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Weight loss is tough, and while it may be tempting to try a product that claims to “help” you reach your weight loss goals, not all of them are what they appear to be. Without information or research, customers can find themselves buying the wrong product for them – or just a product that plain doesn’t work. That’s why we went into this new weight-loss supplement that’s supposed to work better than the competition. Does it? Read our review to find out.

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Meratrim Overview

Meratrim is a diet pill that’s supposed to be useful in helping people lose weight. It comes in pill form and is supposed to be taken twice a day. We’ve seen it selling for $30-$40 per bottle, and each bottle gives you a one-month supply. The supplement is vegetarian and contains no animal products. Meratrim is intended to be taken 30 minutes before meals twice a day. The formula is plant-based and contains 400mg of the two main ingredients.

Meratrim is made by ReBody LLC, a company that seems to deal specifically with weight-loss and health products. It’s based in Florida. We couldn’t find out much information about their customer service history, as (according to the Better Business Bureau) “complaints against it are handled by another BBB.” This is very bad for transparency, as this company seems to have opted out of having customer complaints be public. On the one hand, it reduces bad press for them, but it also makes them look like people who want to prevent consumers from knowing about any negatives associated with their products.

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Meratrim Claims

Meratrim claims to be a safe, natural supplement that assists your body’s natural metabolic functions to support fat loss. It says that it contains no artificial ingredients or chemicals, saying that the “natural” nature of the pills makes them “good” for you. It’s free of wheat, soy, and dairy, and it’s supposed to be used alongside a healthy lifestyle – which includes a healthy diet and regular exercise, meaning it should not be expected to work alone.

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Meratrim Ingredients

Unlike most diet pills we’ve looked at, Meratrim has only two active ingredients:

  • Sphaeranthus indicus
  • Garcinia mangostana

Sphaeranthus indicus is the name for a plant called the East Indian Globe Thistle, which is a traditional Ayurvedic herb that is supposed to be good at controlling blood sugar levels.

Garcinia mangostana is the official name of the mangosteen, a tropical fruit found in Southeast and South Asian cuisine. This fruit’s rind is supposed to have health benefits for promoting weight loss, but we weren’t able to find much info to back that up. Instead, it seems most natural health types use it for diarrhea, arthritis, and UTIs. Some sources claim it improves metabolism (which could help weight loss), but we only found one study that tried to find a link between it and weight loss – and the study doesn’t appear to have been completed.

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The Science Behind Meratrim

Well, there isn’t much science. Instead, it looks like the ingredients in Meratrim have more to do with controlling blood sugar and treating diarrhea – but that’s about it. We couldn’t find any legitimate sources saying that either of these ingredients promote weight loss. That’s troubling, because when you only have two ingredients in your product, you want to make sure that they’re effective, and from what we’ve seen, neither of these have a lot of support in the health community for weight loss at all.

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Word on the Street About Meratrim

We wanted to know what customers thought about this product, since that’s often a good way of telling whether a pill is worth considering or not. We weren’t thrilled by what we found.

While some customers said that “It’s great” and “it helps control my appetite” the vast majority of comments were negative: a full 50% of all reviews were either 1 or 2 stars out of 5, which is abysmal.

No difference in weight” said several, while others said it “made me hungrier” and “didn’t help me at all.” A couple people even mentioned side effects, with one saying “it made me sick.

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Is Meratrim Worth Trying?

Meratrim has very little to recommend it.

While it does contain vegetarian ingredients, and is free of chemical ingredients and unnecessary artificial additives, there are several things majorly wrong with it. For one, it contains no ingredients that are well-known for helping people with weight loss. In fact, the only information we were able to find about the two ingredients was that they are used to treat diabetes and diarrhea. Secondly, customer responses are terrible, with the majority of the reviews we read being 3 stars or fewer, with dozens saying that they didn’t lose any weight while on the pills.

This one’s a dud.

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Meratrim vs Hydroxycut

These products are both supposed to help you lose weight, and both are supposed to work only with diet and exercise. Meratrim contains no stimulants, while Hydroxycut contains caffeine. Meratrim has only two ingredients while Hydroxycut uses several extracts from fruits and plants. It looks like you can get Hydroxycut cheaper than Meratrim, depending on which version you buy. Hydroxycut seems to be more widely-available as well.

Meratrim vs Garcinia Cambogia

Meratrim is a product, while garcinia cambogia is an ingredient. Both are supposed to be effective natural ways to help you lose weight by increasing metabolism. Garcinia cambogia has been evaluated for its ability to help people lose weight, however, while Meratrim’s two ingredients don’t seem to have much science or study behind them. You can get Meratrim for $30-$40, while garcinia cambogia supplements come at a variety of prices. Meratrim has terrible reviews, while garcinia cambogia supplements are rated a variety of ways.

Meratrim vs Glucomannan

These are very different products. While Meratrim is a combination of two different herbal extracts for weight loss, glucomannan is just one ingredient, and is available in a variety of brands. Meratrim’s ingredients don’t appear to have been studied very closely for weight-loss potential, while glucomannan has – although it hasn’t really demonstrated that it helps at all. Glucomannan can also cause side effects like stomach pain, while we haven’t seen many side effects listed for Meratrim’s ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Was Meratrim featured on the Dr Oz show?
    Yes, it seems like lots of people have gotten the idea to try it after Dr. Oz promoted it on his show.
  2. Does GNC sell Meratrim?
    We haven’t seen it for sale there, either online or in-store.
  3. Can I get Meratrim at Amazon?
    Yes, it’s for sale there, and is sometimes on sale.
  4. Can I get Meratrim at CVS?
    To our knowledge, Meratrim isn’t sold there, either online or in stores.
  5. Does Walmart sell Meratrim?
    No, it’s not for sale there.
  6. Where can I see before and after photos from users of Meratrim?
    You might be able to find them in weight loss forums.
  7. Can I get Meratrim at Walgreens?
    No, it doesn’t appear to be sold there at the moment.
  8. Where can I read reviews of Meratrim from 2024?
    You’re bound to find some in the customer review sections of websites.

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So What Really Works?

The weight-loss pill we recommend the most is Sletrokor. With plant-based ingredients that can reduce the appetite and boost metabolism, it’s one of the safest and healthiest pills you can use to help get your body to lose more body fat. It’s also made to a high standard in a facility that exceeds FDA standards for quality and hygiene, so you know you’re getting a good product.

It also doesn’t contain artificial ingredients or flavors, and it comes with an industry-standard money-back guarantee.

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