Discover the tale of a healthy hair

Your diet is a fundamental factor for growing a healthy hair. Discover the tale of a healthy hair below

So, what it feels to have a good hair? What are the specific food products that will make your hair healthier and what they actually do? What are other benefits you may get from them aside from having them look shiny, flowing and plain.

You can utilize the most expensive shampoos and conditioners if you want, but if you really want a healthy looking hair, you need yourself get properly nourished first. Basically, the things you consume can have great effects on the looks and conditions of your hair.

Our hair is mainly composed of keratin with inner layer that has melanin, giving hair with natural color. Cuticle, the outer layer of the hair is the one responsible for protecting the hair. Mainly, our hair is often exposed to many factors that damage it and experts say that our first line of defense lies in the food we consume. If you suffer from nutritional deficiencies, hair could get brittle, weak and lifeless.

Your diet is a fundamental factor for a healthy hair growth, make sure to read things below;

discover the tale of a healthy hair

Get Extra Careful About Drastic Weight Loss Diets

Hair loss is often triggered by extremely low-calorie diets. Consuming diets that are lower than the normal requirement will lead to the lack of essential fats, proteins and other fundamental vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair. Now if you see you need to lose weight, make sure to have a much healthier eating habit like those that have a low- glycaemic load diet, enough protein and some source of essential fats. Resorting into some multivitamins and mineral supplements will allow you to support your nutrition levels while trailing down your weight.

Avoid High Sugar And Carbs

Know that sugar is an “anti-nutrient”, this means that it provides no nutritional benefits at all, it actually uses up the nutrients in the body which may include those that you need for healthy hair. Know that consuming refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice, and anything else that is made up out of flour can produce a similar effect. Basically, they have had all the essential vitamins taken away from them, which are quickly absorbed and transformed as a sugar in the blood.

Have sugary foods replaced with healthy alternatives like fruits and few nuts, and some protein-rich foods. Forget about eating white carbs and try to go on for healthier alternatives such as buckwheat, corn and whole oats.

Include Enough Protein On Your Diet

include enough protein on your diet

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for the hair. Keratin, a kind of substance that provides the strength of the hair, is actually a kind of protein. Our body generates it from the protein we consume from our diet. That is why, to ensure that you get strong hair, make sure to eat enough of protein. More than being beneficial for the hair, protein is also equally vital for the thyroid gland health.

Now make sure to eat a variety of protein-rich foods every day such as meat, fish, eggs, beans, lentils, cheese, milk, yogurt, salmon, corned beef, chicken, sardines, roast beef, bacon and many others. One great way to get more protein is instead of having your favorite morning cereal, go on for scrambled eggs on whole grain toast with a handful of nuts.

Go On For Healthy Fats

The deficiency of essential fatty acids may result to unhealthy brittle hair and dry scalp. Opposed as what most of us think, fat is not all bad. Know that essential fats play key roles in maintaining a healthy body. Essential fats help in maintaining healthy skin, hair and scalp. Some sources of this healthy fats include fishes, raw seeds, and nuts, avocadoes and many others.

7 Specific Foods To Accelerate Hair Health



Eggs are rich in essential vitamins and mineral for healthy hair growth and the scalp health in general. They are rich in biotin and B vitamins, which are not just good for the hair but for the entire body health as well. You often heard them on commercials that concerns hair, like those for shampoo or hair conditioners. There are also a lot of articles surfacing around the web and on magazines recommending the use of biotin supplements.

The deficiency for biotin happens very rare as our bodies make their own biotins in the intestines and it is actually also present in various common foods like almonds, walnuts, and other nuts. However, some instances when a person suffers from extreme biotin deficiency, she may experience severe hair loss. Biotin is very important for healthy hair but buying expensive supplements is not really a good idea too. Instead, make sure to eat a balanced diet that includes some biotin rich foods especially eggs.



On a serious note, spinach is considered to be one of the healthiest foods that provide the body with excellent vitamins and minerals. This green leafy vegetable has a high nutritional value and is extremely rich in antioxidants. Spinach is an excellent source of Vitamins K, A and B vitamins. Also, it is rich in manganese, zinc, iron, omega 3 and many others. Spinach also works well in preventing a good number of bone problems. It is also good for some inflammatory problems, making it an ideal food for cancer patients. This great leaf is completely a versatile food since you can have it raw or cooked.

Apart from its many health benefits, consuming spinach can be helpful in promoting hair health too. Spinach contains a huge amount of Vitamin A and C, both works well as a stimulant for hair health. These two essential vitamins are necessary in producing oil in scalp which is very crucial for a healthy hair. The oil would keep your hair moisturized so it doesn’t break easily.



Due to some diet restrictions and several misconceptions, people tend to avoid consuming walnuts as they by nature calorie rich and fatty. However, the fact that they are immensely rich in nutrition, and benefits from metabolism to heart health and beauty must not be overlooked.

The key is basically to substitute foods with good levels of saturated fats with a handful of walnut a day. Know that 1.5 oz of walnuts a day are enough to exhaust the health benefits of walnuts. Having things with some walnuts sprinkled into it could be a great idea. Instead of having a plain breakfast cereal, you can add some chopped walnuts on it. You can even replace bacon or eggs with walnuts.

Walnuts are good for hair and skin. They are good antioxidants and they contain a good amount of vitamins A and E, protecting the skin and hair from free radical damage. Also, the fats present in walnuts are rich in omega-3, helping you to maintain good skin and hair. Further, walnuts contain a number of micro-nutrients that blocks hair fall from occurring. Aside from eating them, you can have a walnut oil applied directly on your scalp and hair strands. Walnuts also contain an ample amount of biotin, biotin strengthens hair. It also helps in reducing hair loss and improves hair growth.



Carrots are commonly known to improve hair thickness and promote general hair health benefits. They are packed with vitamin A and many other essential components that give hair extra beauty and strength. Carrots are known to be extremely effective especially in combatting hair loss. They also work well-making hair thicker, shinier and damage resistant. Drinking 4 ounces of carrot juice a day can stimulate hair growth.

Carrots also have a good amount of Vitamin C and E, improving blood circulation on your scalp, thus preventing early hair graying.

With its number of benefits, its uses are not just limited to eating them raw or through juices. There could be a good number of ways where you can effectively incorporate carrots in your diet. You can include carrots in your salads, have it dipped in almond butter or roast it for dinner. While carrots work well for your skin and hair, they also help in improving eye health, prevent cancer, and help boost the immune system.



True! This seafood may contain a high amount of cholesterol, but when consumed with moderation, oysters can deliver a number of benefits for your hair. Oysters are rich in zinc, a necessary nutrient for the hair that when compromised, may lead to severe hair loss. Oysters do also have selenium, an important hair building block. Diet experts would suggest eating oysters one to two times every month.

Mainly, zinc is greatly involved in tissue growth and repair – that includes hair growth. It also helps in allowing the oil glands around the hair follicles to function properly. The lack of zinc may result to major hair problems like slow growth and dandruff. Other than oysters, you may also get zinc from crabs, clams, liver, nuts, peanuts, yogurt and cheese. Make sure not to take more than your body needs, as too much zinc may result to the inhibition of the body’s ability to absorb copper, also a necessary mineral.

Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Beta-carotene that is present in foods is converted into Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is important for all cell growth, involving hair. When a person is experiencing a deficiency, this may lead to some hair and scalp problems such as severe dandruff, dull and lifeless hair. Adding more beta-carotene – rich foods like sweet potatoes to the diet could do a lot. Since Vitamin A is present to most foods like carrots, butternut squash, lettuce, pumpkin, etc., Vitamin A supplements are somehow unnecessary.

Now, if you think you really need to take Vitamin A supplements, make sure to look at the labels that it don’t supply no more 50 percent DV of vitamin A in the form of retinol. Retinol is usually listed as acetate or palminate, it should never exceed to 2,000 IU.



Salmon is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. These fats are necessary for obtaining healthy hair. They have anti-inflammatory properties that help in having healthy hair follicles, which in turn promote healthy hair growth. The lack of omega 3 on the body may result to dry scalp and weak looking hair.

Having healthy hair is not just about pure aesthetics, it actually has a lot of other numerous benefits.

  • It Feels Good

The thing about having healthy hair is not about that great looking stuff on your head, but actually, when touched, the texture is softer and nice. Sure, you never want to run your fingers on dry, brittle, and abrasive hair texture. Having healthy hair will surely provide you the added feeling of comfort and satisfaction.

  • Hair can Grow Way Faster

Mistreated and malnourished hair is prone to atrophy and fall out, which is a complete disaster when left neglected. Properly nourishing follicles are completely important as healthy follicles allow hair to grow faster. For most individual who consumes a usual diet, the hair may grow at about ½ inch per month. However, for those individuals who make sure that they get enough vital nutrients that the hair needs, it can have a faster-growing rate.

  • Hair Can Be More Resistant to Damage

There a lot of factors that damage hair. Things like blowers and irons and other hair styling tools greatly damage hair, even chemical treatments have the potential to destroy hair. Most of these tools use a high amount of heats directly targeting the hair cuticle leading to extreme damage. Further, chemical based treatments like perms and rebonding or hair colorings greatly affects the cuticle layer, extremely destroying your every single hair shaft.

Having healthy hair means being more resistant to these damages allowing you to enjoy healthy beautiful hair from various hair damaging factors.

  • Hair Gets More Manageable

Manageable hair is essential as it is easier to brush or style saving you from a number of hassles. When your hair is healthy, dealing with frizzy or flyaway will be of lesser worry.

Hair grooming is just as important as keeping hair healthy. Taking time to check out haircuts near me will save you from a bundle of hassles on finding great hair salons to give you your desired looks.

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