How To Be Friends After A Breakup – Top 12 Tips Revealed

how to be friends after a breakup

There are a variety of advice about how to end a relationship with someone with dignity and how to do and not to do after a breakup. How do you want to manage your relationship after a breakup? Unless your breakup involved in unexpected guests, a great deal of thrown objects and screaming, the odds are that the other uttered infamous words:”We can still be good friends”.

How To Be Friends After A Breakup – List Of The Best Tips To Apply:

To be honest, people will say these words as it is expected. A nice society is supposed to ease the breakup’s sting that usually makes you feel like a sharp kick. Well, do you want to be friends afterwards? Are you ready for that? If your answer is yes, I can guess that this is because when you did not work as lovers, and it does not mean that you cannot be good friends. However, frankly speaking, being friends after a breakup is tricky, even sometimes takes more work than this relationship did.

In this article today, I would like to reveal some of the best tips on how to be friends after a breakup in details, so you should keep your eyes on the following interesting relationship facts and the tips that help you be friends with the ex. The best tips are:

  • Need A Substantial Cooling Off Period
  • Learn To Forgive And Forget
  • Let Your Expectations Go
  • Put Negative Feelings Behind You
  • Respect Your Ex’s Decision To Move On
  • Choose Venues Wisely
  • Build A Different Dynamic
  • Keep In Touch With The Ex
  • Be Happy For The Ex
  • Set Up Your Limit
  • Do Not Make Your Friends Choose Sides
  • Keep Dating

1. Need A Substantial Cooling Off Period

how to be friends after a breakup - need a substantial cooling off period

This is the first out of the best tips on how to be friends after a breakup that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn for good!

Honestly, you will not be friends immediately afterwards. There is almost no way that people can go from being romantically attracted to somebody to being just friends in a short time. Emotions are not switches that you can turn on and off easily. The old saying is that you will need half the length of your relationship in order to get over it. In reality, there are some people, who say that they slipped straight into a friendship immediately after they broke up. However, just as it is theoretically possible does not mean that you also do the same.

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The fact is that you will need time to accept, heal and adjust, even with the most amicable breakups. Your relationship has ended and it deserves to be observed carefully. While breaking up surely does not mean that you were wrong or your relationship was a failure, you have to face an ending and this tends to be sad. Trying to have friendship too early, you will fall right back into your old patterns with your ex, and I think that it will spell trouble.

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You need to get time apart, without keeping in contact with each other so that you can start a new life. One thing people tend to forget, especially in a long-term relationship, is that you develop new routines and habits around getting your ex. You need time to discover who you are now, relearn how to be on your own way again. You also need time to cry. You need to let your pain out, Lockdown the social media so that you will not be tempted to pick at the scabs.

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It is easier to start a friendship after you have had enough time and distance to have some perspective based on your old relationship.

If you want to be friends with your ex, you will need a substantial cooling off period, so take notice it!

2. Learn To Forgive And Forget

how to be friends after a breakup - learn to forgive and forget

Another out of the best tips on how to be friends after a breakup that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and other readers to learn and remember for good is that you need to learn how to forgive and forget.

After a breakup, you take a time to forgive, forget and to start a new life. Forgiving your ex means that you accept the fact that your ex made you feel hurt. Forgiveness may not be easy to accept, may not heal everything. However, you know that at least there was a regret feeling.

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You have to learn the way on how to forgive and how to admit that two of you made a mistake. Forget all the hurt that the ex caused, and only remember all the good things this person has done for you.

3. Let Your Expectations Go

how to be friends after a breakup - let your expectations go

This is also one of the best tips on how to be friends after breakup that people should know and try applying it for good.

To be friends with your ex, you need to abandon all attraction. This step is the hardest one to master as you were once intimate with this person. To build a true friendship with your ex, all of your feelings have to be completely platonic. This means that you cannot flirt, get jealous when your ex dates another new partner, hold hands, kiss and absolutely no sex.

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Moreover, as you know that one of the most difficult gaps to cross after a breakup is to accept that the way on how to relate to a close friend is different from the way on how to relate to a lover. When you are in a relationship, it is natural to get greater expectations in your partner’s life. However, when you are just friends, all of them changes. You may be close to one another, but you actually do not get the same kind of relationship you did before. Adjust your expectations accordingly. Realizing that you do not have to deal with or pretend not to know the things that annoyed you can make it easier to keep a new relationship together.

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4. Put Negative Feelings Behind You

how to be friends after a breakup - put negative feelings behind you

You and your ex will not quickly forget the personal sacrifices you did for one another or even minor annoyances that you suffered. It is important to keep in mind that our goal is to be friends, so you had better act accordingly. This could be simple as a polite greeting when two of you are meeting in public or willing to help once you hear the other needs it.

Your ex will not be a different person when two of you reconnect. There will surely be inevitable triggers, which make you desire to rehash old arguments. Just bear in mind that: now you are broken up, it is time to place previous arguments aside.

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Even after your relationship is over, while you want to be friends, your ex may not be ready. Let your ex know your intention and have a good attitude to prove it, but never force it. Instead of these words: “Can we still be friends?”. It is better when using a door left open:”I’d like to be friends, I’ll be around if you want to, too”. It is more of a gentle offer and less of a pressure. Until your ex is ready, continue to be polite.

This is in brief one of the best tips on how to be friends after a breakup, so people should not miss it, yet try to place your negative feelings behind you to be able to be friends with your ex.

Continue reading this entire article to discover other tips how to be friends after a breakup!

5. Respect Your Ex’s Decision To Move On

how to be friends after a breakup - respect your ex’s decision to move on

Whether it takes a couple of weeks or years, seeing your ex for the first time with somebody else almost stings. It is necessary that you do not mention your ex about being friends until you are willing to respect that the ex has moved on. You should be honest with yourself about if you can deal with seeing your ex has decided to move on, and act accordingly. Just accept the way on how your current relationship comes to the end. If you offer to be around whenever your ex needs you, this will make your ex thinks that you are a good person.

In the early days, it is better to not would like to know much about the dating life of your ex, just so long as you know that it exists. Pretending that this side of the ex’s life does not exist just to show your feelings is selfish and immature. You can tell them not to talk about his or her new partner now, but in case you just try to erase it, then you need to deal with it. If you are comfortable with your ex’s new partner, remember to be friendly with hopes that any awkwardness will blow over soon.

This is actually also one out of the best tips on how to be friends after a breakup that a lot of people in the world have been trying to follow it for getting a good friendship.

6. Choose Venues Wisely

how to be friends after a breakup - choose venues wisely

Another one on the list of the best tips on how to be friends after a breakup that I would like to reveal in this entire article today and want you and my other readers to consider following it at least in a short period of time.

Do you know that attraction is a kind of funny thing, and sometimes it will never die? You may be a 30-year-old, see your old boyfriend and get the same feeling as you did when you are a 16-year-old girl. The natural attraction must be respected and kept in mind. You should avoid going to public places where you may meet your ex by chance. Try to stay away from friendly gatherings and parties with mutual friends. This will make everything awkward and set them back in the healing process. After a period of time, you meet your ex to get reacquainted. There are some possible venues:

— Low Risk – Group of friends joining a soccer game, 12pm

— Low Risk – Only the 2 of you at café, 1pm

— Medium Risk – Have dinner with group of friends, 6pm-

— High Risk – Go for a drink after work, 6pm

— Extremely High Risk – Late night drink

The fact is that unless you go meeting your ex with the new partners, alcohol is a really risk factor. Both of you need the restraint and judgment that goes with sobriety.

7. Build Your Different Dynamic

how to be friends after a breakup - build a different dynamic

Opposite-sex friend really needs a clear boundary, especially in case they are in new romantic relationships. There are something about the interaction that requires changing if you tend to be just friends. For instance, lovers usually talk about their intimate feelings, while opposite-sex friends should avoid the topics. Additionally, you should also mind the body language. Women have the ability to tell in case two people have gotten a romantic relationship in the past. They observe these 2 people’ body language and then they can make the prediction with high accuracy whether these two people had a relationship together. Therefore, in case you wish to be friends with your ex, you will need to work consciously in order to reconsider the habits.

This is, in fact, one of the best tips on how to be friends after a breakup with the ex that people should know.

8. Keep In Touch With The Ex

how to be friends after a breakup - keep in touch with the ex

This will not mean that you are obsessed with the ex as you are just trying to communicate after a breakup. Remind him or her that you are still trying to contact him or her as a normal friend. Even in case you do this, there will be a slight chance that two of you will be together again. On the contrary, in case you get mad at the ex, he or she will not be happy and get discouraged at you, even will never forgive you.

In fact, this is also among the best tips on how to be friends after a breakup so people should try to keep in touch with their exes in order to able to be friends after a breakup.

9. Be Happy For The Ex

how to be friends after a breakup - be happy for the ex

In order to build a new friendship with your ex, be happy for whatever will come to your ex as it just means that the other person has moved on quickly. You should tell your ex how you feel in order to bring out all of your emotions. When you tell the truth, you may feel relieved. In case you cannot move on, learn how to be friends after a breakup with him or her until you know how to move on successfully. As a friend, you could be there for your ex any time.

10. Set Up Your Limit

Never act as if that you are still in a relationship. Keep in mind that you are looking for her to be your friend. Never be too protective or prevent her from doing anything she wants to do. Firstly, if your ex has a new partner, you had better place a boundary between you and him or her, as you will be able to be the reason of their arguments or even their breakup. Secondly, keep yourself from texting or calling your ex every day as the ex’s new partner may get annoyed at you.

Do you want to know other tips that show how to be friends after a breakup? Continue reading this article!

11. Do Not Make Your Friends Choose Sides

how to be friends after a breakup - do not make your friends choose sides

The worst thing you can do is to force your friends to choose you or your ex. Odds are, your friends will either choose your ex or give up on two of you. Always keep in mind that your breakup is not their fault. Additionally, never speak badly of the ex. Remember that he or she is likely still their friend. Do not make your friends uncomfortable by talking to them about how bad your ex is for hours.

12. Keep Dating

This is the last but very important out of the best tips on how to be friends after a breakup with the ex that I would like to reveal in this entire article.

Never abandon your love just as your old love ends. Once the relationship’s pressures are replaced with the friendship’s comfort, it will become too easy to idealize your past. Waiting for your ex to come back to you is not real friendship. In fact, it is more like emotional warfare. Therefore, keep dating, keep yourself ready to the possibility of finding true love with somebody else.

Before you make the first move on, ask yourself why you want to be friends with your ex, and be honest with yourself. It may not make you surprise that early 60% of ex-partners do not keep in touch with one another after breakup. However, there are also cases when they have contact and even become good friends. There are some situations, in which post-breakup friendships still happen. Learning to get on with your ex can be really necessary for mutual friends, or professional reasons. Although it is not easy, there are some things you need do to more smoothly transition from being lovers to being friends.

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This is the list of 12 best tips on how to be friends after a breakup that you should read and follow these tips for good. After reading this list, if you feel this list is good for your current relationships or can help anyone who has just ended a relationship, readers of should share this article with them. Finally, do you think you will be able to be friends with your ex after a breakup? Are you friends with all of your exes? Do you have any success story to prove it? Do you have any more tips that were not on this list as I mentioned above? Talk to us in the comment sections below.

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