Health Benefits Of Cranberry Juice And Tea

Unsweetened cranberry tastes sour, but it is recommended to take 2 ounces cranberry juice mixed with 8 ounces water for medicinal purposes. Cranberry, in general, is good for overall health. In participle, cranberry juice can help strengthen the immune system and relieve stress. Moreover, cranberry can work well for different skin conditions such as acne and it can be consumed fresh, dried or frozen.

Cranberry fruit extract can be used in making different cocktail, sauces and tea. About 1 liter of cranberry juice is extracted from about1500g fresh cranberries. Especially, cranberry juice cocktails are nearly 30% pure juice mixed with fructose or an artificial sweetener. Dried cranberries can be used with cereals or added to muffins.

Enjoy the cranberry fruit in any form you fancy, and enjoy the wealth of its health benefits from this little fruit! In this writing on VKool site in the line of Nutrition, we are showing you top 10 health benefits of cranberry juice and tea. Check out all of its benefits below!

Health Benefits Of Cranberry Juice And Tea That Amaze You

benefits of cranberry

When it comes to health benefits of cranberry, this fruit is very useful to treat respiratory disorders, from urinary tract infection, heart disease and even cancer. Cranberry also aids in preventing diabetes, gum diseases (caused by dental plaque) and stomach disorders. Phytonutrients that are derived plant compounds, are found in cranberries and they have been proven to prevent various health problems.

Cranberries are actually a little yet powerful fruit. Their benefits make them become useful in medicinal products as well as in food. Now keep reading to discover more nutritional information and benefits of cranberries.

I. Nutritional Value Of Cranberries

benefits of cranberry

Cranberry plant is a native fruit of North America. This fruit has an excellent source of antioxidants in comparison with other vegetables and fruits like spinach, broccoli and apples. Just 1 cup of cranberries can provide you with total antioxidant capacity.

Cranberry juice has tremendous amounts of salicylic acid, antioxidants and vitamin C. By having only 45 calories a cup, cranberry can fit well within dietary guidelines. Cranberries also contain about 87.13 g water/100g. They also provide you with carbohydrates, energy and protein. In terms of essential minerals, cranberries contain magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and sodium. Plus, cranberries also have a wide range of vitamins such as thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin K (phylloquinone) and vitamin E (alpha tocopherol).

II. Health Benefits Of Cranberry

1. Treat Urinary Tract Infections

benefits of cranberry

Urinary tract infections often refer to the existence of micro-organisms in urine, which exceed normal levels. These urinary tract infections may develop in your bladder, cause cystitis in your kidney and lead to renal parenchyma, or cause cystitis in prostate that result in bacterial prostatitis. Researchers have shown that cranberry juice have proanthocyanidins, which can possess anti-clinging agents that prevent bacteria from binding themselves to cells on the bladder walls. These compounds can help prevent bacteria from multiplying and flush bacteria out of your body through the urination.

Studies also show that consuming cranberry fruits in different form regularly can aid in preventing recurring urinary tract infections in pregnant women and middle-aged women. Regular consumption of the cranberry fruit is also proven useful for patients who undergo other treatments in hospitals as a protection against urinary tract diseases. Nevertheless, cranberries are not effective for treating urinary tract infections when you have the infections, and it is just a preventative measure.

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2. Have Anti-Tumor Effects

benefits of cranberry

Among health benefits of cranberry, this fruit also aids in preventing tumors. In concrete, cranberries have anti-tumor efficacy that’s attributed to the existence of polyphenolic compounds in this fruit. Studies suggest that a regular intake of cranberry can help inhibit the development as well as the spread of lung tumors, breast tumors, colon tumors, prostate tumors and other cancerous ones. Cranberries also contain a great source of salicylic acid that helps reduce swelling, eliminate tumors and prevent blood clots.

3. Prevent Tooth Decay

benefits of cranberry

According to recent studies, cranberries can help prevent tooth cavities, thanks to the presence of the chemical compound Proanthocyanidine in the fruit. This chemical can help inhibit harmful bacteria in your mouth from clinging to your teeth. Proanthocyanidine works by inhibiting the production of acid and protect your teeth from periodontal condition by preventing the formation and development of plaque. Your good oral hygiene, along with your regular intake of cranberries can disrupt pathogenic mechanism of your dental caries and makes your dental health improved. Also, you should watch out for the acidity of commercial cranberry juices and the sugar content in the bottle cranberry products. In fact, natural cranberry juice and extract are always better!

4. Avoid Respiratory Infections

benefits of cranberry

Next to health benefits of cranberry, this fruit is also beneficial in inhabiting strains of Haemophilus influenza that is a cause of respiratory and ear infections in young children. The cranberry juice inhabits the hair-like structures of the bacteria by preventing them from adhering to skin surface.

5. Prevent Cancer

benefits of cranberry

Cranberry juice is not only good for the prevention of respiratory infections but also cancer. As mentioned above, the presence of proanthocyanidins can help inhabit the growth of cancer cells. New scientific studies suggest that foods high in flavonoids like berries play an important role in preventing cancer as well as cancer mortality.

Cranberry juice has anti-carcinogenic components, which interfere with the formation of cancer cells, especially those linked to prostate and colon cancer. According to the studies, proanthocyanidins work by stopping the micro-tumors from increasing in blood vessels. Regular intake of cranberries in different natural form can help prevent the fast formation and growth of tumors in the body. Moreover, various chemicals in this little yet powerful fruit also help inhibit the multiplication of the breast cancer cells.

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6. Good For Cardiovascular Health

benefits of cranberry

When it comes to great health benefits of cranberry, consider this fruit for preventing cardiovascular diseases effectively. In concrete, cranberries can help reduce the risk of heart strokes related to ailment and aid sustaining the cardiovascular health. The presence of flavonoids in cranberry juice contains antioxidant agents so they help decrease the risk of atherosclerosis. This is a condition, in which arteries are narrowed because of the buildup of cholesterol, calcium and fat in the blood. This may obstruct the flows of oxygen-rich blood to various parts of body and can lead to fatal outcomes such as heart strokes or attacks.

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7. Strengthen Bones & Teeth

benefits of cranberry

Cranberry is high in calcium so that you can reduce the risk of osteoporosis by consuming cranberry regularly every morning.

Moreover, new studies show that cranberry can help reduce dental plaque by inhabiting the formation and development of bacteria in mouth that cause plaque.

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8. Inhibit Yeast Infection

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Yeast infection is an overgrowth in certain body parts of occurring bacteria. Fungi and yeast infection overgrowth is common in Americans and it is estimated to present in approximately 85% of American population and goes undiagnosed, particularly in children and men. Surprisingly, the experts estimate that over 85% of adult men are affected. They often suffer from yeast infection with symptoms of digestive problems, prostate problems and other signs later in life.

Scientists and doctors believe that cranberry is effective in preventing fungi and yeast infection. Cranberry contains substances, which can render harmful bacteria unable to cling on intestines, the urinary tract and the walls of mouth. Additionally, fresh cranberry juice is beneficial in flushing out Candida, fungi and other excess cells from the body.

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9. Good For Obesity

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Next to great benefits of cranberry juice, this is its effect on obesity. Cranberry is rich in acids that give emulsifying effects on fat deposits in the body. Hence, it’s very good for those who desire to shed their extra pounds.

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10. Prevent Kidney Stones

benefits of cranberry

Beside the cranberry’s benefits in obesity prevention, this little fruit is high in acid components so that it helps in preventing the formation of kidney stone.

Exactly, according to the experts, the quinic acid found in cranberries can help prevent kidney stones. It can make sense as cranberry aids in eliminating bacteria, waste and toxics out of the body.

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Bottom line:

These are top 10 health benefits of cranberry juice and tea. Hope that you consider consuming this powerful fruit for your better health. Also, feel free to comment on the writing and see you in the next posts!

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