30 Day Crash Course Review – Does Kathe Perez’s Guide Work?

30 day crash course

Transgender Voice Feminization With 30 Day Crash Course Review

30 day crash course review: This is a complete review that shows you all about 30 Day Crash Course program with 6 below parts:

1. 30 Day Crash Course Review – The Author’s Claims

2. About Kathe Perez – Author of 30 Day Crash Course

3. How 30 Day Crash Course Works

4. 30 Day Crash Course – Advantages

5. 30 Day Crash Course – Disadvantages

6. 30 Day Crash Course – Conclusion

30 Day Crash Course Review – The Author’s Claims

30 Day Crash Course created by Kathe Perez is known as the independent voice feminization study course that shows you on how to deepen your voice, and how to achieve a passable feminine, and sexy voice within 30 days of performing, and that guides them step by step through her proven voice feminization process. The author claims that with this program, users will find out her highly sought-after approach which has worked for numerous transgender women. In addition, this course will show users precisely what they need to do each day to feminize voice, and gain a passable feminine voice in the fastest amount of time possible. Besides, this course will provide users with the foundation they need to express themselves as a woman in the next a month.

What is more, the course is an internet course which comes with practice videos, live-streaming instructional, and worksheets, and downloadable notes, so users can follow this course at anywhere they want, and how much time they learn. Furthermore, the course is an ideal program for the beginners, in other words, it is designed for transgender women who just have a little of experience working with their voices.

About Kathe Perez – Author of 30 Day Crash Course

Kathe Perez  is the developer of 30 Day Crash Course, and this woman also is a Voice Feminization Specialist, and a Certified Speech Language Pathologist. People can contact the author at here kathe [at] 30daycrashcourse dot com to get answers from the author for people’s questions.

30 day crash course review

How 30 Day Crash Course Works

When ordering this product, buyers will receive a 30 Day online Course with 5 transgender voice feminization classes. Five classes that users have to pass are:

  • Getting Started – class 1: with this class, users will be able to achieve perfect feminine pitch, discover the hidden blocks as well as challenges to their success, and design a daily practice routine, and more.
  • Feminine Articulation – class 2: with this class, users will be able to improve their posture, breathing, and pitch, master clear talk techniques, understand the differences between feminine articulation and masculine, and train their ear to identify the specific qualities of masculine voices and feminine voices, and more.
  • Voice Quality – class 3: with this class, users will be able to master strategies for transforming the quality of their feminine voice, train their ear to identify the subtle elements of a attractive feminine voice, and more.
  • Transfer of Learning- class 4: with class, users can integrate feminine posture, articulation, breathing, pitch, and voice quality into their speech, and avoid the most common mistakes in voice feminization, and more.
  • Continuing Your Progress – class 5: with class, users can build a customized practice routine; they also continue to improve their feminine vocal skills, and more.

In addition, in each class, users will get:

  • Practice Worksheets: with these worksheets, users can download, print or save them for the future reference.
  • Practice Videos: these videos will demonstrate users the vocal training exercises for all five classes.
  • Instructional Video Notes: with these materials, users can refer easily back to the key concepts for each class.
  • Instructional Videos: with these videos, users will get step by step instructions that help them follow with ease.

30 day crash course order

Benefits Of 30 Day Crash Course

30 day crash course

30 Day Crash Course – Conclusion 

Now, after reading this 30 Day online Course review, it is your choice. The success is in your hand if you take this course. if you want to get a passable feminine voice within 30 days of performing, I think this course is the best course for you. Take this chance right now!

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