How To Reconnect With Husband After Baby – 14 Useful Tips

how to reconnect with husband

Babies are amazing, yet they could be all-consuming, leaving new parents feeling like they have little time for themselves, let alone their partner. Knowing how to reconnect with husband after baby could be hard for wives, but put in a little work and effort and it will pay off big-time and long-term. This article from will give you some tips on how to reconnect with your husband after having a baby so you could rekindle the romance of your marriage easily.

How To Reconnect With Husband After Baby – 14 Practical Tips 

1. Go On A Date 

how to reconnect with husband

Becoming parents might be life changing, yet bringing a baby home does not mean you are no longer a happy couple. Get out of the house together without your baby, even if it is just for one hour and the place is simply right around your house. Do this at least once per week. This might take time to get started depending on the sleeping habits of your baby and also your resources.

In case you do not have a babysitter, then you can ask a mom friend to help you. Or, if a friend or family member offers to baby-sit for about an hour or two, you can take them up on it.Thought it may be hard at first to leave your baby alone, yet keep in mind that: the time being outside together will help your relationship become stronger. However, you should not mention to the baby or other stressful topics during this time.

2. Do Something Together 

how to reconnect with husband

When it comes to tips on how to reconnect with husband after baby, doing something with your other half might be one of the simplest things you could do. It may be a standing date to sit down and watch a great TV show together. Or, it could be a game that the two of you challenge each other. Or, another suggestion is to finish a DIY home project or take up walking together. No matter what the activities are, as long as the two of you love and enjoy it, it will help bring you much closer together.

3. Put The Phone Down

how to reconnect with husband

When both of you have free time, try to put away those smart phones, and really talk and listen to the other person’s ideas. It is shown that just having a phone present – even you do not use it – whilst people are talking will diminish relationship quality and trust.

Thus, you had better put your smart phone down to reconnect with your husband.

4. Schedule Sex 

how to reconnect with husband

You may not feel like hopping back into sex for many months after giving birth, yet it is said that your relationship will benefit from intimacy of any type in terms of physical. Thought it may sound counterintuitive, yet a good manner for new parents to get in mood is making a date for it. However, do not plan the date late night as it is the time that both of you are exhausted due to a hard working day. Just think of morning or middy.

5. Put Out The Pictures 

how to reconnect with husband

Think of the time when the two of you are a new couple without a baby or any care in the world. Now, you open a bottle of wine, pull up your old pics and relieve the fun moments together. It will make both of you remember why you feel in love and made a baby in the first place.

6. Listen With Your Entire Body

how to reconnect with husband

In fact, a main complaint from dads is to feel neglected after baby arrives. This could rapidly turn into hostility and resentment in the two of you. So, what is the solution in this case? Just give your loved one your attention, as often as possible. That means the next time your loved one starts to open up and tell you his/her thoughts, you should stop what you are currently doing, really make eye contact, and listen. That way, your partner will feel respected entirely.

7. Regularly Review The Challenges And Successes Involved To Parenting 

how to reconnect with husband

It is necessary for both of you to spend time on reviewing challenges and success related to the new duty – being new parents. It could be extremely useful to deal with these concerns in such structured and safe ways. By this way, both of you will have a chance to really think through and express yourself more effectively. You should be productive and positive in order to find out the solutions rather than just using the time for complaining. On the other hand, you should also warrant that you can identify what can work well for both of you.

8. Appreciate The Effort Of Each Other 

how to reconnect with husband

Normally, couples usually compare who is working harder or doing more for the family. When having a baby, the two of you will be most likely double the efforts to manage additional responsibilities. Yet, it is not a competition, or a way to take the support from your husband. In reality, if you really feel stressed and burnt out due to responsibilities, then you should ask for the help directly. Actually, chances are if you feel undervalued, your husband might be as well. Hence, just several words of encouragement and appreciation could go a long way.

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9. Practice Patience 

how to reconnect with husband

It is necessary for you to avoid panic attacks. You might think that if you could not figure out how to balance being both a happy couple and new parents right away, then your current relationship will go downhill. However, you should avoid creating any pressure on yourself in this case. The first and foremost thing to do in this case is to keep patient. There should not be any rush in order to bring the romance back. Rather than, you should make sure that you are being honest and open about the way you feel. Indeed, bring home a new baby is really a huge change that requires and adjustment period – so you should start slowly. Just start by communicating your demands as well as feeling to the other person.

10. Share What You Love About The Other Person 

how to reconnect with husband

You might be lavishing most of your love as well as your new bundle of joy, yet do not forget that sharing some of that love with your husband can be a good way to keep the romance alive. You can tell your husband about the things you value, love and respect about him and also ask him to reciprocate. When your housework or responsibilities become stressful, you could help keep both of you afloat with reminders of how happy you are together. For instance, you can reflect on happy memories and good times with each other.

11. Bring Back The Lust 

how to reconnect with husband

If sex is the last thing coming into your mind when it comes to learning how to reconnect with husband, then you should put your effort into bringing back feelings of arousal. What you need to do is using your own imagination. Start the process by using your own brain. Think about the great night sex that you have with each other and ask your husband to do the same. It is shown that actions starts in the mind, and imagination could change the human brain, triggering the release of love-inducing chemicals.

12. Go It Alone 

how to reconnect with husband

Regardless of your status now, new parents all need some alone time, whether they are staying at their home with their baby or working full-time. You need to make sure that you can get your fair share by spending time for yourself once a week. Take that time to do something which you really love as this is the chance for you to revitalize and refresh, and return with renewed energy and affection for your husband, your baby, and your life as well.

13. Think Small 

how to reconnect with husband

Another one in this list of tips on how to reconnect with husband after baby is to think small. This sounds abstract, but it is really easy-to-follow. Small gestures will go along the way in saying “I am thinking about you.” so, why don’t you take time to write down a note and stick it on the mirror in the bathroom so your husband will discover it after waking up. Sometimes, just little things can do great things, like letting your husband know that you really appreciate him in your life.

14. Do Not Try To Be Perfect 

how to reconnect with husband

When having a baby, you might need time to do more things than usual, like cooking three- course meals or cleaning the cranies and the nooks. Your husband might go home with a stress head. Things will be more stressful to you in this period. This case, do not try to complete everything perfectly by your own as it just worsen your condition. Ask for the help from other people. Then, you can cut yourself some slack sometimes and make use of the additional time as well as energy for relaxing together.

These are top 14 useful tips for you, as a wife, to know how to reconnect with husband after baby. Though they are not always work for all couples, they still have big impact on your relationship status. So, do not skip them without trying out some of these 14 tips.

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