GrowXL Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The ingredients in this product have so much caffeine, it would be better off marketed as an energy supplement. As a sex drive enhancer, however, it falls short of the mark. Read on for our review: We’ve got it: the Top 10 list of the best male sexual vitality enhancement supplements.

GrowXL Overview

GrowXL is a men’s testosterone supplement that mainly focuses mainly on helping men get a better sex life. For those who have suffered from weak erections or poor sex drive, this supplement claims to be the one to help lift them up and get them back into the saddle.

For all the claims about this product, you’d expect it to be made by a nutritional supplement company. Not the case, here. Instead, it looks like this product was made by a marketing company called AJAM Holdings, LLC. Do these people even have the qualifications to be making health supplements?

We’ll look at that in this official review of GrowXL.

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GrowXL Claims

GrowXL’s claims sound pretty familiar: when you take this supplement you’re supposed to get bigger erections than normal, your orgasms are supposed to be unbelievable, and you’re supposed to last longer in bed. All of those things might sound fantastic to men who have problems with proper sexual function, problems that might have killed their confidence or swagger with the ladies. But have no fear, GrowXL claims – just take this product and you’ll be a sexual dynamo in no time.

One other interesting claim this product makes is that it’s trusted by pornstars. “Wow,” they want us to think, “those people have a lot of sex, so it must work!” And it would be a fantastic claim … if they backed it up. No names, no proof, no evidence, nothing. Hmm, sounds like it could just very well be a lie to get us to think this product is more legit and trusted (by “industry professionals,” no less) than it really is.

The website we’re shown is pretty simplistic, making lots of claims about what the product is supposed to do, but offering no evidence for them. They go to the trouble of showing us a “graph,” but if you look closely, the graph doesn’t actually show anything: it’s just a cartoon image to give the vague idea of GrowXL making your stamina, erection strength, and sex drive go up over time. Some people might actually be interested in something called “proof” – but unfortunately, GrowXL is more interested in providing the appearance of quality without actually proving it.

Who are AJAM Holdings, LLC? Good question. The only things we’ve seen them associated with are GrowXL and a website called PillWealth, where you can sign up to advertise their products for them for referral money. They’re listed on LinkedIn as being located in Decatur, IL, with between 2 and 10 employees. Other than that, the company is pretty much a mystery. This is in stark contrast to other products that are made by dedicated nutritional supplement companies that have experience in the health industry in some form or another, and make numerous products for different types of people and different types of symptoms. As it stands, it doesn’t look like AJAM Holdings, LLC is qualified to sell us health products, because they haven’t proved that they know anything about them.

More on that last sentence in the next section.

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GrowXL Ingredients

GrowXL has a list of ingredients that are mainly plant-based. Here are the primary ones:

  • L-Arginine
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Guarana
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Caffeine

L-Arginine is a natural amino acid, something found commonly in foods like meat, seafood, dairy, and wheat products. When it enters the body, the body converts it into nitric oxide, which has the function of widening the blood vessels. The wider the vessels,the more blood can go through. The principle here is that this way you can get more blood flowing to the genitalia, which can help improve erectile dysfunction and erection strength.

Tribulus Terrestris is a Mediterranean plant that’s long been used in herbal medicine for a number of things, including increasing the sex drive. Among other symptoms it’s supposed to be good for are kidney stones, water retention, and sore throats.

Guarana is something you’ve probably seen marketed in energy drinks. Since it’s a plant, it’s considered “natural” and therefore healthy, something that companies will try and convince you of, but the truth is way more complicated than that. In the Amazon this plant has been used as a way to get more energy and help boost sexual desire, but it comes with some serious drawbacks when taken long-term, and these include:

  • Tremors, delirium, insomnia
  • Anxiety, stomach cramps, vomiting

Citrus Aurantium is just a fancy name for bitter orange (or sour orange), a type of orange fruit that’s native to Southeast Asia but can now be found all over the world. It’s mainly used for marmalades and essential oils, but it’s also used for medical applications as well. It’s supposed to be an effective stimulant, increasing blood pressure. It’s also supposed ot help with weight loss.

Caffeine is, well, caffeine. If you need a primer, it’s a substance derived from tea or coffee beans, dried, crystalized, and then used as an additive to drinks or medicines. While sometimes a little is added as a way to stimulate the body’s absorption of the other ingredients in a supplement or medicine, here’s it’s literally just used as a way to make you stimulated.

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The Science Behind GrowXL

The question with some of the ingredients in GrowXL isn’t if they “work” or not, but whether they’re safe. The answer to that is pretty surprising, although less surprising when you remember we’re not dealing with a company that understands nutrition: they’re just a marketing company out to make a buck.

Guarana is the first ingredient we’ll look at. It’s fairly common in natural health products as a stimulant, as it naturally contains high amounts of caffeine, and studies even show that it has an additional stimulating effect over the added caffeine it’s usually included with (Moustakas, D, et al, Plos One, 2024). That said, it can have serious side effects if too much is taken, as we mentioned above, and for many of the specific applications it’s meant for, there’s “insufficient evidence” (WebMD). So just about the only thing we know is that it’ll make you hyper.

Citrus Aurantium may just be a fruit, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally safe. It’s been linked to “strokes, angina, and ischemic colitis [(inflammation of the intestine)],” and at least one person has had a heart attack while using a product containing it (Wikipedia, “Bitter orange”). Even if it helps get your heart going, it doesn’t really sound worth it.

Overall, with the exception of the tribulus terrestris, this product is basically just a giant energy pill: when you combine the effects of l-arginine, guarana, bitter orange, and caffeine, you’ve got a lot of ingredients that all have the same goal: make your heart pump as fast as possible and give you as much energy as possible. This makes the product seem less like a sex drive supplement and more of a hardcore energy supplement. Given the side effects of all these stimulants and the sheer number of them, you could have a seriously bad time while taking this supplement.

It could make you stay up all night, but not staying up having sex (like the company promises). Rather, you’ll probably just end up being unable to sleep and feeling tired and miserable the next day.

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Word on the Street about GrowXL

Where are all the customer reviews? You know, the ones almost every decent product has? Well, there are none.

That’s right: none.

Supplements that don’t have a lot of reviews on third-party websites typically have testimonials on their website, at least. You know that they’re probably not totally trustworthy, since they were collected by the company that has a vested interest in making their product look good, but GrowXL doesn’t even have that. We literally have nothing to go on, no idea if anyone’s bought the product, no idea if it works, or what the side effects people have seen are.

This is a serious problem. The health industry is a really competitive one, and if you want to stand out, you’ve got to prove that your product works, is effective, and that people are actually buying it. Otherwise you end up looking like GrowXL: lame. One flimsy website, no presence, no respect from the community at large, no proof that anyone’s ever bought it, and no evidence that it works.

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Is GrowXL Worth a Try?

Just about the only decent thing about this product is the fact that it’s Made in the USA (although we’re not even sure we can trust that statement). Everything is wrong with this supplement: the company has no real qualifications or obvious experience in the realm of nutrition, the website is simplistic and offers no evidence to back up claims that it works.

The pill itself looks more like a stimulant than a sex drive enhancer, with so much caffeine and stimulating ingredients you’ll probably be less busy having sex and more busy sweating and trying to get your heart to stop pounding. And the cardinal sin: no customer reviews, so we have no proof that anyone’s ever bought it, or if it works, or if it has side effects.

This is a lazy product that has nothing to recommend it. We advise people to steer clear of supplements like this, and to only buy from companies that can back up their claims, who offer products that have ingredients that actually focus on the symptoms at hand, and who show that they’re qualified to have you trust them with your health. GrowXL has none of that. Oh well.

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GrowXL vs Vimax

The main difference between these two products is the formula: Vimax contains no stimulants to speak of, only gentle ingredients like ginseng, saw palmetto, and avena sativa. GrowXL, on the other hand, is crammed with caffeine and guarana, and places less of an emphasis on the sex drive. They both claim to do the same things, however: increase your sexual desire, make your erections hard and last long, and help you last longer during sex. They offer a free trial bottle, which GrowXL doesn’t seem to  – but don’t let that make Vimax sound like a better alternative, as their free trial requires you to sign up for an auto-payment scheme that could get you in trouble.

We can’t tell how much GrowXL is, since they hide their pricing behind paywalls and customer forms to fill out, as if they expect you to be willing to spend money on something without caring how much it costs. Vimax is different: they come right out and admit that it’s $59.95 for a one-month supply.


  1. Can you get Grow XL in stores?
    No, it doesn’t look like you can buy this product in stores.
  2. Does Grow XL come with a free trial?
    It’s not clear if they do, or not. They certainly don’t advertise it, so we think it’s safe to assume that they don’t.
  3. Can I buy Grow XL on Amazon?
    We couldn’t find this product on Amazon. It’s possible it used to be sold there once, but there’s no trace of it now, as far as we can tell.
  4. Is Grow XL connected with Cyco?
    You might be confusing this product with a hydroponic plant-growing substance made by Cyco, a plant nutrient company. This Grow XL is meant for your penis, not your garden.
  5. What is the price of Grow XL?
    We’re not sure. The price is not clearly listed on the product’s website, and since it’s sold nowhere else, we would only be able to guess.
  6. Does Grow XL come with side effects?
    There are no official side effects listed on the product’s website, but based on some of the ingredients in the supplement, you could end up with heart palpitations, insomnia, nausea, dizziness, or tinnitus.
  7. Is Grow XL an all-in-one supplement for male sexual performance?
    It certainly claims to be, but again, as we have no customer reviews to look at, we can’t be sure if it works at all.
  8. What ingredients are in Grow XL?

    L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Guarana, Citrus Aurantium, Caffeine.
  9. Can I buy Grow XL in India?
    Yes, it looks like this company ships all over the world.
  10. Where can I see before and after photos of Grow XL users?
    This is a common question, but we’ll give the same answer we always do: we haven’t seen any, and if there were, they’d have to be found on some internet forum that allows photos of genitalia to be shown.

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So What Really Works?

We’ve reviewed man supplements directed at increasing men’s sexuality and energy, and Viritenz is still the best supplement we’ve seen so far. It’s made in the United States in an FDA-registered lab, and it contains a great formula of natural products that offer no side effects. Best of all, you can get it without any prescription. Men who take it have seen vast improvements in their energy, sex drive, and stamina during sex.

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