Connection Between Vitamin D And Hair Loss Prevention

Although losing 100 hairs daily from the scalp is normal, this is also an underlying cause if you experience more severe hair loss for a long time. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, which deficiency may contribute to various health issues. Among these, this is hair loss. Check out this article in VKool site to get clearer about the connection between vitamin D and hair loss prevention, then you can improve your hair health effectively.

Vitamin D And Hair Loss Prevention

1. Vitamin D Deficiency & Its Importance For Human Health

vitamin d and hair loss

Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins for health. This has wide ranging health effects. Over 1,000 scientific studies show that vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and it can ward off many cancers such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, and other diseases and health conditions. The fact is that vitamin D deficiency may cause premature death according to a new study. Recent researches also show that vitamin D can help regulate immune system, lower diabetes risk, fight depression and relieve backaches.

However, according to a report from the National Institutes of Health, up to 50% of us don’t get enough the sunshine vitamin. There are different sources of vitamin D. This is a fat-soluble vitamin, which can be produced as the sunshine converts a chemical through the skin. This chemical is then converted into the active vitamin D. By getting enough vitamin D, you can strengthen your bone health, prevent cardiovascular diseases, treat diabetes and other health conditions. Vitamin D deficiency is more and more common in different countries, especially in the U.S. Naturally, you can open the office windows or doors to get vitamin D from the sun, consume vitamin D rich foods or take vitamin D supplements to supply your body with this essential vitamin. Get clearer about the sources of vitamin D in the part 5.

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Now take a closer look at the vitamin D deficiencies and hair health!

If you are removing more hair from the drain, you should pay attention to your diet as low levels of iron and vitamin D plays an important role in hair thinning in both men and women.

Researchers from the Cairo University showed that individuals who experienced hair loss were also diagnosed with lower levels of vitamin D2 and iron, plus their hair loss just got worse as these levels dropped.

According to dermatologists from the study, that was the first time the possible role of vitamin D in hair loss has been proven. Vitamin D can help regulate the gene expression, which promote the normal growth of hair follicle. As for iron, the low levels of this mineral can inhibit essential enzymes linked to hair loss.

Scientists have also found that there is a connection between Vitamin D and hair loss.  Hence, if you experience hair loss, consider an underlying cause -Vitamin D deficiency. It is not a serious problem to lose about 100 strands of your hair a day, yet if you notice this condition for a long time and through seasons in a year, this may be your problem.

Now, keep reading to know what does vitamin D do for your body and your hair, then you may find your hair loss cause and improve it effectively.

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2. What Does Vitamin D Do?

vitamin d and hair loss

Vitamin D or sunshine vitamin plays a great role in the human, from building your stronger bones, teeth to maintaining your calcium levels and supporting your overall healthy immunity. Also, Vitamin D is the unique vitamin that the human body can naturally makes.

Recent studies have indicated that Vitamin D can help lower the risk of depression.  Moreover, it can help with symptoms and signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder, help in lowering the risk of hypertension, bone fractures and, heart disease.

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3. Causes Vitamin D Deficiency

vitamin d and hair loss

Hair loss was not common over 50 years ago, but today it’s common because most people stay outdoors, spend more time indoor, and use harsh chemical washes on the body.

Without sunlight, the body will become deficient of this essential vitamin.  In addition, you may be busy at work so that you could not get enough adequate amount of vitamin D from food sources.

The quick way for you to have enough vitamin D is to take vitamin Supplements and other natural and healthy ways to get enough this needed vitamin is to consume vitamin D rich foods and expose to the sun.

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4. The Connection Between Vitamin D & Hair Loss

vitamin d and hair loss

When it comes to connection between vitamin D and hair loss, get clear the most important thing that vitamin D can help maintain the healthy cycle of your hair growth. This cycle include the growing phase – the resting phase and finally the regressing phase. The sunshine vitamin besides can interact with other nutrients in the body for regulating the hair growth cycle as well as promoting the hair growth.

The connection between Vitamin D and hair loss is found in both males and females.

Researchers from the Cairo University indicated that women who experienced hair loss revealed their lower levels of the essential Vitamin D2.  That was the first time the possible role of vitamin D in hair loss was highlighted, Rania Mounir, MD. who involved in this study explained.

Next to studies on the connection between vitamin D and hair loss, scientists at the University of School of Medicine, California Los Angeles discovered that mice consuming certain doses of Vitamin D3 could not grow their hair as well as stimulate their new hair follicle growth.

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5. Sources Of Vitamin D

vitamin d and hair loss

Vitamin D is also known as sunshine vitamin or sun vitamin for a reason that is getting Vitamin D is from the sunlight.  When you absorb UVB rays from the sun, a chemical reaction occurs: your body begins the conversion of prohormone in your skin into a form of Vitamin D.  If you expose at least 10 minutes in the sunlight, your body will produce up about 10,000 UI of the sun Vitamin per day.

Hair thinning & hair loss are the most common problems that plague both men and women.  No matter how old you are, hair thinning and loss can be scary.  It is a natural way of saying that something is wrong with your health and body.  This hair loss sometimes can be caused by Vitamin D deficiencies.

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Another natural way to get more vitamin D is through foods. But, few foods contain this essential vitamin naturally, so you need to eat more foods that’re fortified with the sunshine vitamin.  Some great sources of vitamin D include:

  • Pasteurized Orange Juice
  • Milk
  • Breakfast cereals

The FDA recommends a proper intake of 600 IU a day for people under 70 and 800 IU a day for people over 70.  If you are not outside everyday, and if you are not getting enough this vitamin in your diet, you need to take hair loss supplements containing vitamin D from multivitamins, or from stand-alone supplements or it may go with calcium.

Also, excellent food sources of vitamin D you can consider consuming daily include herring, sardines, salmon, cereals, egg yolks, beef and fortified milk.

Beside benefits of vitamin D for hair, getting enough this essential vitamin is very beneficial for your health to reduce the risks of colon cancer, breast cancer, plus esophageal up to 30 – 50%.

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6. Vitamin D Dose Recommendations & Precautions

vitamin d and hair loss

a. Vitamin D Dose Recommendations

Last but not least in important information about the connection between vitamin D and hair loss, pay attention to the vitamin D dose recommendations & precautions.

Aim for consuming at least 600 IU of the sunshine vitamin D a day and consuming 800 IU when you are in your 70s. While it may be hard to get enough this essential vitamin in your daily diet, salmon contains about 450 IU each 3-ounce serving, and both orange juice & fortified milk has about 115 – 135 IU. Consider taking vitamin D supplements that has more than their healthy hair benefits: It can help prevent cancer, heart disease and bone fractures.

b. Precautions

As vitamin D is stored in human body as fat soluble, it can reach toxic levels potentially, cause high blood pressure and cause kidney damage, when getting high doses. Those who take diuretics or estrogen may get vitamin D from serious side effects. Thus, ask a doctor before taking a supplement. Those who take certain blood pressure meds, antacids and some other drugs should get little vitamin D.

In this article, the connection between vitamin D and hair loss prevention are revealed and it’s hoped that you could have an overview about the importance of this essential vitamin for hair loss prevention. Comment on the article or share it with other people. Thanks for reading!

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