Top 11 Fantasy Basketball Tips For Beginners Revealed!

basketball tips for beginners

If you are interested in playing basketball or you have a big dream for your basketball career, then it is essential for you to understand clearly about the basic of basketball. This article will provide you with quick tips for all aspects of playing basketball. So, the question is why you should read on this new article? Because it collects some unique basketball tips for beginners that will be useful for you, as a newbie to basketball. They range from new drills, scoring tips, some conditioning techniques, nutrition tips, and more. Hope that after reading on all of 11 tips introduced in this report, you will improve basketball skills dramatically and easily. Check them out now!

11 Basketball Tips For Beginners – Instantly Improve Your Basketball Performance 

1. Ways To  Become A Better 3-Point Shooter

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Obviously, the answer is to practice. Now, you question might be what and how to practice. The answer lies on rhythm and form which shooting gets involved. It seems strange, yet in order to become a better 3-point shooter, you need to practice more and more, close to the basket.

This will ingrain the shooting form from an area that you can shoot comfortably and gain success. If your form ingrained is ready, then gradually move back.

Stay at that spot until your shot feels like it does at 12’. Once it feels automatic, start moving back until you can reach to your limit range and continually shoot from that spot. When you feel that you are comfortable when standing behind the 3-point line, start doing drills to make you more proficient.

2. Shooting

Normally, you need to practice shots which you will take in games. Just, stand stably, catch the ball and shoot. Stand still, catch, dribble, and shoot. Then, catch when running and shoot. Or, catch while on the move, fake and shoot. It is good for you to create off of fakes. Remember that your feet should be kept pointing out at basket while your body is kept squaring up to it. The power should be originated from the legs, not the arms. Follow through the shot. In fact, practice as much as you could to improve your skills. Be intense. Once you heartedly practice gaining shots off, they will be efficient for you to deal with a tough defender who is near you in a game.

3. Passing

If there is someone who cuts your movement, you fire passes at them, then guarantee that you can lead them to the target they are running to with a pass. After the pass, you should keep moving in order to keep the play. It possible, cut instantly and hard to the basket after the pass in the hope that someone of your team can fire quick return pass which might lead to a layup. This is because the defender may get some relaxed for seconds when you get rid of the ball.
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If your teammates have ball, slightly create passing lanes to hit a pass.

4. Dribbling

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When dribbling, keep your head up; do not look down. Practice dribbling until you get familiarize to it.  Practice dribbling with two hands. One of two hands might be stronger than the other, but you need to make sure that the weaker one also can help you pull off the basic moves. You can watch the good basketball players to see what they actually do with the ball as well as their body when they are dribbling a basketball.

5. Rebounding

It is essential for you to box out. This seems to be skipped by most players or some of them do not know how to do it. In case the shots go up, but you do not box out, it will be a good opportunity for the other team to grab the board. It is absolutely necessary when you are on defense. Those people who are great rebounders always box out. Pay attention to your opponents when playing defense and when the shot goes up that you can cope with the basket when boxing the close opponents out.
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This skill also helps your team mates for grabbing the rebound if you cannot.

6. Warm Up

Warming up is extremely important for every athlete, including basketball players. This is considered as one of fundamental basketball tips for beginners that cannot be skipped. Always warm up before starting your weight room and on-court workouts. This can help you enhance the core temperature and develop the blood flow to your muscles. It is recommended that players should spend about 10-15 minutes on jogging, running, or doing some active/dynamic flexibility drills to warm up.  Make sure that you warm up seriously to reduce the risk of injuries.

7. Train The Muscles Of The Core

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The core has a connection between the upper and lower extremities. If you do not have a strong core, your athletic performance will be limited. The forces originated from the hips and legs could be transferred into effective movements once your core is strong and solid. You will be able to run faster and jump higher with the strong core.

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8. Exercises Training

Most of complete physical training plans should contain exercises which are closed-chain, multi-joint, or multi-planar. For example, for closed-chain exercises, you can stand on your feet. For multi-joint, you can do squat jumps, squats, and lunges. And, for multi-planar, you could implement 450 lunge, lateral lunges, or lateral step-ups.

Do exercise that concentrates on single leg power and strength. Moreover, it is critical for players to strengthen their muscles of the posterior as well as lateral hip. These muscles are very important to rebounding, boxing out, taking jump shots, or blocking shots. For instance, you can do easy-to-follow exercises which are reverse hypers or glute-ham raises.

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Focus on training movement, not muscles. The goals should be improvement the athleticism as well as movement on the court. This way, you will also enhance your vertical jump dramtically.

In other words, some common injuries might happen at your knees or ankles; thus, athletes often train to help them decrease the risk of pain associated with their sport.

, Do some lower body exercises to reduce injuries in your lower extremities. And, incorporate exercises for promoting your strength and the range of motion at your ankles.

Also, you need to learn how to land and distribute the ground forces from the joints to muscles. Get to know how to land on one leg in various directions when you are mastered landing on two feet.

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9. Nutrition Plan

One of indispensible basketball tips for beginners that you need to know is nutrition plan. Eat at least three meals each day which consist of protein, carbohydrates and low fat foods in order to maintain, and develop your muscle tissue. Nevertheless, the recommendation number of meals an athlete should take per day is six meals.

You can get a source of carbohydrates through sweets and soft drinks (simple carbohydrates), and breads, pasta, rice, fruits and vegetables (complex carbohydrates).

The foods which are high in protein can be chicken, beans, fish, tofu, lentils, peanut butter and soy milk.

Most basket ball is tall and slender. They want to add muscular body weight. So, they need to gain weight in a proper way. As a basketball player, to gain weight, you need to consume more calories than expending on your daily basis. Here is an example of meals for basketball player.

For breakfast, you can take orange juice, four pancakes, and four scrambled eggs.

For your lunch, two deli sandwiches of whole bread, an apple, and a glass of milk are good for your strength. And for dinner, add steak, steamed vegetables, potatoes, and a roll into your diet plan.

10. Eat Variety Of Foods And Avoid Junk Foods

In other words, you also need to consume variety of food that is the spice of life. You should eat the same food all along, but try different new foods and recipes.

Avoid junk foods to ensure your healthy eating habits. Junk foods are a broad category of foods which are relatively low in nutritional value but high in caloric content. This can lead you gain weight and store excess fat.

You should not drink too much energy drinks because they can cause some extreme health problems which are not beneficial for your athletic performance at all.

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11. Foods To Eat Before, During, And After The Game

If you have to eat something before the game, just have drink of some juice, fruit, and even a candy bar without sugar substitutes. Yet, remember that you should not consume more than one candy bar.

During the game, you will be thirsty. The best recommended beverages you should take are water and Gatorade. These drinks should be available during the games. You also can snack on something within the half time such as apples and raisins.

After the game, you need to wait at least 1 hour before eating your dinner. In case that you are really hungry after the basketball game, take an apple or orange to get you over.

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They are: unique tips to increase vertical jump, and fundamental soccer training tips.

Now, after covering all of the great basketball tips for beginners above, do you want to practice them instantly? For those who are newbies to basketball, the necessity to be proficient is to follow a proper training plan and practice workouts regularly. Moreover, maintaining a healthy diet plan as well as lifestyle also plays an important role that decides your success in basketball playing. These basketball tips for beginners are suitable for both men and women, who love playing basketball.

If you would like to contribute your ideas or comments on any aspect of this article, leave all your comments below. We welcome any discussion and appreciate your contribution. Hope that you have learnt something new!

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