Top 20 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Hypertrophic Scars At Home

how to get rid of hypertrophic scars naturally

In the modern society where the outlook is highly appreciated, a small unusual trace on the skin of the face, hands or legs can be the reason of many social concerns such as job discrimination, lack of confidence and social detachment. Many teenagers committed suicide due to the appearance boycott, including skin- related problems like acnes or freckles. Specifically,  among these various skin issues that people have to deal with every day, hypertrophic scars can be one of the most stubborn and hateful problems that cause a lot of troubles. Being significant from the surrounding skin surface, the hypertrophic scars often draw a lot of attention from the curious strangers, leading to many annoying situations for the scar’s owner. For that reason, tips on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars are getting popular and receiving a wide range of regard. With different pros and cons, each of the tips needs to be chosen based on certain skin conditions and problems. Therefore, a decision on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars requires comprehensive information and careful consideration. In this article, will suggest 20 useful tips for dealing with this stubborn skin issues so that you can choose the one that fits your skin condition the most. Let find out different ways to remove the hypertrophic scar from your life.

Top 20 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Hypertrophic Scars At Home

I. What Is Hypertrophic Scar?

A hypertrophic scar is a red, thick, raised, scar that is formed naturally due to surgery or injury. This type of scar grows in the areas surrounding an injury on skin. It appears when there is something going wrong during the initial phase of the healing process and causing a collagen fibers overabundance in the affected area. These scars might also be the body’s response to surgery, inflammation, burns, or trauma and quite popular for the youth, particularly those having darker skin tone. Normally, hypertrophic scar appears on the ears, shoulders, and breastbone yet it still can occur on other parts of human body. You can easily identify a hypertrophic scar by the pain and itchiness, even after the wounds associated with them have been healed completely.

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II. Methods For Hypertrophic Scars

1. Silicone Gel Sheeting

The very first method on how to get rid of Hypertrophic scars is using silicone gel sheeting. This method can be practiced at home even though it is often carried out in a clinic setting. These silicone sheets’ main ingredient is medical grade polymers; therefore they are generally mineral-based gel membranes. This gel can fade out almost all of the scars’ traces and moisture the skin. It is also believed to change the skin tone in order for the scar to match the skin color.  There are two advantages of the silicone gel sheets. First of all, they are so smooth that people can wear them comfortably and easily. When it is dry, the silicone gel will get invisible, making it convenient and less embarrassing for users. The latter advantage of this tip is that it bears almost no risk for your skin. Without the side effects and further harm in long-term use, silicone gel sheets can be applied for about half an hour daily over a continuously period from 8 to 10 weeks.

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2. Scar Creams, Gels And Ointments

Because this type of scars is quite a common skin issue for many people, there are a lot of products brought into life as tips on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars. Most of them are proved to be effective in removing the unwanted traces. Just investigate all the information carefully and choose the one that fits you the most. However, you had better ask your doctor recommendation before applying any product. Moreover, those scar creams, gels, and ointments should contain SPF to protect that skin area from the sunlight. This harmful attacker can darken your scar and make it worse.

3. Pressure Garments

Another effective tip on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars is pressure garment. A study conducted in 2024 stated that pressure therapy got 60% to 85% success rate in scarring. However, you have to make sure that your affected skin is preconditioned before applying this method because it must be able to take the pressure and stress of the garments. Let try it at home and see how effective it is on your condition.

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4. Onion Extract/ Gel

how to get rid of hypertrophic scars - onion extract gel

Not many people know that onion extract is a suitable option on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars due to the unique bioflavonoids like kaempferol, quercetin or sepalin found in this solution.  A study of G. P. Sidgwick, D. McGeorge, and A. Bayat has proven the effectiveness of the onion extract toward many skin issues [1]. When applied in 2 weeks, onion extract or gel will be softer in comparison to the scars’ control. After four to eight weeks, the area that is treated with onion extract will be significantly improved. The mild during that period may be stinging and may resolve quickly. When applied once a day for 1 or 2 months, the onion extract will show its effectiveness in removing the scars. To get that powerful gel, you can just simply chop and press an onion to get the juice. Then, use a cotton pad to apply the juice to the scar. It is advised that the method should be repeated several times per day for the best result.

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5. Collagen Injections

Another hypertrophic scar treatment that you can take into consideration is collagen injections. This method is carried out to sink into your skin instead of developing out. The collagen or similar substances will be injected into the hollow scar and the gradual transference of collagen will increase the skin level inside the hollow scar. To get the expected result as keeping the right scar’s level, you will need to take this treatment more than 1 session.

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6. Steroid Injections

This treatment is popular and used by many people. It basically is the application of steroid injections that help you in thin down the skin tissues. The steroid substances will be injected directly into your scar every month until it gets flattened out. Although this method is so effective that many people choose it as a tip on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars, steroid injections can bear some side effects that require serious and careful consideration.

7. Light Therapy

Another treatment that you may find useful is light therapy. By targeting the scar tissues and darker pigmentation, laser light will enhance the production of collagen and make skin look firmer and smoother. Like these above methods, the effectiveness of laser therapy is undoubted yet it requires a long-term application to remove the scar totally.

8. How To Get Rid Of Hypertrophic Scars – Massage

Massaging is a simple method for you to try at home for the hypertrophic scar treatment. Massage is very effective in increasing the blood circulation and helping blood and nutrients to reach the scarred area more easily. Moreover, these essential elements can act as an excellent supporter in expediting the scars healing process because they can break up scar tissues. You will have to massage the scarred area for at least 2 minutes every day to achieve the best result. This method is considered as one of the simplest natural ways on how to get rid of hypertrophic scars for you to carry out at home.

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9. Laser Therapy

With the advance in medical technology, a lot of treatments become available for hypertrophic scars. By destroying each tissue of scar from the skin’s top layers and then exposing the skin’s lower layers, laser therapy is one of the most effective ways to removing hypertrophic scars. Whether this method is long-term or short-term will mostly depend on the scar’s severity. For your best benefit, you should work with an expert to figure out the most suitable option based on the skin condition, the types and severity level of your scars. The successful hypertrophic scar treatment requires a well-designed plan that suits your problems.

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