9 Tips How To Regain Trust After Cheating, Lying, And Break Up

how to regain trust after cheating

Nowadays, trust plays an important role in our lives as well as our relationships. Maybe, we can’t do anything without trusting someone. However, when you lose their trust, it is often difficult for them to believe again. In that case, what do you often do? Absolutely, you have to fix it, right? However, how to regain trust may be a big problem. And someone who wants to take back the lost trust sometimes has difficulties in expressing their efforts. Thus, today, VKool.com is going to 9 tips on how to regain trust after cheating, lying and break up which you can follow to get back the lost trust

Top 9 Tips On How To Regain Trust After Cheating, Lying And Break Up

1. Gather Your Thoughts

how to regain trust - gather your thoughts

The first thing which you should do in order to get back the lost trust is to apologize. But in order to apologize effectively, you ought to gather your thought first. Why is it said that? It is very simple. You may feel nervous or it is very scary to make an apology. Thus, you ought to spend time planning ahead along with thinking about what you say.

So now, what you need to do is to make a list of the ideas. And this list ought to include an apology as well as an acceptance of responsibility and an announcement of how you are planning to change. Then you practice what you have to say by talking loud when you look in the mirror. Finally, you had better ask for the time when you can have a talk. If you don’t know how to say, in this case, you can try saying like this example: “hi! I know that you are upset with me. So is there a time this weekend when we can sit down as well as have a conversation?”

2. Express Your Feelings

In order to regain the lost trust after you do something wrong with your friends or partners, apologizing is the necessary thing that you must do. However, if you want to have an effective apology, you should express your real feelings. And remember that you should be sincere. When you say sorry to someone, be sure that you really mean it. If you still tell a lie, your relationship will be damaged in the near future.

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3. Accept Responsibilities

If you are wondering to know how to regain trust, you also have to accept responsibilities when you say sorry. You have to demonstrate that what you have done is wrong. And your apology ought to consist of your actions as well as an acknowledgment. So now, what you need to do is to make everything clear that you are aware of what you have done wrong. Furthermore, if you are trying to get back the lost trust in the professional relationship and you find it difficult to say, you can use the detailed examples to say.

You can say that “I just made a mistake when I didn’t read those documents carefully. And I know that it cost the company a lot of money”. When you say like that, it means that you understand the effects of your action.

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4. Actively Listen

how to regain trust - actively listen

One of the useful tips on how to regain trust is to listen actively. That means a constructive conversation has more than a participant. After saying what you need to say, you also show the other person that you are listening to him or her.

In order to show that you are listening, you ought to use eye contact as well as body language. Sometimes, you can nod your head when he or she is talking. Besides, you ought to rephrase the major points. It will present that you’re keeping in mind what is being said.

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5. Write A Letter

If you are looking for the answer to the question how to regain trust, it is very good for you to write a letter in order to show your apology although directly apologizing is always a good solution.

In this case, you can write a letter by hand or an e-mail. However, a handwritten letter is much better than an e-mail. Furthermore, your letter ought to be brief and to the point. You also try to make your letter about three paragraphs. And the first paragraph can show the apology, the second one ought to admit the responsibility and the final paragraph is able to describe how you want to deal with this problem.

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6. Be Dependable

When talking about how to regain trust, being dependable is also very necessary because your words are pretty important when you try to rebuild trust. Also, your actions are pretty important. Furthermore, you can prove that you are really trustworthy by being dependable.

Therefore, you ought to say what you are going to do and do it. For example, you are always late all the time, especially when you have to date someone. And he or she doesn’t believe you. If you want to take back the lost trust, you need to stop being late by being punctual, especially when you are dating with women

Besides, you ought to show that you may be counted on. For instance, if your boss requires you to file several important papers, you had better have the mission done right as well as on time.

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7. Practice The Three A’s

In the list of how to regain trust, practicing the three A’s is also a good idea. And it will take you some steps to show the partner how much you are if you want to mend this relationship. And three A’s means affection, attention and appreciation. That means you need to figure out the ways to show your feelings every day.

Moreover, there are several ways in order to become affectionate. For instance, you can offer a hug when your partner leaves home from work. Besides, you can also pay attention by remembering the little things. For example, if your partner needs a cup of coffee and you notice that, just get it without being requested by your partner. Especially, you should use the words to show how much you appreciate your partner, along with the other people. For example, you can say “I appreciate how good you are”.

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8. Let The Other Person Have Space

how to regain trust - let the other person have space

Another way on how to regain trust is to let the other person have space. Why is it said that? When you break somebody’s trust, it may make two of you become emotional. Your partner may be angry or sad while you may feel guilty. Thus, remember that they may need some space in order to heal.

And it is very easy to understand that you would like to deal with this situation quickly. But you ought to respect the other person who needs some space. In that case, you are about to try saying like “I would like to begin to work on our relationship. However, I know if you need some time.”

You also need to be respectful of boundaries. That means if somebody asks you for not calling for several days, you ought to let them have the time out which they need.

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9. Do Not Repeat The Mistake Again

The different way on how to regain trust is not to make the same mistake more than twice. It is very important. If you still lie or cheat your partner, he or she will never believe you again. Even, he or she will hate you and never want to see you again.

In this case, besides saying sorry, you ought to let your past have a rest if you want him or her to love you in the future.

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That’s all about 9 tips on how to regain trust. In short, when you lose someone’s trust, you may feel terrible after that. Thus, what you need to do is to apologize to them for doing like that and admit your mistake. After you read this writing today, personally I hope that you can find the best way on how to regain trust after you break somebody’s trust. If you want to learn more information about other conditions, you ought to spend time visiting our main page Lifestyle. You can also leave us a comment or a feedback and wait for us, we will response it soon.

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