10 important qualities of a good teacher students like the most

qualities of a good teacher

What are the most important qualities of a good teacher? In fact, good teachers are likely made up of a combination of hundreds of qualities that allow them to do their own job effectively. Actually, there is no denying that all teachers have their unique combination of these qualities. Though each teacher is different, nearly every good teacher has the following qualities. Take a look from VKool.com!

Qualities Of A Good Teacher – Top 10 Important Characteristics

1. Teaching Should Be Interactive 

qualities of a good teacher

When lessons are long, students often does not pay their attention and this might impact them in their learning ability if they miss an important subject. This often occurs when a teacher does not interact with their students. A few students even fall asleep during those long lessons due to this. It is crucial for a teacher to communicate well with their students during the lesson so that the students will pay attention and therefore do not miss any key. Lessons should be more like a discussion, so that all students can talk about their own views and concurrently they could learn something new.

2. Be Adaptable 

qualities of a good teacher

Making changes to lessons or activities on the fly due to an unforeseen problem or situation.

A teacher must be willing to change. In case half of the class does not really understand a specific concept, then that teacher could not move on and must rapidly come up with a better manner to explain that concept.

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3. Have Friendly Behavior

qualities of a good teacher

Despite it is crucial for a teacher to maintain the discipline in the class and this is correct also if you see from the point of view of a teacher, but sometimes too many restrictions could make things worse. In reality, there is something that just could be made to understand in a polite and calm manner. When the teacher appears friendly with her/his students, they will feel free to share their thoughts with the teacher. This could be helpful because the teacher could guide them as a real friend and therefore could help them take right decisions. In addition, it is shown that teenagers tend to listen to their friends more than to other people. Thus, if they see a teacher as their friend, then they will understand the problem more easily and quickly and finally make the right decisions.

4. Be Caring

qualities of a good teacher

Among important qualities of a good teacher, this might one of the most. Caring means that the teacher will go the extra mile to make sure that every student will be successful no matter what. A good teacher has to figure out the personalities as well as interest of each student and incorporate the components which connect with each student.

5. Be Compassionate 

qualities of a good teacher

That means a good teacher should recognize that their students have trouble outside of school, thereby making any essential adjustment to help them deal with the trouble.

Also, a teacher has to take the outside factors into his or her consideration. For instance, if a student has recently lost a loved one, then the teacher needs to be sensitive to that problem and adjust accordingly.

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6. Be Cooperative 

qualities of a good teacher

It means that a good teacher should have the ability to work efficiently with other teachers, administrators, and parents for the best of his/her students.

In addition, a teacher must build cooperative relationships with other people around them even when he/she does not really like them.

7. Be Creative

qualities of a good teacher

A good teacher should take a concept and shape a lecture which is unique, engaging and also dynamic. So, being creative is amongst necessary qualities of a teacher.

That way, the lectures can grab the attention of the students, and even make them want to keep learning for more.

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8. Be Humoristic 

qualities of a good teacher

Students will like a lecture which is fun. Dull and boring classes will make the students restless. It is essential that a teacher should have a big sense of humor, so that he/she could add a factor of fun in his/her teaching and therefore could prevent the students from falling asleep during the lecture. Furthermore, the students also like it when their teacher spend time during a lecture on talking about their personal experiences and sharing their memories because it will supply them with a break from studies and will refresh them.

9. Offer Less Homework 

qualities of a good teacher

In reality, no student likes homework. However, that does not mean that a good teacher had better not give homework. Homework is crucial because it helps students revise the subjects which have learned in the class. If a teacher does not give homework, obviously, students will forget and not bother to revise the good things they have learned. As a result, they will meet trouble during the exams.

10. Not Take Surprise Tests 

qualities of a good teacher

There is no student who likes those surprising tests. Normally, tests are conducted so that any student could have a revision of what he/she has learned. In case a student prepare for the test in advance, he/she could do better for it. Actually, those surprising tests has no advantage because students will not be able to revise before the tests and moreover, if the test is about any specific topic, it means that this topic will not be taken again and therefore students will not get a chance to revise that topic once again until the exams. This is one of the most overlooked qualities of a good teacher.

Sure, not every good teacher has all of these qualities, but you should acknowledge that excellent teachers serve as role models, influence career choices and enable students to reach their own potential. Some of these important qualities of a good teacher are inherent, others could be acquired. Thus, build these qualities on your own and you will become a good teacher in no time.

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