Health benefits of napping during the day

Like necessary sleep at night, health benefits of napping also plays the important role in human self- improvement although not many people recognize the importance of napping during the day.

Health Benefits Of Napping During The Day – The Most Powerful Tool For Your Health

benefits of napping

We all know that an eight – hour sleep is very necessary if we want good performance. However, napping is also the important secret which can help us reduce stress and boost work effectiveness as well as promote mind’s ability. Napping is helpful not only for toddler but also for adults. Unfortunately, this habit is incredibly misunderstood as many people see napping as the laziness and unambitiousness. The man, who is asleep at home is often laughed at or criticized. Moreover, we may also feel guilty when we snap. So. in order to help you understand deeply and comprehensively about benefits of napping I would like to share my experience and knowledge with you and other readers of in this article.

1. Enhance Alertness And Concentration:

benefits of napping

Many researches prove that napping will help you concentrate on work and be alert. It is one of the benefits of napping during the day. After a long time of continuous working, your eyelids is too heavy to keep open, hence, the work effectiveness decreases because you can not concentrate on work. When you are tired and feel asleep, taking a little snap for few minutes is better than trying to work. Snapping for 40 minutes is proven to increase alertness by 100%, according to a NASA study while other studies also found that a 20  minute snap have more effectiveness than 200 mg of caffeine. Snapping for a few minutes after lunch, the worker will make less error and students will study much better in the afternoon. Especially for drivers, they need more snap because there are more possibilities for accidents unless they snap. So as to be more energetic for the second part of the day, you need to take a nap.

2. Reduce Stress:

benefits of napping

Among benefits of napping, we can not ignore this advantage of resting. A study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism shows that a good snap can reduce the bad effects of negative emotion. Stress may affect your work and lead to depression if not resolved immediately. Even if you have a poor sleep at last night, taking snap will restore your energy and help you come back to work easily.

3. Protect immune System:

benefits of napping

That sounds strange but it is one of the health benefits of snapping. Immune system decreases because of sleep deprivation. Taking snap is effective tool to mitigate the effects of lack of sleep. The researchers has examined the participants and divided them into two groups to compare.

The result which shows how napping or not napping affects your immune system is transparent when health levels including the body’s heart rate, blood sugar and blood pressure is remained normal for the group who snapped. The understanding reason may is that napping can restore biomarkers of neuroendocrine.

4. Improve Memory: 

benefits of napping

With sleep deprivation caused by lack of snapping, it will result in productivity and performance decrease. For students, taking snap will retain over loaded information. So among health benefits of snapping, it is good for your mind as your memory is improved. The metal fatigue will disappear after an-hour or 90-minute snap.

5. Increase Creativity: 

benefits of napping

Many proven studies found out that snapping will improve your sensory perception as well as your creativity, hence, it boosts the work performance. Your intelligent and wonderful ideas will come out your brain when it takes enough snap for a day. You body system needs resting and your brain needs too.

6. Prevent Diabetes And Heart Disease: 

benefits of napping

Lack of sleep can cause an excess of the hormone cortisol in your body,which leads to glucose intolerance and abdominal fat increase. Snapping deprivation is found to be the trigger of diabetes and heart disease. The growth hormone only releases when you sleep and it will prevent you from getting health ailments. It also helps to repair muscle and lost weight. A study done with Greeks provided reliable proof when they examined the two groups. The group who snapped for 30 minutes had less chances of suffering heart-rating condition while the working men had 64% more risk of dying.

7. Napping Tips:

benefits of napping

Despite many benefits of napping, a lot of people wonder how they can easily fall asleep as taking nap is not their usual habit. Therefore, I also want to introduce some steps you should take.

Be patient. Napping is not your habit so keep a schedule and follow. The suitable time to taking snap is between 1p.m to 3 p.m.

Set cell phone alarm for 30 minutes.

Find a dark room. If you can not find any dark room, you should wear eye mask to prevent any light.

Stay warm. Put over a blanket over you. Your temperature may drop which makes you awake suddenly.

Sleep deprivation is still remained a problem when people are more busy and have little time to get enough sleep. They also have misunderstanding perception about napping. Hence, this good habit is often misplaced and seen as a guilty. However, if we do not sleep or even snap day after day, it can easily trigger a lot of physical and psychological ailments including obesity, cognitive issue, stress and depression. As a result, your performance and productivity at work are reduced. Google companies have done a number of researches and found the important of napping in performance and work effectiveness. Therefore, they inspired their employees to take brief snap during the day. If you still doubt, please consider some of famous people who are ardent snapper such as Napoleon, Edison, Churchill, etc.

Finally, I hope these 6 benefits of napping during the day are helpful for you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated and have a good day. If you have any question raised in your mind, please feel free to leave your comments below and share your information with us. I am glad to hear all your opinions.

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