How To Feed A Baby – 3 Feeding Phases Revealed

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Many new mothers are overwhelmed on how to feed a baby. Actually, it is not easy to do this task. There are too many things to learn. A mother without any experience should learn baby feeding tips to become a good mother. The following are step-by-step instructions for mothers that provide them with an informative guide to feed a baby in 3 phases, including breastfeeding, bottle feeding and solid food feeding. Are you ready to discover?

1.     Breastfeeding

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It is known that the mother should feed the newborn in the first hours after birth. Actually, this is a way to increase milk for mothers. You may get a little anxious or nervous at the first time of breastfeeding. If you are aware of the importance of breastfeeding, and feed your baby breast milk, he or she will have a strengthened immune system. However, many mothers miss breastfeeding at the first time.

Firstly, place the baby on your breast before your baby is ready. Next, when both your baby and you are ready. Get your baby’s mouth to be close to your nipple and attach one nipple. (Remember that you have to change your baby’s position and feed him or her in another nipple). Choose the most comfortable position to sit and feed your baby milk. If you have some difficulties in your first feed, ask for a help, a caregiver will help you to be accustomed with this task and learn other tips on how to feed a baby.

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2.     Bottle Feeding

If you don’t have enough breast milk to feed your baby, you can choose bottle feeding. Normally, after some months of birth giving, mothers can feed their babies with a baby milk bottle. By using this milk feeding method, you have to get clear about the formula. How to buy a right baby milk bottle, what suitable amount of breast milk or powdered milk should be taken. If you feed your baby powdered milk, you should get clear about water level to add into the bottle.

Make sure that you use the right milk for babies, but not normal milk for adults because the ingredients and amount of nutrition in milk for babies are different to that for adults. Moreover, it is found that breast milk is a main food for 12-month-old babies. After this period of time, mothers should supply their babies with some other foods such as powdered milk and solid foods. How to feed a baby now is not only a task of mothers. By feeding with bottle, you can ask your partner to help you do.

how to feed a baby kittenRemember that feeding is the way you and your partner connect with the baby.

The following are some suggestions you can check out to feed your baby:

You can lean on a pillow to have a comfortable seat, and then you can be ready for a breastfeeding.

You have to make sure that your baby is also in a comfortable position while having breastfeeding. The baby must be wrapped on your lap with warm clothes. To have a standard milk bottle, you have to know the formula to mix powdered milk with water. Make sure that you will use warm water to pour it into the milk bottle. Pour a right amount of water by looking at the levels through the length of the milk bottle. Next, shake it well and feed the baby.

Remember that do not screw the lid of the mild bottle too loosely or too tightly. If you screw it tightly, it inhibits the milk flow and the baby cannot get milk from the bottle. If you screw the lid loosely, milk will run out without any control. So, new mother should be careful to do this action. Bring your baby close to you and hold the baby in your chest. Next, gently brush the baby’s lips to open his or her mouth. Then, place your teat into the baby’s opening mouth at the top the tongue. Be sure that you hold the mild bottle at the right angle so that milk can run to your baby’s mouth well.

Because the milk can flow fast while most babies cannot control the milk flow, so the babies can gag. To improve this, slide that teat out your baby’s mouth, sit close to the baby to catch his or her breath.

Normally, a baby drinks 30 ml of milk. So, keep that in mind to mix milk for your baby each meal. When your baby stops sucking, maybe she or he is full. At that time, place your baby over your arms gently. Then, sit the baby up. In case, your baby has gulped-down air, do not get worried. Just burp the baby. After five minutes late, nothing happens; you should not keep your anxiety inside. Actually, learning how to feed a baby is no not easy, but you can do it well when you have more experience. Just keep learning to become a good mother.

For anyone who chooses bottle feeding, the best and most popular infant formula is Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron

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3.     Solid Food Feeding

how to feed a baby mouseWhen your baby is growing up and get ready to eat solid food, you should prepare enough knowledge to supply the baby with healthy foods, and a right care.

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a.     Just Do When The Baby Is Ready

Firstly, remember that just feed babies solid foods in right formula when he or she is 6 months old and above. If you feed your baby solid food too early, the baby may get some eating disorders or food allergies. Sit near the baby

Turn your baby’s head far from you to make sure the baby does not bump against you.

b.    Use A Baby Chair

Feeding your baby in a high chair is a good way to make the baby focuses on eating. Make sure that the seat for baby is set up carefully and safely.

c.      Wash Hands Before Feeding The Baby

how to feed a baby reviewDo not forget to wash hands before serving food to your baby. This is a hygienic rule and there is no word to explain more!

d.    Feed Babies “Finger Food”

Do you know what “finger food” is? Imagine that this is a type of different foods such as meat sticks, cheerios and rice crackers.

e.      Choose A Bowl

You can feed your baby different solid foods. Each food should be taken in different types of bowl. For example, if you feed your baby cereal, you should use a deep glass or bowl. If you feed your baby other foods which are thicker, you can use a larger bow. Besides, you can use plastic bowls because most babies like to drop and grab anything they see and touch. This is a good way to protect your baby from injuries that may be caused by broken glasses. Moreover, plastic bowls is also friendly and it makes your baby be clean during the eating time.

f.      How To Choose Different Baby Foods

how to feed a baby guideAs I mentioned above, there is a variety of foods for you to feed your baby. It is suggested that mothers should feed babies cereals at least 1meal per day. There are different types of cereals for you to choose such as rice, barley and oatmeal. Change some different menus to spice up your baby’s appetite. Besides, you can add some flavor, vegetable, nuts or fresh fruit to your baby’s meals. Remember to make all your baby’s foods be warm before the baby eats these foods. In fact, baby’s digestive system is weak and sensitive. They can easily get some breathing problems, cold sores and digestive diseases, allergy problems due to eating cold foods, old foods, and get panic when eating hot foods.

In addition, pay attention to using overnight foods. If you feed your baby these foods, he or she can get poison. In some serious cases, the baby must have to make surgery. You also should pay attention to expiration date when buying commercial foods. Make sure that the food containers are not opened before you buy them.

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g.     How To Choose Baby Spoons

You should use a specific type of baby spoons when serving foods to your baby. The ideal choices are dessert spoons or tablespoons. You can use high quality and safe plastic spoons to feed the baby. Avoid using unsafe spoons because the materials in these spoons can be release harmful chemicals and your baby can eat together with foods.

h.    Start Feeding

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For many mothers, this is the hardest task they have to do because baby can cry while eating, playing with some toys without focusing on eating. Some mothers get sick and lose weight fast as they spend much time feeding their babies daily. Look at your baby to know whether he or she swallowed all the foods in the mouth or not. Serve the baby a moderate amount of foods. Do not serve a full tablespoon of foods because the baby will not leave some foods on the current table spoon.

i.       Grab Hands

Learning how to feed a baby will be more easily if you some simple tips and tricks. Many curious babies like to grab at some movements. Thus, mothers should do some hand gestures to make their babies be excited at watching these gestures and eat more foods fast.

j.       How To Stop Serving Foods

Mothers should know when to stop feeding their baby foods. Look at their status. If a baby looks sleepy, stop serving foods and have him or her slept. If your baby is turning head away, crying, throwing foods away, pushing the spoon away, stop adding foods to his or her mouth. Besides, parents can record the foods their baby ate, amount of food the baby can eat, their baby’s favorite foods and so on. This task helps parents understand their baby’s activities, and then they have suitable changes to feed their baby for becoming healthy.

k.    Clean Up

Simply, you can clean your baby body with a towel during the feeding and make it carefully at the end of your baby’s meals. Focus on cleaning his or her hands and face. Use warm water to clean. You can change another clothes for your baby. Remember that do not have your baby taken a bath after the feeding because it is not good for the baby’s stomach health when he or she is full.

Now, it’s the end of the article. Let me summarize you have read the full writing that shows you tips and instructions on how to feed a baby in 3 phases: breastfeeding, bottle feeding and solid food feeding.

Tell me do you find this blog is helpful? Share it with other mothers to widen their knowledge of this baby care issue. 

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