extension (through devices that appear to stretch it) than nutritional supplements, and it shows: this product is underwhelming at best.

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Sinrex Claims

Sinrex claims to be a “2-in-1” herbal supplement to help men improve their sex lives, free of chemicals and additives that are in other, similar products. Through herbal and plant extracts, Sinrex is supposed to support your body’s natural sexual processes to improve the sex drive and your physical stamina during sex. It’s also supposed to induce your body to create more testosterone, the hormone associated with a number of sexual processes, including libido. Unlike some other products, it also says it can help men to have more semen in their ejaculations, something which may interest men with low volume.

What’s this “2-in-1” thing? It’s not clearly explained, but from what we gathered, the ingredients in these pills are supposed to work well separately, but even more effectively together – hence the notion that two different formulas have been combined into one, for a better product (supposedly).

One interesting thing we’ve noted with this is that the company, X4 Labs, doesn’t clearly link themselves to this product. There’s no “Proudly Made By -” or any other such reference. In fact, the only real way to tell that X4 Labs is even connected to this product is by comparing the customer service numbers – they’re the same, and that’s the only way we were able to make the connection.

Who are X4 Labs? Well, as we stated above, they’re a company that’s focused mainly on penis enlargement products. And we don’t mean pills, we mean physical devices that you strap to your penis and slowly increase the settings of, stretching your penis out bit by bit over weeks until it’s longer. We won’t comment much on that, except to say that it’s not advisable for a number of reasons, including the fact that you can cause irreversible damage to your penis.

Are they trustworthy? Well, they definitely try to make themselves seem trustworthy: lots of pictures of doctors, a blue-and-white color scheme (the two colors associated with the medical community). We looked around but found no Better Business Bureau profile for them, which is crucial in vetting a company for professionalism and trustworthiness, as it shows their customer service history and a rating of how they fare in their advertising. But we did find several entries for them on RipoffReport, where customers can write about their bad experiences with companies.

A couple people have written there about how they are not to be trusted: one person said that money was taken from their credit card but without sending any products, another claimed they don’t honor their refund policy, and another said that one of their penis enlargement products and said that it damaged his penis beyond repair.

Doesn’t sound like a very trustworthy company, does it? Of course if they had more presence, we could vet them more and see if there was any truth to these accusations, but this company has almost no presence beyond their own website.

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Sinrex Ingredients

There are many ingredients in Sinrex, mostly plant-based. Here’s a list of some of the main active ones:

  • Green Tea
  • Hawthorn
  • L-Arginine
  • Epimedium
  • Inosine
  • Soy
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Lycopene

Green Tea extract is typically added to supplements as a way of delivering antioxidants, compounds that can help cells to stay healthier longer and get rid of “toxins” (although that last part is not totally scientific). Not sure why it was added to this product, since it has little to do with the sex drive.

Hawthorn is a berry that’s used (in extract form) to increase circulation and lower blood pressure, but there’s not a lot of evidence overall for this extract working.

L-Arginine is a well-known amino acid that converts to nitric oxide, which widens blood vessels for increased blood flow, especially to more remote areas on the body – like the penis.

Epimedium (horny goat weed) is an ancient Chinese herb that is supposed to direct blood to the genitalia and reawaken the sex drive, making it a potent aphrodisiac.

We’re not sure why soy was included in this product – soy is associated more with lowered inflammation than boosted sex drive.

Inosine seems to be a chemical used for helping people with their stamina and endurance, but if you’re looking for science, you’re going to be disappointed. More on this product later.

Saw palmetto is a berry commonly included in male sex drive supplements for its supposed sex drive-boosting properties, but we looked into it, and the truth is that this ingredient doesn’t really belong in this supplement.

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The Science Behind Sinrex

When it comes to several of the ingredients in this supplement, the science side of things is extremely lacking.

Hawthorn, for example, is supposed to improve circulation, a use that many supplements promote as a way to get more blood flowing to the penis, which could lead to better erections and more pleasure. Problem is, there’s “insufficient evidence” that it works for that use, meaning “more evidence is needed” before anyone can say it’s an effective supplement (WebMD).

Inosine is a strange inclusion – the product claims to only contain natural ingredients, and yet here we have a laboratory-made chemical mixed right in with everything else. Nonetheless, it’s supposed to help with stamina, but does it work? There’s almost no evidence: it’s listed as “likely ineffective” (WebMD).

Saw palmetto is a common inclusion in male potency products because at some point, someone said that it can raise testosterone levels, and therefore increase sex drive. Surely that person (or persons) had some clinical trials to back that statement up, right? It’s a big claim, and big claims require big evidence. We looked, and we couldn’t find anything about this, except one study that determined saw palmetto supplement “may” increase the amount of testosterone in the blood, but that more research is needed before any definite claim can be made (Anderson, Mark, J Int Soc Sports, 2024).

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Word on the Street about Sinrex

If you’re going to sell a product, you’ll need people talking it up and giving reviews of it, since otherwise no one will know what to expect of it in terms of quality or effectiveness. So what does Sinrex have going for it?

Basically nothing.

Typically we see products have at least some reviews, and these could be on Amazon, or wherever else they’re sold like GNC (or even Target), but with Sinrex we have almost nothing to go on. In fact, the only real “review” we found was one sponsored by the Sinrex website, meaning they definitely picked it because it made them look good:

“I knew right away this would be the product for me: I didn’t worry about losing my erection anymore!”

This is pretty disappointing. “No” reviews is just as bad as “terrible” reviews, because since there’s no information from people who’ve tried it, it’s impossible to figure out if it’s going to work or not. When people are going to spend their own money on a product, they want to know what they’re getting into, and customer reviews give you a chance to see what’s in store (good or bad) – and right now, we have no idea what’s going on with this supplement. In fact, we don’t even know if anyone’s tried it – also a bad thing!

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Is Sinrex Worth a Try?

To put it succinctly: no. Sinrex is made by a shady company that has almost no presence online and only a couple bad customer reviews on Ripoff Report as any evidence that they’ve ever done business, seeing as there are no reviews or articles to be found anywhere about “X4 Labs.” Many of the ingredients have nothing to do with sexual health or improved erections, and some of them have no science behind them at all. And worst of all, there are zero reliable customer reviews, meaning we have no idea if anyone’s ever bought this product or if it works like it says it does.

In the 21st century there is no excuse not to have customer reviews for your product. They’re essential. X4 Labs better get up off their butts and try and get some testimonials out there. But hey, for all we know, they don’t even care about whether this supplement sells or not – as long as they keep selling their penis-breaking “extension” devices, they’ll be able to keep their heads above water. But just barely.

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Sinrex vs Vigrx Plus

These products make similar claims: you can increase your sexdrive in a healthy, natural way, but taking pills with natural chemicals and plant products. They’re even similar in price: $78.90 vs $76.99 for a one-month supply. Both products also offer discounted prices on multiple orders, in case you want to buy a few months’ worth. Vigrx Plus contains more natural aphrodisiacs, including damiana, muira puama, and catuaba, while Sinrex has fewer ingredients and puts less of a focus on herbal sex drive boosters. Vigrx Plus has way more verifiable reviews than Sinrex, but the downside is that the majority of these are negative. Either way, there’s more information about Vigrx Plus out there than Sinrex.

Sinrex vs Vimax

These products are pretty similar in their composition, actually. Both contain ginseng, saw palmetto, and vitamin e, and neither contain large amounts of aphrodisiacs. Vimax is a little cheaper at $59.95, since Sinrex can only be bought from their main website for $145 (comes with three months), so the take-away is that the upfront cost to try Vimax is less. Vimax offers a “free trial,” which Sinrex doesn’t look like it does, but Vimax’s trial comes with a catch: signing up your credit card information and agreeing to be charged $75 a month for recurring monthly shipments. This price difference is a little weird especially since the single bottle is only $59.95, making it like a sort of punishment. These products share something else in common: almost no customer reviews to depend on for seeing if they work or not. Looks like having no proof that your product works is becoming a trend!

Sinrex FAQ

  1. Are there before and after photos for users of Sinrex?
    We haven’t seen any such photos, and even if we had, we couldn’t post them here. You’d have to trawl user forums that allow nude photographs in order to see pictures like those.
  2. Are there any side effects to Sinrex?
    Well, the website doesn’t say there are any side effects, and we couldn’t find many side effects listed for the ingredients contained in the product, so we’re not sure. Since we have no customer reviews to look at, we have no customer complaints to refer to either.
  3. What is the price of Sinrex?
    Sinrex costs about $149.95 for a three-month supply. We haven’t seen any single month supplies available, meaning they’re really counting on people stocking up even if they’ve never tried the product before.
  4. Is there a Sinrex cream?
    There’s a cream sold by the same company, which you can look at by clicking the link in the “customers also purchased” section.
  5. Where can I read customer reviews for Sinrex?
    Nowhere, as far as we can tell.
  6. What are the ingredients in Sinrex?
    Bioperine, copper chelate, creatine, cuscuta seed, green tea extract, hawthorn berries, inosine, l-arginine, maca, omega 3, saw palmetto, siberian ginseng, soy protein, tribulus terrestris, vitamin e.
  7. Does Sinrex work?
    Your guess is as good as ours. With no dependable customer reviews, we have no way of verifying if this product has ever worked for anyone.
  8. What is X4 Labs?
    They’re a Canadian sex product company that mainly produces penis extension devices.
  9. Is Sinrex made in Canada?
    Yes, it’s made in Canada.
  10. Can I buy Sinrex in Malaysia?
    It looks like they’ll ship just about anywhere, so you can probably order them from Malaysia.

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So What Really Works?

Viritenz is the male enhancement product of choice, as far as we’re concerned. How do we judge it? We look at the ingredients (naturally-derived), the way it’s manufactured (USA-made, FDA-inspected facilities), and the way people have responded: very positively. All of these add up to a fine product.

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