11 Common Warning Signs Of Alcoholism For Drinkers


Alcohol is becoming the common drink for many people including the boy and girl, the men and women, the young and the old. Many people often drink alcohol when they are sad, happy or even free. That is why there are more and more people addicted to alcohol. So what is alcoholism? In order to say simply, alcoholism is your dependence on alcohol and creates unexpected consequences if this dependence gets serious. Normally, alcoholism often has about four symptoms including physical dependence, loss of control, craving, and tolerance.

Warning Signs Of Alcoholism – Basic Knowledge

signs of alcoholism - warning signs of alcoholism – basic knowledge

Physical dependence means that you may experience some physical symptoms like sweating, nausea, anxiety or some things like that if your drinking is not satisfied when your addiction gets heavy. If your dependence gets serious, it can lead to many difficulties in your life that you may find many ways to balance it difficultly.

Loss of control will show that your ability to limit the intake of alcohol in some cases or occasion is out of your control.

Craving simply shows that your compulsion or need of alcohol intake is very strong and it is difficult to control.

The last is about tolerance. It shows the need of the drinker about the greater intake of alcohol so as to get high. You know that a drunkard often thinks that they can control its intake of alcohol easily and the importance is whether he will do it or not.

All of us know that alcohol can impact seriously on the people life. If you notice, you can see that many accidents, suicides, and homicides are caused by drinking alcohol. Besides that, it also leads to many serious diseases like alcohol poisoning, cancer, ulcer, nerve damage, liver disease, and many other healthy conditions. However, it is very difficult to know that a person, especially your loved one or even you have any trouble with alcohol or not. The boundaries to identify this problem are often fuzzy and unclear. You cannot know that whether you are just drinking or dependent to alcohol. In fact, a drinker may not be a drunkard. But it will become a big problem if the drinker cannot control its intake. It can affect the human body seriously. But the question is how you know if you are addicted to alcohol or not. Or how much intake should you have? There are many people don’t think if it is a good intake for their health. How do you know your loved one or you are dependent on alcohol? In order to answer this question, it is important to discover what the warning signs of alcoholism are.

The Common Warning Signs Of Alcoholism For The Drinker

There are many things that can help you realize whether you are addicted to alcohol or not. VKool will show you the popular warning signs of alcoholism in the following. Based on this information, you can identify to know who can be drunkard among your loved ones. Now let’s see what they are:

1. Hiding Or Tell A Lie About Your Drinking

signs of alcoholism - hiding or tell a lie about your drinking

This is the first one out on the list of the most warning signs of alcoholism that people should know and be careful with!

For the people that are having some problems related to alcohol, hiding or denying their drinking is one of the popular warning signs of alcoholism that you should pay attention to. Normally, both alcoholics and drinkers can drink much more than they say. They can tell a lie that they just drink a little and it will not affect the health as well as bring some unexpected issues. This problem is often too difficult to control and you often don’t know all things they said are true or false. It is just the nature of this problem. And they do not often think by themselves that it is very important. If you see that your loved ones may have this sign, you should take care of him or her much more than usual. It can help you to realize that the health is the most important in the people life.

11 common warning signs of alcoholism for drinker

2. Just Drink For Relaxing Or Feeling Better

signs of alcoholism - just drink for relaxing or feeling better

Many drinkers often consume alcohol like their habit. But in some other cases, they think that it will make them relaxed and feel better when they face with stress, anxiety or even depression. And gradually they are addicted to alcohol but they don’t know. You can see that more than half of drinkers consume alcohol to resolve the emotional problems. But in fact, this solution is just temporary and cannot be solved absolutely. If you drink alcohol and use it to make your negative feelings better, you are wrong. If you abuse this solution, you may face with worse things in the future. How do you know that you are abusing alcohol or not? It is difficult to realize, but you can compare your daily amount of alcohol you consume with the amount you drink when you face with stress or anxiety. It the rate changes too much, you need to consider your abuse of alcohol again. If you have this sign, you should find out the way to control your drink because this is also considered as one of the popular signs of alcoholism, in particular for your controlling emotion.

3. Regularly Black Out

signs of alcoholism - regularly black out

What does blacking out mean? It simply means that you or someone drank too much. Normally when you or someone drinks so much and you will not remember what happen. It is too dangerous for you if you are driving while you drank so excessively. In this case, you should not black out for fun. If your blacking out is regularly, you maybe need to reconsider because this is also a red sign for the drinker. In brief, do not look down this one on the list of warning signs of alcoholism as it can actually bring about a huge thread. Your life will turn back quickly, and everything good you used to have will leave you soon. Do not look down or skip this issue, just watch out and seriously face it to find out the right way to resolve – be brave!

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4. Unable To Stop When Starting Your Drink

signs of alcoholism - unable to stop when starting your drink

There are many reasons for your overdrinking habit. It may be due to your emotion about something or simply during your drinking. However, many people often know when they should stop their drink. For some others, they don’t know that they are drinking too much even though they consume too much before. They cannot control their drinking. This may be a big problem and will have an influence on your life and health in the long term. It is also one of the common signs of alcoholism that you need to pay attention to among the popular characteristics of the alcoholic. In brief, this is actually one of the worst signs of alcoholism that everyone should not look down but watch out carefully!

5. Drinking Regardless Of Dangerous Situations

signs of alcoholism - drinking regardless of dangerous situations

When you drink, you often cannot control yourself and can do something bad. You may be unable to stop your drink once you begin or you may black out regularly. All these actions are not good for the health in the long term. But they are not a big problem immediately if you can drink regardless of the dangerous situation. You know that there may be many situations that you should avoid drinking like before starting your work or driving somewhere or simply you are on medication and need to follow the order from your doctor. If the drinker can drink without considering that what case they are putting in, you should pay more attention to them because this is also known to be the important signs of alcoholism that you may not notice among the obvious signs.

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6. Ignore The Responsibility

signs of alcoholism - ignore the responsibility

This is actually among the worst signs of alcoholism that can affect our life the most as it kicks out all positive purposes of trying and reaching goals in your life. It also takes all motivations from you, and thereby you will be prevented from being a good person in the eyes of people around.

Drinking alcohol can be ignored because it is the personal problem. However, if you have trouble at work or school or something related to your responsibilities just because of your drinking, you may need to reconsider yourself as you are having a problem. If you are facing with this situation, your drinking is not your indulgence any more. You let it cross its functions and usages and impact seriously your daily life. You may need to adjust it so that you can balance your daily works and activities. If it is difficult, you have to find out the best way to control it effectively.

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7. Face With Some Troubles In Your Relationships

signs of alcoholism - face with some troubles in your relationships

If you cannot control your drinking properly, it can affect your relationship including your close relationships or even your family. All of us know that alcohol can make us out of control and may do some things wrong. Especially, many people often consider alcohol as a bigger priority than many important things in their life. It can lead to many mistakes or faults that can impact other people seriously. It means that having trouble in your relationships is also a warning sign that you should notice. If you or your loved ones have this sign, it is necessary to find out the proper change to improve the relationship.

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8. Drink More Than You Used To

signs of alcoholism - drink more than you used to

Alcoholism is very difficult to avoid for many drinkers. But if you need to know whether you or your loved one are addicted to alcohol or not, you need to know your daily intake of alcohol before and after. If the intake is becoming more and more, it means that you are addicted to alcohol more and more seriously. If you don’t care this situation, you can become a drunkard and cannot give it up. And you need to know and stop in time so that your body and your relationship will not be impacted seriously.

9. Some Emotional Signs

signs of alcoholism - some emotional signs

Normally, the heavy drinker often has many emotional signs along with the above signs that we just show you. When you or your loved one abuse alcohol, they may be defensive when anyone mentions their amount of alcohol intake. Especially, you can see that while they are drinking, they may get irritable or agitated. It is because of alcohol impacts on their head. At this time, they cannot control their emotion. If your loved one often drinks alcohol, you can see that they will have the intention to be isolated from their friends, family, and the people around them. Many people even get depressed while and after drinking alcohol.

10. Face With Withdrawal

signs of alcoholism - face with withdrawal

You can see that withdrawal is different from a hangover. Why is facing with withdrawal linked to signs of alcoholism? Withdrawal is a reaction to the lack of alcohol in a light condition. What are the signs of withdrawal? When you see that you are feeling depressed, tired, and nauseous or the same feelings as you did not drink alcohol, it means that you are experience withdrawal. You may see other signs like difficulty in sleeping, trembling or shakiness, and eating without feeling your appetite. All of them are the signs of withdrawal and alcoholism in general.

12. Unable To Quit In Spite Of Trying

signs of alcoholism - unable to quit in spite of trying

All of the above signs can help you see your drinking problem. If you get it and try to quit it but you cannot change anything, it means that your problem gets extremely serious. In this case, you need to find the help from the others. When you decide to give it up, it is sure that you see the impacts of alcohol on your life are very terrible. This is a good sign. However, this is also a difficult task for you. You may struggle with this condition in a long time. Many people are trying to do it in spite of difficulties. But it is vital to do it for yourself as well as for your loved ones.

The list above contains common signs of alcoholism that we want to share with you so that you can see the impacts of alcohol to your life and other people. But you should notice that if you are facing with one of these signs, it doesn’t mean that you are addicted to alcohol. If your signs have more than one, your drinking maybe goes too far and you need to control it effectively. In case, you have all of these signs, you are an alcoholic. So when you drink, you should try to notice your intake of alcohol to have the proper adjustment. You should control your intake strictly so as to let it go so far that you cannot balance it. Finally, all of us know that it is not easy to change the drinking habit. But if you see its impacts, you will know that your life will be changed for the better things.

Another thing that I would like to suggest to not only you, but also all my readers to do right after reading the lists of the most visible signs of alcoholism is to spend time reading another article which talks about the same problem – a gathering of interesting facts related to alcohol and alcohol abuse – the Top 25 Interesting Facts About Alcohol article. People who want to know clearly about this drink should definitely not skip this article as it introduces as many as 25 facts people almost do not know about alcohol and what happens if we abuse this type of drinks. This is actually a useful article that allows us to face the worst negative effects of alcohol abuse on human health and life, so readers of VKool.com should spend time reading it if you have time and really care about this concern. You will have a chance to get more information and knowledge of this popular drink and realize some serious things about using it – which you may have never been through before. The information you will get from the recommended writing would not totally match with the content of the article today, so every interesting thing is still waiting for you ahead. All things you need to do is just to lie down and enjoy the articles, relax yourself and think seriously about how to use alcohol the right way and with the right amount. Hope that you will be able to change your entire life right from today – after reading these two useful articles. Good luck!

Here are some common warning signs of alcoholism that we want to share with you. Although they are not all the signs that you may experience, we are sure that this topic will be useful for you to think and realize many meaningful things in your life. If you see this writing is useful or you have any question, you can leave your comment in the following. We will reply to you as soon as possible. One more thing, do not hesitate if you really want to share this article with other people you know who are also confusing about their current situation of alcoholism. Everything is never late for us to take a good kick. Start living healthy without abusing alcohol right from today!

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