How To Become A Better Writer For Work Fast – 12 Ways Revealed!

how to become a better writer

Top 12 Tips Teach You How To Become A Better Writer Immediately

Today, writing well is more important than ever. Writing is a daily occupation for all of use, in emails, on blogs, or through social media. It is also a fundamental means for communicating, documenting, and refining the ideas. So, what you could do to improve your writing skills and diversify your writing ideas? This article will provide you with top tips on how to become a better writer that help you sharpen your writing skills once and for all.

How To Become A Better Writer – Top 12 Tips You Must Know

1.      Know Your Audience

For any type of writing, it is necessary for you to identify your audience, from business reports to novels. This step is critically important because you will determine who will read your works. The audience for a sales letter from your enterprise is far different from the audience for a children’s story. The audience you are writing for might decide the style, tone, and even the topic of your works. Before beginning to write, you have better make a few notes about the targeted audience. By this way, you can make sure that things you are writing are appeal to the audience as well as fit their demands and wants. If your audience are children, for instance, bewaring of the age range for the children to guarantee that your nonfiction piece is suitable for the age of your readers.

2.      Know The Purpose Of Works

Apart from knowing the audience, you need to identify the purpose of your writing. If you have the purpose upfront, then, you will be able to keep your novel, blogs, or anything written works focused on that goal. Once you have defined purpose, then you will guide the readers to take any action which you want them to take. For example, if you are writing a complaint letter, then you should do than merely complain about a faulty product or the poor service that you have bought. Your purpose will prompt the company of your purchased product to repair their mistake.

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Again, make a few notes of the purposes of what you are going to write. It is great for you if you can take time to beware of the purpose before you begin writing.

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3.      Read Before Writing And Create The Reading Habit

It is good for you if before writing, you could spend about 30 to 60 minutes on reading high quality short poetry, stories, essays. That does not mean that you have to read something good literature. It means anything that can capture your imagination, tell you a good story or create new worlds and build wonderful characters. A good writer will read with an eye for his or her writing. This will help you lift up your current writing skills, develop dramatically current reading skills, and allow you to learn unique style from other writer.

Make the reading become your habits that can help you have enthusiasm and ideas for writing. After reading, tell other people about the work you have read, log your progress daily and give yourself rewards. Do this one month in order to have a decent habit in place.

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4.      Build The Ability To Focus

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This is considered as the indispensible tips on how to become a better writer that you cannot skip. There is an advice for those people who want to be a professional writer that to give themselves the physical stamina for concentration and strengthen the willpower, people should spend time on every single day to relax, even do nothing. By this way, you can quietly training and improving your mental focus to get more energy as well as ideas for the writing.
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5.      Plan Before Writing

Planning is really a separate step when writing. However, a lot of people try to plan and write all in one step. Then, their writing tends to take too difficult or too long to do. Obviously, they might get frustrated. If you plan what you intend to write before sitting down, then your writing will be much easier and faster. Also, your overall writing will be much better. Planning what you need to write also make you feel enjoyable in your writing process.

6.      Decide The Structure

At the same time of planning the writing project, then you can decide the structure for your work. That is, creating a proper manner to best organize the information you are going to write about.

Most novels are written in chapters and each one contains scenes. If you are going to write a novel, it is better for you to write down some notes of which you are intending to add in each chapter. After that, you can break down the action in each chapter into scenes. Once start writing, what you need to do is accomplish each scene at a time. They will turn into complete chapters and those chapters will finally turn into your book.

When you are not clear about the structure your material, you can refer some things similar. Take notes of how this work is structured. Perhaps, the same structure will be suitable for your work.

7.      Write Simply

how to become a better writer yahooIf you are not a professional writer, you should not make your writing complicated because it is easy to let the reader feel confused and tired of reading your work. For most part, the greatest writing is what makes people feel easy to read and simple to understand.  So, try to write simply and avoid obscure vocabulary as much as you can in most of the work. Using technical jargon will be beneficial if you have identified your audience already. The best is writing in a way that readers will understand without referring extensive explanations. Just vary the sentence length; use short sentences and a few longer sentences mixed in a paragraph. Make sure that the order of your sentences is logic.

It is essential for you to avoid over-generalizing or implying; generalizations and vagueness are less likely to grab the attention of your readers. Meanwhile, try to contain only the relevant details; describe all what you need to describe without wasting space.

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8.       Expand Your Vocabulary

In order to improve your writing skills, expanding your vocabulary is necessary. Read the daily newspaper or buy the reliable dictionary as well as thesaurus. Your writing will not be exciting if every character presents everywhere and every line of the paragraphs. The ability of using comprehensive vocabulary will help your story or poems to the life and allow you to describe the world surrounding lively and effectively.

In other words, make sure that you use vocabulary precisely and logically. Some of the alternatives listed in the thesaurus might not have the exact shade of meaning or be suitable for the formality level. If there is any doubt about the word using, just use the word you already know exactly. It is recommended that the best way to use words in a way that are commonly understood is to read, read, and read. Re-read the books as well as articles to help you get closely examine the way they use vocabulary.

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9.      Write Every Day

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This is a must. Practice make perfect. Writing is a spiritual practice; therefore, you are getting into yourself and cleaning out the soul toxins. If you do not do it every day, then you will lose that ability.  And, if you do it day by day, then you are steadily find out where the toxins are. And, the cleaning can start.

10.      Sleep Eight Hours A Day

This seems to be not relevant to the tips on how to become a better writer, right? Yet, in fact, it does. The best idea to keep your mind clear and healthy is go to sleep before 9 pm about 4 days a week, even more. Before writing, stretch and take a deep breath. Be this way, your brain is getting healthy oxygen needed. We supposedly use just 5% of our brain. So, you had better use 6% at least to write better than everyone else. In reality, there are a large number of people wasting their resting and valuable writing time by staying up late or doing essentially nothing.

11.      Do Exercises

People can wait until they catch their breath before being creative; however, why don’t you exercise sooner to start making your task involve higher-order thinking? There is a link between cognition and exercise that if you accomplish a moderate intensity exercise (that can double your heart rate), you can gain the effects of exercise on cognition. The workout can affect significantly the creative process of people in a positive way.

12. Work Toward Excellence As A Writer

This means you need to mobilize your full ability in different aspects of life. Working towards excellence as a writer gets involved in indentifying, practicing, and improving the core values including process, quality, consistency, leadership, perseverance, and time. Do you want to work toward excellence as well as become a better and better writer, then follow this plan below:

  • Step 1 – Determine the values and define why and how they are important.
  • Step 2 – Practice the values. For example, you can practice the consistency by disciplining yourself for writing daily and making gradual progress through the time. With perseverance, you could practice by keeping moving, never giving up, and not letting adversity deter you from your targets.
  • Step 3- Develop and strengthen those values. The only way to develop the values is practice, practice, and practice. As mentioned above, practice makes perfect. By this way, you will make them part of who you are. After that, you will begin to become a better writer.

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Here are all the tips on how to become a better writer that are collected by a lot of writers who are successful in their writing career. If you follow exactly the above-mentioned tips on how to become a better writer, I bet that sooner or later you will become a professional writer.

If you feel this article is useful for you, or want to contribute your comments about any facet of this topic, leave all your ideas at the end of this article. We are welcome all of your contribution and will respond as soon as possible.

There are a lot of other useful advice and strategies you need to be a better writer that are revealed in the Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer book.

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