List of 13 low calorie alcoholic drinks for women

low calorie alcoholic drinks

Low calorie alcoholic drinks are especially concerned by women because they give more health benefits than traditional alcoholic drinks.

List Of Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks – Most Exciting Alcoholic Drinks Low In Calories For Women

The fact is many alcoholic drinks come with a large portion of carbohydrates because of the high calorie content. Moreover, alcoholic drinks often contain no vitamins and minerals. High calorie alcoholic drinks (including martini, liqueurs, vermouth, cocktails….) have an impact on your waistline over time. They increase your desire for fatty food such as snacks or chips. So avoid all these alcoholic drinks. Choose low calorie alcoholic drinks instead. Here is the list of 13 low calorie alcoholic drinks for women:

7. Rum

8. Gin

9. Liquor

10. Tequila

11. Scotch

12. Brandy

13. Cognac

1. Vodka

low calorie alcoholic drinks

This is the very first one on the list of low calorie alcoholic drinks for women that females should opt for, especially in parties.

Vodka contains just about 55 calories per single measure. If you think that the taste of vodka is strong so try adding water or ice or choose flavored vodka instead. Flavored vodkas contain 5 extra calories than regular vodkas but they are still listed in low calorie alcoholic drinks for women. Remember if vodka is mixed with sweet coke, the measure of calories will double.

One recommend for women who are looking for a tasty but low calorie alcoholic drink, try a vodka and soda. However, there is no nutritional value in this kind of drink.

There are some tips for choosing low calorie vodka drinks:

First, combine vodka with low calorie content mixers. Diet sodas, diet coke, diet iced tea, diet lemonade, and cranberry juice are recommended. You even can make your own vodka. Try using some types of fresh fruits and vegetables

Second, just drink vodka straightly. You can put it over ice and sip it. Remember use little so the calories are low.

2. Dry White Wine And Red Wine

low calorie alcoholic drinks

Many studies have shown that a glass or two of wine each day is good for health. However, drinking a large amount of wine is bad for your diet. Most types of wine contain low calories. Dry White Wine contains the lowest level of calorie (about 83 calories per small glass compared with 100 calories in general) with no cholesterol, sodium or fat.

Lighter white wines (Sauvignon Blanc for example) contain even fewer calories while Riesling often contains more.

Red wine which is enjoyed in parties is also a popular low calorie alcoholic drink for women. A small glass of red wine contains only 80 calories. Furthermore, the multiple antioxidants containing in red wine help your body release harmful toxins. Many studies have shown that the antioxidants of red wine can lower bad cholesterol and reduce blood clots.

Here are some tips for everyone to avoid taking too many extra calories:

Avoid wine coolers because they often have sugar added and have high calories.

Drink in small wine glasses. Also, limit yourself to one glass of wine.

Read the labels on the bottles of wine. Go for wines that contain a low level of alcohol that related to the number of calories they contain.

3. Champagne

low calorie alcoholic drinks

Champagne is the most popular low calorie alcoholic drink that we all need in celebrations. Champagne contains just 100 calories per small glass. Champagne is a sparkling white wine. It is sweeter and contains more calories than white wine.

Mimosa and Bellin – the versions of champagne – are also low calorie alcoholic drinks. Mimosa is champagne and orange juice while Bellini is champagne and peach juice. These drinks, of course, contain more calories than popular champagne. With Vitamin C rich contents, Mimosa and Bellini are supposed to supply great benefits for health.

Champagne is a sexy drink for women and it brings about several benefits as well, do not miss it!

4. Jack Daniels

low calorie alcoholic drinks

Jack Daniels is regarded as the best low calorie alcoholic drinks for whiskey lovers. Jack Daniels contains just about 55 calories a single glass. However if you often drink it with coke, try to cut out the coke because a number of calories can be much higher.

5. Whisky Sour

Whisky is made by mixing Bourbor whisky, lemon juice, and sugar. Depending on the amount of sugar added, whiskey sour often contains fewer calories than other whiskeys (about 125 calories per single glass). That is why it is one out on the list of low-calorie alcoholic drinks for women.

6. Coors Light Beer

low calorie alcoholic drinks

Some people believe that beers have fewer calories than some alternatives with more alcohol. A bottle of beer contains below 150 calories in general. However, 500 plus calories can be exceeded when you drink more than 2 bottles of beer.

For beer lovers, Coors Light Beer may be one of the best low calorie alcoholic drinks. Coors Light Beer often contains fewer than 110 calories. Instead of a significant amount of calories cut out, Coors Light Beer has the same strength as other premium lagers.

7. Rum

low calorie alcoholic drinks

Rum is a popular low calorie alcoholic drink. Rum is made through a process of distillation and fermentation. Rum contains only 66 calories per single glass. Light rums are used in cocktails. Without high sugar content, rum- inspired cocktails are especially good for women who have the fear of getting extra weight.

8. Gin

Gin is also a low calorie alcoholic drink. Gin contains about 65 calories per single glass in general. A number of calories in gin depend on the brand. Like other alcoholic drinks, there is not much nutrition in gin. A daily heavy dose of gin will even kill you anyway. Be careful with the mixers, avoid sugary ones.

9. Liquor

low calorie alcoholic drinks

Sometimes it is hard for consumers to find how many calories there are in a bottle of liquor. The fact is calories are related to alcohol content. An ounce of liquor that is 50 percent alcohol is about 82 calories. The mixers (syrups, sodas…) of this drink can really get people into calorie troubles. So it is better for you to drink liquor by itself.

10. Tequila

Tequila is a traditional low calorie alcoholic drink. One ounce of tequila has only 64 calories. But it is not the calories contented in tequila that matter. The calories found in tequila cocktails that matter.

Juices and sodas are common tequila mixers which increase a number of calories. By using fresh fruit and diet sodas, the calories found in tequila cocktails can be reduced.

The best low calorie drink for your weight could be the tequila shot. A shot of tequila contains just 99 calories.

11. Scotch

low calorie alcoholic drinks

Scotch (or Scotch whiskey) is made from barley. One ounce of scotch contains about 64 to 80 calories depends on its proof. This is the reason why scotch appears on the list of low calorie alcoholic drinks for women. The alcohol concentration is doubled by the proof. 100- proof Scotch is 50 percent alcohol while 80- proof Scotch is 40 percent alcohol. Drink Scotch whiskey neat, on the rocks or with water (without adding mixers such as cola) to avoid increasing the amount of extra calories you are supposed to get.

12. Brandy

low calorie alcoholic drinks

There are about 65 calories containing in an ounce of regular brandy that absolutely makes it one of low calorie alcoholic drinks. Brandy is a distilled wine with a distinct flavor that many people enjoy. There are plenty of cocktails with brandy that suit your taste. These types of brandy are made from many kinds of fruits such as grapes, peaches, apples, blackberries, cherries… The calories contented in different brandy variations are similar to those of original brandy.

Make sure to know exactly how many calories you will get whenever you go for any type of brandy.

13. Cognac

low calorie alcoholic drinks

This is the last but certainly not the least one on the list of low calorie alcoholic drinks for women that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want my female readers read carefully and try as soon as possible.

Cognac originates from the region in France. It is a distilled alcoholic drink that is made from white wine and must be aged from 2 to 50 years or more in oak barrels. The calories found in Cognac are called empty calories.

Cognac has more health benefits than other types of alcoholic beverages. Antioxidants found in cognac decrease your risks of heart disease, cancer and vision loss. Drinking a moderate amount of cognac every day also helps limit your risk of type 2 diabetes. However, drinking too much alcoholic drinks of any kind will increase certain health risks.

When the weekend is coming along, the readers of are looking forward to having a happy time with your family after a long week of working. Read on these listed low calorie alcoholic drinks and try some of them in order to get unforgettable memories.

After reading this entire article and know what are the best low calorie alcoholic drinks for women, you should also spend time if possible reading another article that comes with the same aim – providing women knowledge and suggestions of the healthiest drinks that will help women lose weight as they contain low levels of calories – the List Of 13 Healthy Drink To Lose Weight. This is actually a useful collection of weight loss drinks that could be the best friends of any woman who wants to avoid high-calorie drinks and get in shape fast. Thus, if you are among these women, you should not think twice, just go straight ahead and make use of this recommended article.

The entire list today covers some of the best low calorie alcoholic drinks for women that are very delicious and worth trying. Thus, if you are concerning about what to drink in a party, then try one or some of the drinks listed today without the fear of weight gain or getting drunk. If you have any question to ask about the content of this article, leave your comments and feedbacks below and I will reply as soon as possible. One more thing, if you see that this list is very useful for not only you but also any other people around, feel free to share this list widely to help other women choose the best drinks to consume.

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