9 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife & Husband

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas

How do you feel when wedding anniversary comes? You must be excited, right? However, for some people, there is a problem they have to face. That is they do not know how to choose a gift for their lover. Now it’s time to relax and read this article on our page VKool which will present to you top 9 creative 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife & husband. Continue reading this writing to understand more!

Top 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife & Husband

1. Pillow

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas - pillow

One of the most common 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife & husband is pillow. Pillow plays an important role in helping us to have a good sleep. And when you give pillow for your husband or your wife in 2nd wedding anniversary, it means that you wish he or she dreams about you.

Nowadays, if you want to give your husband or wife a pillow, you can easily find it in any grocery store or supermarket. In addition, there are many types of pillow you can choose. For example, you can buy a pillow with a love saying. You can also buy some pillow in animal shapes. If you want to give your wife or husband a special pillow, you can design it yourself.

2. Cotton

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas - cotton

Another 2nd anniversary gift idea which is mentioned in this article is cotton. It is very easy to find something which is made of cottons such as a T – shirt or hoodie. And in this T – shirt or hoodie, you can print your lover’s favourite singers, actors or actresses, bands and so on.

A cotton pajama is also a good idea for you. You can make your lover laugh when you wear the same pajama with him or her when sleeping.

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3. Watch

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas - watch

In the list of 2nd anniversary ideas, watch is also a wonderful idea. Watch is the gift which is suitable for both men and women. When you give your lover a watch, you mean that you want him or her to remember the time when you and he/she live side by side.

And not only you give him/ her ordinary watch but you also give your lover an alarm watch. If you give him/her an ordinary watch, you hope that he/she will have experience with you. If you give him/her an alarm watch, you hope that he/she will not be lazy or insomnia to go to work in the morning.

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4. Animal Type Doll

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas - animal type doll

Doll is said to be a favorite gift which most of girls and women want to be given on some special occasions. And animal type doll is the most popular doll gift. And why does animal type doll become the most popular doll gift? The first reason is when you give your lover an animal doll such as a teddy bear, a tiger doll or a pig doll, your lover can hug or kiss it if she misses you. The other reason is each type of animal doll has their meaning. For example, “pig doll” means good luck, charm, healthy and prosperous. “Teddy bear” means romantic as well as understanding each other while puppy dog means “I love you”

5. Poem Or Love Letter

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas - poem or love letter

If you are finding out the romantic 2nd anniversary wedding gift ideas, a poem is a good suggestion. From the past, there have been many poems about love. And it is very easy to find a poem. You can search it on the Internet.  After that, you can read it to your lover. If you can compose your own poem, let’s do it. This will make your lover surprised.

Sometimes, writing a love letter is also a fantastic idea. In this letter, let your lover know how much you love him/her. Is it romantic?

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6. Jewelry

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas - jewelry

We can’t deny that jewelry is also one of the common 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas. This gift may be expensive but it is also the expected gift for most women. Also, it is one of the meaningful gifts. Do you wonder to know the meaning of this gift? It means he/she means a lot to you.

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to choose a jewelry gift for you lover. You can give your lover a ring with a big diamond. Or you can give a necklace to your lover. The earrings are not a bad suggestion.

7. Flower

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas - flower

Flower is also mentioned in the list of the 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas. Maybe, it is one of the cheap and beautiful gifts. When you are nervous to choose a present for your lover in 2nd wedding anniversary, just go to somewhere which sells flowers, and buy a bunch of flowers for her.

However, each flower brings a different meaning. And the most common choice is rose. Rose means “I love you”. Therefore, giving your lover a rose or a bunch of roses is so romantic. That’s a good way to show your love in 2nd wedding anniversary, right?

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8. Chocolate

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas - chocolate

Chocolate is not only a delicious food but also a wonderful gift. Just like rose, chocolate means “I like you”. Now, you can find chocolate at any grocery store or in any supermarket. This gift is not too expensive but it has many types for you to choose. You can choose wine chocolate, bitter chocolate or milk chocolate. Besides, there are many chocolate brands

Therefore, a bar of chocolate can make your lover happy. Or you can go to the kitchen and make her a chocolate cake. She can be the happiest in the world and she can know how much you love her.

9. Vocation

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas - vocation

If you are busy and don’t have time to live side by side with your husband or wife, why don’t you have a vocation with him/ her? This may be a good time to remember all the memory you have with him/ her.

However, this will be an expensive gift if you want to go abroad. And if your anniversary is in summer, why don’t you have a party on the beach with your lover? If you like going hiking or climbing and you like adventure, why don’t you spend time with your lover climbing some mountain like Mauna Loa Mountain, Fitz Roy mountain and so on.

After reading the article of top 9 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife and husband, I hope that all of you have already found knowledge needed for yourself. I also hope that you will take time to visit our main Lifestyle page to learn more about tips and tricks of life. If you have any question, or know other 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife and husband, don’t hesitate to leave the comments below. I promise that I will reply you soon.

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