How to be more active in life – 10 tipsl

Isn’t it strange when we know something is really good for us, but we avoid it? You probably know why you should be active. Yet, amid the modern and hectic life, we tend to live an active lifestyle that may have some undesirable outcomes such as weight gain, increased tiredness, and various health issues. Then, what should you do to get an active life?

What are the simple ways on how to be more active? All are revealed in this article.

How To Be More Active In Life – The Best Tips To Apply:

The modern world of technology and advanced transport has changed the way we live. We spend a lot of time sitting — on the couch, at your desk, or in your car. Recent studies reveal that sitting for long periods of time can increase your risk of colon cancers and breast cancer, even take years off your life.

That is the reason why living an active life is important to staying healthy. It helps to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer.

Published in the February issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, a study discovered that being active can help in reducing the risks of colon cancer and breast cancer by 35 percent and 25 percent, respectively. And it would be never too late for making over your lifestyle. Active people always know that the more you move the better you feel.

Being active does not mean that you have to go to the gym or take up jogging. There is always a way to be active no matter what the weather is and how much time you have. For instance, you can play with your kids at home, go to the mall or walk around your house as fast as you can. Moreover, these ways do not cost much money. It’s important on how to be more active to make activity a regular part of your life every day. And, it easier than you think. Here are 10 effective ways on how to be more active in life that I would like to introduce to you.

1. Exercise:

how to be more active-exercise

This is actually the first tip I would like to introduce in this article to help you learn to become more active in life. Certainly, you already know about the wonderful benefits that exercises bring to the human life.

Many of us aren’t too keen on the idea of exercise. The truth of the matter is that practicing exercises on a regular basis is one of the surefire tips on how to be more active in life. It helps you be a much healthier person. If you remain physically active, you will get lower risks of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, or getting certain types of cancers, including prostate, colon, and breast cancer.

Finding the level of activity that is right for your body is the best piece of advice I can give you. As a result, you should talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program to take precautions in order to avoid injuries such as muscle strain.

2. Get A Dog:

how to be more active-get a dog

Pets need activity. This means that owning a dog, you have to play and walk them frequently. Even if the dog only forces you to get up and let it out without going for a walk, you will have burned more calories than if you sat in front of the television all day. Consequently, it goes without saying that getting a dog is really the simple but effective way on how to be more active.

3. Go For Walk: 

how to be more active-go for walks

When it comes to ways on how to be more active in life without the gym, walking is among the simplest, most convenient movements for you to practice. Instead of taking part in an expensive fitness club and being intimidated by fancy exercise machines and weight-loss jargon, all you have got to do is to start moving at your own pace, and learning to enjoy being active.

Start walking for 15 or 20 minutes a day at a comfortable pace but quick enough around your neighborhood, you will find you are in shape.

For the most beneficial effect, you should use a pedometer for keeping track of how much you are walking, and slowly workìng up to 10,000 steps every day. Brisk walking can burn more than 200 calories in 30 minutes, depending on your weight and the intensity of your workout, says My Calorie Counter, Everyday Health’s food and exercise journal. If you feel bored or uninspired by your walks, listening to music, audio books, or talking on the phone while you do it is suggested.

4. Stand Up At Work:

how to be more active-stand up at work

Work office is a place where most of us are sedentary for a long time daily. A recent study found that too much sitting can have a negative effect on overall health and lifespan. Rich Gaspari, the owner of Gaspari Nutrition and a personal trainer said that standing will burn more calories because it puts more stress on the body than sitting. It also helps increase leg endurance and strength. Try to take a short break within 5 minutes at least once every hour to stand up whenever possible, you will likely notice a difference in your energy levels and feel better at the end of the day, rather than more tired.

5. Find Someone To Get Active With: 

how to be more active-find someone to get active with

It is necessary to have fun when doing something. If we don’t enjoy it, we won’t keep it up. For this reason, one important way on how to be more active in life is to find someone to get active with.

There is no doubt that doing something with friends makes the activity more fun and excited. It also helps you work through any hardships. Hence, when you try out an exercise class or any new activity, do it with your friends.

6. Take The Stairs:

how to be more active-take the stairs

This sounds a little bit bored and too simple so that many people may suspect its effectiveness.

Technology is wonderful but it has made us a little lazy. All of us ride the elevator up to the offices, departments, hotels, etc.

Then, another effective way on how to be more active in life is taking the stairs instead of elevator. Five minutes climbing stairs burns up to 150 calories. It is just a small change on your current routines but you might be surprised at how small changes in your activity level can make a big difference to your health. Actually, climbing stairs is a great workout on how to be more active.

7. Stretching:

how to be more active-stretching

This is one of the home-friendly workouts on how to be more active in life that require no special equipment. You don’t even have to leave your house to start getting active. Stretching helps to improve flexibility and range of motion, alleviate back pain, and reduce stress. It may also cut your risk of injury or muscle cramps. It can be a great way of getting your body in shape for more strenuous activity if you combine stretching with walking, sit-ups and push-ups

8. Set Specific Goals:

how to be more active-set specific goals

It seems like many people are excited on how to be more active at first. But, then they peter out after doing few things. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a goal.

A goal can be anything like doing 50 non-stop push-ups, doing sit-ups in front of the TV, or cleaning your house.  These goals will keep you from getting bored. In fact, this is an important thing to make you feel interested in ways on how to be more active in life. Make sure that when you meet a goal, you will reward yourself something, such as a spa treatment, a movie ticket or even an ice cream. And, one more thing to remember is that once you reach your long term goal, set another long term goal – and reach it through setting smaller short term goals!

9. Go Dancing:

how to be more active-go dancing

Dancing, as we all know, is very good for health, both mentally and physically. In fact, dancing brings about several benefits, especially when it comes to how to relax and improve moods, dancing is among the best! People at all ages, from children to elderly, do love dancing as it is the wonderful combination of music and skillfully and emotionally movements. Dancing, like singing, can help to bring everyone close together and temporarily forget about their own social relationship, and family pressures.

Rather than a night of drinks where has a sedentary get-together, head to the club on Friday night and burn calories dancing to your favorite tunes. Among activities on how to be more active in life, dancing is the big calorie burner, zapping more than 200 calories for every half-hour on the floor. Rehearsing for a play is also a great way to build confidence and it’s certainly better than spending more time in a chair.

10. Remind Yourself Of What You Get Out Of Being Active: 

how to be more active-remind yourself of what you get out of being active

This is actually the last but also very important tip and way to become more active in life without losing too much time and efforts that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and remember to apply for good!

There are always benefits of being active, so take a minute to appreciate them. Write on a list of what you get out of being active. And then stick it into the wall or where you can see it easily. This way will remind you of benefits of an active life and motivate you keep on track. In fact, this is among the best ways on how to be more active in life so that people should not skip.

Apart from being a good way on how to be more active, most people start exercising as a physical fitness goal – usually to lose weight, improve physical health, or tone up. Yet, many people are unaware that making time for exercise also provides some incredible mental health benefits. In order to have more information about how does exercise work for your mental health and what are the mental health benefits of exercise, you should read the Exercise And Mental Health Benefits That You Should Know. This article is written to prove that we start exercising for the physical benefits, but we keep exercising for the mental benefits. Hope you can get inspired to working out which can benefit mental health, relationships, and lead to a healthier and happier life overall thanks to reading this article. All information revealed in this article is recommended by science so people should read and remember to widen knowledge without worrying about anything.

This article has shown you the list of 10 ways on how to be more active that are proven by science so that you should learn and make use of. I hope it is helpful for you – the readers of Vkool. If you find this article useful and informative and you do not want to make use of this amazing article alone, feel free to share for everyone.

If you care about the article, we are open to welcome any discussion about the topic. Leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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