Top 12 Long Distance Relationship Tips And Advice Revealed!

long distance relationship advice

Are geographic distances between you and your spouse straining your relationship? Do you find it hard to communicate or connect with your loved because of your remote location? Well, you know, long distance relationships have always had the stigma that they do not work. This article will help you resolve all your long-distance relationship problems via the most helpful long distance relationship advice which are proven successfully by a lot of couples all over the world. Keep reading to discover how valuable they are:

Long Distance Relationship Advice – 12 Tips You Must Know

1. Agree On Rules Of Engagement

The first thing you need to do in order to overcome the challenges as well as difficulties of long distance is to understand and accept the fact that this will be tough. It is necessary for you to consider all the potential pitfalls of your relationship when two of you stay away from each other. And, you also need to actively control and overcome these problems. Merely assuring each other that your relationship is going to be fine is not enough. Both of you need to agree on some specific things such do’s and don’ts in order to decrease the risk of breaking up. The advice is establishing ground rules from the start. It is the best if you can set some clear rules and expectations to keep the love fire burning and prevent unnecessary conflicts or arguments during the period of time that both of you are apart.

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long distance relationship advice for women2. Express Your Thoughts And Be Honest

Your GF/BF may talk something that can bother you. If you do not explain what it is – your dumbness will bring your love down. Keeping it honest is the big one, obviously. You had better be straight up about your status, your feelings, your locations, your plans or everything really.
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However, it is not the most difficult thing to maintain a lasting long-distance relationship. Being honest with yourself is the most important thing.

3. Plan Visits And Look For Ways To Help Each Other

Although two of you are miles apart, there are many kinds of vehicles that you can use to visit each other such as planes, trains, cars, etc. If possible, make plans to see each other in person as often as possible. This will ease the strain of being miles away from each other. However, remember that you need to make sure that the traveling is equal to both of you. Go see him once and then have him come to you. By this way, you will make your relationship equal when it comes to effort.

With a long-distance relationship, you might not aware that relationship can  work best when partners help each other. A little bit of selflessness adds a lot to a relationship. You can do something, even very simple, to help your loved. Maybe you can edit each other’s research papers, or offer each other support with problems at work.

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4. Do Something Together While You Are Apart

long distance relationship advice for men

To have fun together, you do not have to stay together at the same location. I mean you can plan regular schedule to have standing date to talk about what happened to two of you this week, to play a game online, or watch the same movies together, or anything else you like. 

5. Do Not Be Jealous Of Her/His Guy/Gal Friends

One of the few upsides to being in a long-distance relationship is that you are always free to hang out with friends. In this case, you need to control yourself. Or, if you are a man who is jealous with the guy friends of your loved, then you should deal with your own feelings. One of the most important things to do when you are resolving your jealousy in a long distance relationship is to analyze your feelings to determine the reasons for it. Ask yourself if your jealous thoughts are based on real proof or is it your over-active imagination. Just write your feelings down because it can assist you in sorting them out along with seeing things objectively. If you feel that you have actual proof, it’s time to have a talk with your partner. But if not, then replace jealous thoughts with positive thoughts about your relationship.

6. Build Trust

All relationships involve sacrifice, but long-distance relationships can be especially hard. And, building a firm trust in your current long-distance relationship and maintaining it is one of things that need to be scarified. Trust is essential to any relationship. The most critical thing making a long distance relationship work is the trust. A long-distance relationship will only last when there’s trust and the lack of jealousy.  In a long distance relationship, trust can be especially tricky. It is easy for couples to doubt each other when they can not see what the other is doing. If you really want your long-distance relationship to succeed, you have to trust your long distance significant other.
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long distance relationship advice for girls

7. Video Chat Regularly

As often as possible, plan to chat via Internet Video Conferencing. Do you have the internet? Download Skype, a free system where you can phone each other over the computer and talk freely. The best part is that it is totally free and convenient. In the conversations with your loved, get everyone involved, children, siblings, parents, whoever, but sometimes, make a special time for just you two to share. Show him your new haircut, and he show her his new tattoo.
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Besides, video chatting is an especially good idea when you are arguing; your normal tension-dissolving tactics do not translate as well over the phone.

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 8. Consider Commitment

Every relationship needs to be test through time. It also takes time to grow. You need to define whether this relationship will be a long-term one or just for fun. If it is the second case, you might or might not want to commit right away. At some point, you should both want to commit. If you do not see yourself with this person 10 years down the road, then you are creating unneeded heartache for yourself and your far-flung friend.

9. Send Little Gifts

long distance relationship advice reviews

This is a simple but not less useful when it comes to long distance relationship advice. Actively sending some surprising gift for your loved is a great action to fire up your love. Why don’t you make a Slide Show full of pictures of the two of you. Or, surprise your loved one by arranging for a delivery of their favorite flowers!  Attach a handwritten card professing your love for them!  This is always a beautiful surprise!

10. Keep Romance Alive

Keeping romance alive is not easy with any relationship, especially if this one lasts for long time. Long distance is an extremely barrier to keep romance alive. If possible, you could do something to warm up your love as often as possible. Because time together is rare, when you do see each other, take as much advantage as possible of your ability to get intimate with each other. Or make dinner and then eat together via Skype. There is no reason to miss some dating activities completely just because you are not physically together. Just find creative – and frequent – ways to keep things spicy between two of you. Keep each other smiling! 

11. Old Fashion Letter Writing

When it comes to relationship, although society is developing, nothing can beat a good old fashion letter that comes in the mail. You can write a letter by your own without using computers or any modern devices if your handwriting is not bad. If not, you can send it through email. More interesting and meaningful, you can take the time to write it and speak volumes. This will make your loved one feel amazed. You can write about the day you just had, tell him/her how much you love him/her and cannot wait to see him/her again. If you have a sense of humor, do not hesitate to show that off in your letters.

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12. Make A Future Plan

This is one of the critical long distance relationship advices that can help you develop the relationship farther. Just ask your partner: how our relationship will be in the next one year? How about five years? You can talk about what each of you could do, in the prospect of living apart, which will make this future vision come true. Sharing the goals to each other is one of the keys to a great and happy relationship; and doing this activity subtly will remind each of you that you are in a partnership. Living in separate homes does not mean you must lead separate lives and have separate futures.

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Well, the process of learning tips on long distance relationship advice might require from you much effort, time as well as patience. I hope that the tips on long distance relationship advice introduced in this article will be helpful to you.
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