reBloom Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This specialized drink should only be used near bedtime as it’s meant to ease the mind and provide a sedating effect.

Because of this limited use and unknown complete formula, there are doubts about its potential nootropic support.

The reviews were limited and some had trouble swallowing the drink.

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reBloom Overview

ReBloom is a sleep aid beverage that is also used to help ease the mind, relax the body, and improve cognition. The formula is free of harsh preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and it is clearly explained.

A major problem with this product is that it’s only to be used before bedtime, as it can cause users to be too relaxed, where they will want to fall asleep. Due to this limited use it’s unlike other more well-rounded nootropics which are meant for all day energy. We also couldn’t find a full supplements facts list to review the dosage strength.

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reBloom Claims

Specific claims are made about how useful this formula is. They add that 80% of users woke up refreshed, 78% saw better sleep, and 93% fell asleep at a faster rate. This is in comparison to a placebo, according to the disclaimer.

Unfortunately they do not list this study anywhere. It’s unknown if this was tested on the entire formula, or only a few additives. They clearly missed the opportunity to prove how effective this brand could be, as they only provide claims.
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It’s impossible to believe any of this without being able to fully examine an outline of the criteria, how long it was held for, and how specially these statistics were generated.

The known active ingredients are described in a short sentence or so, highlighting what it’s meant to do.

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reBloom Ingredients

  • L-Theanine
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Magnesium
  • Melatonin
  • Valerian
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B12

Lavender functions as a plant extract which as pungent smell and which is taken to promote relaxation.

Chamomile is a common herb brewed as a tea to help provide a calming affect which can make it easier to fall asleep. Typically this can put the body at rest and therefore should only be taken during times of rest.

L-Theanine works as a common amino acid that can help regenerate tissue, support wellness, and aid relaxation. Typically found in all kinds of foods and rarely needed in additional amounts.

Vitamin E offers a quality antioxidant which is essential to good health. This can also help provide a natural preserving effect to this liquid formula.

Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient that is useful for aiding energy metabolism and to promote a sense of calmness.

It should be noted that the official website does not list the supplement facts; therefore it’s unknown what else is added to this. Since it is a liquid, it’s highly likely that other additives are included, in order to make it drinkable and to flavor it.

No other nootropic supplements were good enough to rank in this top 10 list.

The Science Behind reBloom

Even though the company does provide an explanation for the active ingredients, they lack much else in the form of real science. They add statistics which sound very impressive as it’s clear a majority of users have seen lasting support, but this is not cited anywhere. What this means for those reviewing it, is that you can’t know if this is to be trusted.

It’s clear that these specific statistics looked at users experienced, but we can’t say if this was at all a trusted study. It’s not to say that they didn’t perform studies, only that had they had legitimate reviews, it would only make sense for them to publish the information. As it stands there’s no good reason to believe any of this.

The ingredients are explained but they do not make a lasting impression. All that’s included is fairly basic and common to other sleep aids. They claim that these effects can then support cognition in the day, as it can improve energy levels. While this may be true, they do not back it up with any satisfying proof, only claims.

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Word on the Street About reBloom

Not many reviews can be sourced outside of the official website, but of the few, there was difficulty for some. The biggest problem was that the taste was not pleasurable. There was praise for its ability to help people go to sleep, but this didn’t amount to any total nootropic benefits.

A major fault of this brand is due to the fact that it’s not marketed as a wholesome nootropic, more as a general sleep aid. No one thus far has mentioned any additional nootropic support such as enhanced focus, improved cognition, or less brain fog. Improving sleep may have an impact on cognition, but it’s not enough to use only a sleep aid.

Yet another issue is the fact that some didn’t like the taste. We can’t tell what kind of sweetener or additive they included to make it liquid, but this should be easy to examine so customers know what to expect. Some sweeteners may offer too much sugar, and it’s unknown if this is the case with this brand. Taking a liquid blend before sleep may also trigger unwanted stomach issues in some.

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Is reBloom Worth a Try?

This is too limited as a sleep aid and the company lacks important details. We can’t check on the claims made about this being scientifically studied, and the reviews were also lacking.
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Even though it does have some ingredients which can make it easier to fall asleep, it’s fairly easy to replace as many of these additives are already found in foods. The herbs are also decent but clearly not enough to provide lasting cognitive support. This is not well-rounded enough which is why it’s mostly targeted for users looking to enhance their sleep.

A major problem exists due to the lack of an ingredients list; this makes it impossible to predict what a likely outcome might be. We’d have to be able to review the entire ingredients to decide for certain what’s possible.

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reBloom FAQ

  1. What are some common reBloom reviews?
    Some found it usable for improved sleep but it failed to offer any other additional benefits.
  1. Where can I buy reBloom?
    Amazon and their official website are the only sources.
  1. Who is the official reBloom company?
    They are owned by Innovative Brands LLC, an Arizona based company.
  1. Does reBloom work?
    It’s impossible to say as users had mixed reviews, but some of the ingredients can have a calming effect potentially.
  1. Is there a reBloom free trial?
    The official website does not mention free trials at this time.
  1. Can I get reBloom on Amazon?
    This is available on Amazon.
  1. What is the official reBloom phone number?
    They can be reached at 602 680-3700.
  1. What can you tell me about the reBloom sleep drink?
    It’s used as a portable drink which is made more for adding relaxation, making it easier for a user to fall asleep.
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So What Really Works?

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