27 Natural tips to relieve stress, anxiety and depression quickly

tips to relieve stress

Updates: 04/23/2024

For many of us, relaxation means getting rid of the stressful zone instantly. However, this does little to decrease the damaging effects of stress. In order to effectively fight off stress, you had better activate your body’s natural relaxation response. You could do this by practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, rhythmic exercise, and yoga. Here are 27 natural tips to relieve stress, anxiety and depression quickly that you should consider boosting your mood and energy dramatically.

27 Natural Tips To Relieve Stress, Anxiety And Depression Quickly That Make Your Life Different

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1. Meditation


The majority of us, who are not familiar with meditation conception, often think that, meditation means twisting our body into an uncomfortable position and uttering “omms” and “oohs” for hours. However, it is not true. The fact is, any repetitive action could be a kind of meditation. Meditation even includes swimming, walking, painting, knitting or any activity that keeps your attention and focus calmly in the present moment. When meditating, just simply let every thought out of your mind, such as thoughts of job, relationship, or to-do list. Bring your own mind back the repetitive activity. Try it for 10 minutes per day so you can reduce your stress.

Refer some unique meditation techniques for better mood.

2. Imagine Yourself Relaxed

In case that you mind is talkative to meditate, then create a peaceful visualization to start relaxing. Simple visualization can keep your thoughts away from your tensions. The picture that you imagine can be a certain holiday spot, a fantasy island or whatever “touchable”, like your silk dressing gown.

The idea is taking your mind off anxiety and overwhelming thoughts, replace it with something evoking a common sense of calm. It is said that the more specific and realistic your daydream is, the more relaxation you can experience.

3. Be Present

In normal life, you rush though dinner, race to complete one more thing in your to-do list. Now you had better try different thing: just slow down.

The advice now is to take a few minutes and concentrate on just a single behavior with careful awareness. Then, you notice how the air feels on the face when you walk and how you feel your feet hit the ground. When spending time in the presence, pay attention to your senses, then you will allow the tension to leave your own body.

be present

4. Breathe Deeply

When you feel stressed and tension evoked, change the way you breathe. Just give yourself about 5-minute break from things bothering you and concentrate instead on your current breathing.
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 Good relaxation always begins with concentrating on the breathing. To do this you need to breathe in and out slowly with a regular rhythm because it can help you calm down.

  • Firstly, fill your entire lungs with air naturally.
  • Secondly, breathe in via your nose and out via your mouth
  • Just breathe in slowly as well as regularly while counting steadily from one to five
  • Lastly, let your breath out slowly, again counting from one to five.
  • Keep doing this routine until you feel calm. Breathe continually without holding your breath.

Do this practice for five minutes and from two to three times per day.

In fact, deep breathing can counter the effects of stress via reducing your heart rate and lowering the blood pressure levels.

5. Decompress

With this technique, place a warm heat wrap around the neck and shoulders for about 10 minutes. Then, close your eyes and relax the face, the neck, upper chest, as well as back muscles. After that, you take off the wrap and make use of a foam roller or a tennis ball to massage.

It is better for you to place that ball between the back and the wall, lean into the ball, keep the position about 15 seconds. After that, move that ball to another spot, apply pressure.

6. Laugh


Laughter is one of the most natural tips to relieve stress and is always good for the human health. A good belly laugh can reduce the cortisol, which is considered as stress hormone of the body. Also, it can increase the brain chemicals named endorphins that enhance your mood. You can make use of laughter by turning on your favorites video, reading comics, learn to draw beautiful things or chatting with people who can make you smile. Check out: advantages of laughter.

7. Get Active

Virtually, any form of physical activity could help you relieve stress. If you are not an athlete, you are overweight; doing exercise can be a good stress reliever for you.

In reality, exercise can boost your happy hormones called endorphins as well as other neural chemicals which promote the sense of well-being. It also refocuses the mind on the body’s movements, boosting the mood and removing the irritations of the day. When it comes to exercises to relieve stress, you can take advantage of walking, gardening, jogging, or even housecleaning, or whatever you could do to get you active. In other words, some studies pointed out that those individuals who love crating DIY stuffs like building a model railroad or building sheds might decrease stress as well as depression more quickly than those who do not have any special hobby. Hence, you should make use of different hobbies properly to get control your mental health naturally.

get active

8. Communicate With Other People

When people are irritable or stressed, their instinct might be to wrap themselves in a cocoon. Rather than feeling stressed alone by yourself, reach out to your beloved family as well as friends in order to make social interactions.

Social contact is considered as a great stress reliever as it offers distractions, supplies support and helps people get familiar with life’s ups and downs. Take a break with coffee to chat with your friends, email your relatives, or even visit the place of worship. If possible, you can volunteer for a charity or a social group to help yourself and others as well.

9. Learn To Say No

Sometimes, you may want to do a certain task all by yourself. However, learning to say no or being willing to delegate could help you manage your stress well.

Though saying yes can help you keep the peace and prevent conflicts at workplace as well as in your family, it might cause your internal conflict, anger, resentment, stress, and even the desire to revenge.
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Of course, that is not a calm and peaceful reaction.

10. Do Yoga

Yoga is considered as a common stress reliever. With its chains of postures plus with controlled-breathing exercises, yoga can bring to people peacefulness of body and mind as well. When practicing yoga, you will follow some physical and mental disciplines, so you can manage anxiety and stress. Practice yoga by your own or you can find classes to practice it. It is not necessary for you to follow some complicated yoga techniques, just some simple yoga postures can help you calm down.

do yoga

11. Get Adequate Sleep

It is common that stress can lead to sleep deprivation condition. When people have many things to do and too much to think about, sleep will not be as good as normal. Nevertheless, sleep is the opportunity that your brain as well as body recharges. So, the amount and quality of sleep plays an important role in regulating your mood state and energy level, focus, and general functioning. In case that you have trouble sleeping, then ensure that you have a relaxing bed time routine, and stick to a healthy lifestyle and consistent schedule.

12. Keep A Journal

keep a journal

Another one in the list of tips to relieve stress I would like to introduce to you today is to keep a journal. Just writer down your current thoughts and feelings to relieve stress or writer whatever comes to your mind. You do not have to share it with anyone else. So, do not strive for the perfection in spelling and grammar.
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Let your emotions and thoughts flow on the paper or a laptop screen. After doing that, you could reflect it later.

13. Be Creative And Get Musical

Music is always a good medicine for the soul. listening to or if possible, playing music is a good stress reliever as it supplies a mental distraction, decreases muscle tension, and reduces stress hormones. Turn on the volume and let the mind absorbed by the music.

In case that music is not your thing, turn your attention to other hobbies that you love, like gardening, sketching, or sewing. Do whatever that requires you to concentrate on what you are doing rather than what you think.

Learn more specific tips to relax with music.

be creative and get musical

14. Eat Right  

Stress levels and appropriate diet are closely related. When you are stressed, you tend to eat fatty, sugary snack foods as a pick-me-up. Yet, it is the best for you to avoid the vending machine and plan ahead. Fruits and vegetables are often good.  In other words, fish with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the signals of stress. Make use of a tuna sandwich as a brain food.

Read on a complete list of super foods here.

15. Limit Cell Phone And Internet Use

Disconnect. Some of the part of problem with decreasing stress in recent days is that people are hardly able to shield themselves from it. By turning away from the Internet and turning off the cell phones, you can reduce the channels of stress. Doing this also helps you to live in the present moment and appreciate it.

limit cell phone and internet use

Relieving stress, in fact, does not take too much time from you. However, the best advice to steer away from stress is to follow a healthy lifestyle. The above tips to relieve stress hopefully could be helpful for you. Leave your comment at the end of this post of tips to relieve stress to let us know your thoughts. We will answer all soon!

16. Stop Gritting Teeth

Stress may tend to express through your body reactions such as gritting teeth. When you get stressed and tent to grit your teeth, try control this action. Place your index fingertips on your jaws, clench the teeth and inhale deeply. Hold your breath for a moment, then unclench the teeth. Repeat this way a few times until you feel better.

17. Do Quick Exercises 

Quick exercises can help loosen your body muscles in different parts such as upper backs, neck, arms or legs. Sit or stand, stretch your arms and legs out from your current position, shake hands vigorously for 10 seconds. Combine these stretches with deep breathing to get the best relaxation twice.

do quick exercises

18. Boost Multi-Vitamin Intake

You get stressed and anxious that may happen because of your hard work. So, you should consume some vitamin and mineral supplements to recover your health conditions and boost your energy. The essential multi-vitamin and minerals you can take including vitamin B complex, iron, copper, chromium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium.

Read on: Benefits Of Vitamin C

19. Get Horizontal

If sex is set on the bottom of your list, move this tip to the top. Actually, sex helps increase levels of endorphins, mood-boosting chemicals to your brain, and it is considered the best total-body relaxing technique around, according to many sex therapists.

20. Munch Snacks

Foods are high in carbohydrates, so it helps enhance the release of serotonin, a brain chemical to induce calmness and relieve anxiety, stress effectively!

21. Find Some Natural Therapies

Try using some massage oils, scents, or other spa products to achieve relaxing time. Peppermint, lavender, chamomile, basil, rose or thyme are good soothing sources to apply on skin. Massage one of these oils on your body parts like face, clothes to increase blood circulation and relieve uncomfortable feelings you have.

find some natural therapies

22. Take A Walk

Walking is a way to force you to breathe deeply and it helps improve your blood circulation. So, if you get stress, anxiety and depression, walk alone, think nothing until you want to stop. At that time, take a rest with normal breathing and feel the relaxation.

23. Dial A Friend

dial a friend

Stress won’t happen without any reason. It comes when you have troubles in your mind. For this reason, if you find someone good to talk, don’t hesitate to make a deal and talk to him or her. This method can work for you.

24. Pray 

Studies indicate people with religion are healthier and calmer than ones who have no faith, religion. Though you are not religious, but if you have belief in something, think about it, mediate to have peacefulness and calmness. You deserve!

25. Play In Bar

Studies shows that music, talks, wine and dancing in bars can help boost your heart rate in order to increase endorphins. As a result, you get more relaxed and forget all anxiety and stress.

play in bar

26. Find A Puppy Love

A study on 100 women from New York shown that people who owing a pet had their controlled blood pressure better than ones who did not. So, if you think you can share your life and your thought with a dog or cat or any pet you may love, shop for one as the cutest friend to relieve stress.

27. Practice Mindfulness

There are different ways to practice mindfulness. Re-painting your room wall with mild colors like pink or green is an example. Going to a flower shop and choosing a bunch of flowers you like is also a good idea. Try it to get rid of anxiety and stress with ease! Even, looking out something natural that attracts your imagination such as cool wind or clouds in the sky is a good way to relieve stress.

Relieving stress, in fact, does not take too much time from you. However, the best advice to steer away from stress is to follow a healthy lifestyle. The 27 natural tips to relieve stress, anxiety and depression quickly could be helpful for you. Leave your comment at the end of this post of 27 natural tips to relieve stress, anxiety and depression quickly to let us know your thoughts. We will answer all soon!

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