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The government warning recommends not using this since there is a serious potential safety risk factor. This is exactly the reason why this is hard to get, and there is no reason to believe this has been improved to get rid of the banned substance. Learn more information about what can be expected from this supplement by going thru the table of contents.

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Golden Root Complex Overview

It’s never a good sign when the company that makes a brand no longer features it on their official website. The only place to get it is on 3rd party websites and there is no reassurance that the banned prescription ingredient is no longer used in current batches of this pill.

The risk factor is too high; you’re putting your safety on the line by expecting reliable male enhancement support from this brand. There is no explanation ever offered why they used a prescription drug, and without knowing if they have made changes to remove this ingredient, you have no way to know for certain if this would be safe.

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Golden Root Complex Claims

When you take a pill with water about 30 to 40 minutes before sexual activity, it’s intended to provide an erection within 20t o 30 minutes. They do recommend using only one pill for every 24 hour period, and to make sure to only take it if you don’t have a heart condition or blood pressure problem.

This is meant to boost both libido and erection strength. No actual support is ever provided to help showcase the real science behind it, nor are there any actual testimonials. Worse yet, you can only read about what it might do by examining claims on 3rd party websites.

The reason is because the official website for the company no longer features this supplement, likely meaning it has been discontinued though it continues to be sold on 3rd party websites. Because of this you have no real evidence to show whether or not this is still made fresh.

In July 2024 the TGA or Therapeutic Goods Administration which is the Australian equaling of the FDA concluded that this contained:

“sildenafil… a prescription-only substance”

They also said that this may lead to serious risk factors to health and they concluded by saying it:

“should not be taken”

According to them the safety and quality has not been determined and they advise getting rid of it for safe disposal, making sure no one else uses it because of the safety concerns. They are even making sure to work with border agents to not have this enter their country, and they are destroying and seizing all shipments.

This is the reason why you can only get this on 3rd party websites which sell discontinued supplements. You won’t be able to determine before you purchase this if it’s still fresh or nearing expiration. There is also no way other than tested it for you to know if it still contains the prescription drug sildenafil. This can be very dangerous since sildenafil is only recommended both at a prescribed dosage strength unique to the user, as well as under the supervision of a medical doctor you can determine if there are any unwanted changes.

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Golden Root Complex Ingredients

  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Cynomorium Songaricum
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Leuzea Carthamoides Ext
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Schisandra Chinensis Extract
  • Muira Puama
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Damiana
  • Chuchuhuhuasi
  • Guarana Seed
  • Cayenne
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Kwaopet

Basically this is made up antioxidants, aphrodisiacs, and general wellness extracts. There is a lot to like about this, but the problem is that there is no explanation on what the total dosage strength is. So even though they do use a lot of potentially helpful ingredients if they’re not added in a good enough amount, they’re unlikely to be beneficial.

You have to have more information available to help determine the overall quality of these ingredients.

Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama, Siberian Ginseng, and Saw Palmetto can all be effective at boosting the strength of erections.

Grape Seed Extract is used for its antioxidant support, and Cayenne can be useful for boosting circulation. Guarana Seed is a general stimulant which has caffeine to help increase energy and overall stimulation. There is no mention of the total caffeine content however so it’s impossible to determine if they add it in safe amounts.

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The Science Behind Golden Root Complex

No actual proof is provided on any website which helps explain the specifics on how this works. No testimonials are provided nor is there a detailed explanation on how it will enhance libido and prevent erectile dysfunction.

They do use a lot of aphrodisiacs which are well-regarded in many studies. This includes ingredients like Muira Puama which is considered an “aphrodisiac and nerve tonic” according to

It would have been helpful to know the total amount of guarana seed because of its possible side effects. This is the reason why Web MD has declared it to be:

“POSSIBL UNSAFE… in high doses for a long time”

The problem is that this may lead to a high amount of possible symptoms including:

◦ Vomiting, anxiety, agitation, tremors, delirium, nausea, restlessness, irregular heartbeats, agitation, painful urination, and irregular heart rate.

There is the same kind of explanation for Chuchuhuasi which is lacking information for its safety according to Web MD.

Generally whenever a supplement has no information to support its use or dosage strength, you’re unable to make a great guess on whether or not it can be used as directed.

Kwaopet is a general male enhancing ingredient more commonly known as Butea Superba. This is considered to have lacking evidence according to Web MD has indicated that the possible side effects are yet to be determined.

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Word on the Street about Golden Root Complex

“worked a lot better than some of the other brands I’ve used”

“it can be hard for me to swallow tablets but this was real easy to use. Had a flushing feel and a bitter taste but that likely means it’s working as it should”

“This is just like I was expecting and hoping it would work, well for my needs”

“This came quick and when I took it I saw an improvement in my sex life. I liked it a lot”

The problem with these reviews is that they come from a website which sells this, and it is unknown if it can be trusted. It seems odd that over 55 people had nothing but good things to say when you can’t find any reliable reviews form any other 3rd party websites.

Often if a website has this many reviews it would mean the brand in question is popular, and you’d often find it reviewed on many other sites. It likely means that these positive reviews are not true, and that the company has either created these or they may stop any bad reviews from being published.

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Is Golden Root Complex Worth a Try?

There is no good reason to give this a try; the possible side effects are not worth it. There was a good reason why the Australian government has declared this illegal. The fact the company used a prescription drug leaves a huge stain on their history. They have decided to make this seem a lot stronger by adding an ingredient that is only recommended under the supervision of a physician.

The possible side effects which ca result from the use of this makes it far too potentially dangerous. There may be some serious life-threatening side effects which can occur and this is why you can’t find it on any reputable websites. The official company website for this brand no longer mentions it, and they have decided to start selling another brand instead.

The websites which still offer it have no safety guarantee or money back return policy. They also sell it at bulk which is likely to get rid of it and make a final last profit. You won’t be able to know for certain if it’s free from the prescription dug sildenafil, putting your health at risk.

You are putting our safety in huge risk by trying this brand, there is no guarantee that it would be safe to use, and it is likely still contaminated with a prescription drug. Even if it were to reduce the chance for erectile dysfunction, you’d be using an unknown amount of an ingredient which has to be carefully monitored by a physician. There simply is no good reason why anyone should try it.

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Golden Root Complex vs Viagra

The Australian Government has a branch similar to the US FDA and they determined that sildenafil was added to Golden Root Complex. This is the exact same active ingredient in Viagra which is used solely to help prevent erectile dysfunction.

So in some ways it would be like comparing a known dose of Viagra to unknown dosage strength. We can’t say for certain which is better but at least with Viagra you know you’re getting a carefully selected dose under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Golden Root Complex vs Goldenseal

Goldenseal is an herbal ingredient that has been used for the lowering of blood pressure, reduce the rate of irregular heart rate, prevent LDL cholesterol buildup, and support many other conditions.

The science to support it for any of these intended benefits unknown however. There is also no real male enhancing benefit though it can be used for general wellness. There is caution expressed by Web MD who say there long-term safety is yet to be determined. If you’re looking for male enhancement support it’s unclear what kind of benefit Goldenseal may provide however.

Golden Root Complex FAQ

  1. Is Golden Root Complex available on Amazon?
    No, it appears it once was but since the recall established websites have decided to no longer offer it.
  1. What are some Golden Root side effects?
    It may lead to many side effects including headache, loss of coordination, pain nausea, and headache, change of color perception, anxiety, stomach pain, and organ damage.
  1. Can I mix Golden Root Complex with alcohol?
    There is no way to know, but it’s not advised to use a prescription alongside alcohol. If all batches still contain sildenafil then it would not be advised to use it in general.
  1. Is Golden Root safe to take?
    It’s highly questionable since it appears that the manufacturers no longer produce this fresh, and this was because they were called out for using banned prescription ingredients.
  1. Where can I find Golden Root for sale?
    There are random 3rd party websites which sell it, but neither guarantees its freshness and safety. They also do not offer a money back return.
  1. What are some Golden Root benefits, if any?
    It’s hard to tell since it does not appear they have made changes to ensure that the prescription drug sildenafil is no longer used. If it is still added, there is no way to know if this would be safe.
  1. Is Golden Root Complex banned?
    In Australia they are banned both the selling of and use of it. You can also only find it on 3rd party websites, this is often the sign that he supplement in question is no longer being made fresh.
  1. Are there any typical Golden Root Complex reviews?

    Finding any reviews for this was difficult since the only source tends to be websites which sell it, and it appears they have biased results with only positive consumer experiences which don’t go into detail as to how they worked.
  1. What kind of uses does Golden Root have?
    This is meant mainly as a way to prevent erectile dysfunction and to enhance libido. This is made with herbal ingredients meant to have a strong effect for a 24 hour period.
  1. Is the Golden Root pill for sale?
    There are 3rd party websites which offer it still but they offer no information to help determine if it’s reformulated without the use of the prescription ingredient sildenafil.

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