Viril X Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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An overpriced supplement with questionable ingredients. Worse, there are almost no customer reviews to look at to see if it works. For an in-depth look at Viril X and its claims, read on below:

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Viril X Overview

Viril X is a supplement from Dignity Bio-Labs that’s aimed at men who want to improve their sexual performance in the bedroom. In addition to increasing stamina, this product contains ingredients that are supposed to promote stronger erections and make orgasms more powerful. We should note that the website itself doesn’t really say any of this – we had to infer this from the ingredients themselves.

This supplement contains mainly herbal ingredients, and it contains a huge number of them – 21, as far as we counted.

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Viril X Claims

This product is unusual in that its main website, which seems to be the only place where it’s sold, doesn’t say much about the product or how it’s supposed to work. Other male enhancement products often have paragraphs of claims about what the product is supposed to do, and how its ingredients are supposed to work. Viril X, on the other hand, simply says “Buy Here” and gives a long list of ingredients, mentioned with the phrase “male enhancing.” That’s about it.

What we can tell about the product is what we infer from the sorts of ingredients it includes, and how similar it is to other products. Basically, it looks like it’s supposed to increase blood flow to the genitalia, which is one was of fighting erectile dysfunction. It also contains a number of aphrodisiacs, mainly herbal ones, that are supposed to increase the desire for sex, giving men with weak sex drives a more robust libido.

The company claims that this product (as well as all their products) are made with high-quality ingredients in FDA-registered facilities, showing that the company places importance on the safety and quality of the supplement itself.

The product is available for $32.95 per bottle, which isn’t the most expensive that we’ve seen.
But wait.

That’s only when you buy 6 bottles. If you want to buy only one bottle to try it out? $59.95. That’s makes this one of the most expensive male supplements we’ve ever seen.

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Viril X Ingredients

Viril X has an enormous list of ingredients. Here are some of the main ones:

  • L-Arginine HCL
  • Zinc
  • Niacin
  • Kola Nut
  • Orchic Extract
  • Avena Sativa
  • Tribulus Terrestris

L-Arginine HCL is an amino acid that people usually get from food, but also comes in supplemental form. It converts to nitric oxide once it’s in the body, which causes blood vessels to open up and allow more blood to flow through. This increases circulation, especially to the more remote regions of the body, like the penis.

Zinc is a common mineral, one that’s mainly associated with better immune function. Some alternative health sources claim that this ingredient correlates with higher levels of testosterone, but there’s a problem with that theory. We’ll discuss that in the next section.

Orchic substance is an ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine, and is made from cow testicles. It’s claimed to be able to increase the amount of testosterone in the body when taken. The problem? There’s no science behind it.

Kola Nut is a seed contains caffeine and has been used in traditional West African cultures to treat things like depression, fatigue, and migraines. The large amount of caffeine contained in it, however, makes it likely to give some people headaches or irregular heartbeat.

Avena Sativa is supposed to affect the sex drive by regulating hormone production, and is a common herbal extract used in homeopathy.

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The Science Behind Viril X

Again, since Viril X declined to actually talk about any of these ingredients or how they’re supposed to work, we had to go out of our way to research exactly what these ingredients are and how they’re supposed to help men be more sexually potent. That’s not a good thing, and shows that Viril X’s makers are more interested in offering a product for sale than actually telling people if and how it works.

The first red flag is the orchic substance. Apparently its use is based on the idea that if you consume a part of an animal associated with “male-ness,” that some of that male-ness will get into you. Since testes produce testosterone, eating powdered tests will make you more virile, right? Not exactly. Turns out there really no scientific tests that show this product works, and so it looks like the only sources for its effectiveness are the folk traditions surrounding it. Not good enough for us, and probably not good enough for most people in the West.

The addition of kola nut is also unfortunate. Even though it contains caffeine, which has been shown to increase energy and stamina in people, it’s not exactly a great choice for a sexual stimulant. WebMD states that this ingredient has LOTS of caffeine, more than people may realize. Most people probably have sex at night, so if you take a product with kola nut in it, you might find yourself so amped up from the caffeine that you could lose a lot of sleep that night, possibly ruining your next day.

Including zinc is mostly harmless – after all, it’s a mineral that the body needs – but it’s usually included in supplements like this with the promise that it makes men more sexual, since it’s supposed to increase testosterone. The only study we’ve seen that claims this (Prasad, Mantzsoros, et al, 1996) actually says that more zinc shows no real correlation with higher testosterone.

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Word on the Street about Viril X

Viril X really isn’t sold anywhere except for the main website, so the only reviews we could find were there:

“This dose[sic] all that they say it will – I will definitely order the 6-bottle pack the next time!”

“I had a really low sex drive, and was tired all the time. Now after taking Viril X, I’m actually tiring my WIFE out.”

“I got this for my boyfriend and we’ve both definitely noticed a difference.”

That’s it. Three reviews. Keep in mind, these were all on the main website, which may or may not screen for positivity (in order to maintain a good image for the product), but that’s not the main problem. People need lots of customer reviews in order to form an opinion on whether to buy something order not, and if only three people wrote back, that’s pretty pathetic. It means that either no one is ordering this product, or that people have and only three people thought to review it.

Both options aren’t very good.

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Is Viril X Worth a Try?

Viril X definitely does not stand out or make itself look very good. It contains ingredients that either have no science behind their sexual “benefits” (orchic, zinc) or can negatively impact you (kola nut), and the company itself doesn’t provide any information to the public – it forces people to do their own research to figure out how this product is supposed to work. That, and the weak, almost non-existent customer response makes this product look like a bit of a joke compared to all the other supplements out there. Don’t waste your time with Viril X.

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Viril X vs Extenze

The first thing that separates these two is the marketing – Viril X has almost no information about it on the website, while Extenze paragraphs and paragraphs of information and claims. They both contain natural ingredients and extracts, and many of them are the same ingredients including L-Arginine, zinc, and tribulus terrestris. They’re also the exact same price for a single bottle at .

95, so you’re not saving money by going with either one.

Viril X vs Virectin

Again, these both are based on herbal aphrodisiacs, so you’re getting very similar products. Viril X, however, comes with a 90 day guarantee, while Virectin only comes with a 60 day guarantee. Viril X is more expensive at $59.95 (compared to Virectin’s $44.95), and it even looks like Virectin’s package lasts longer. Virecting also offers a free bonus gift (a vibrating penis ring) with your order, while Viril X doesn’t seem to offer any free items with your order.

Viril X vs Nugenix

The main difference between these products is that Nugenix promises more muscle, more energy, and more strength. It seems to be marketed as a workout supplement more than Viril X, which is more of a sexual potency booster. People will likely have different reasons to buy these products. It also has more tablets per serving, and is not meant to be used continuously – instead, people are advised to have an “off-period” after using it for a full month.

Viril X vs Viagra

The big difference between these products is the fact that Viagra is a drug licensed by the FDA, while Viril X is just a nutritional supplement. Viagra requires a prescription from a doctor, while Viril X can be purchased by anyone regardless of whether a doctor advises them to or not. Viagra comes with several possible side effects (that aren’t associated with Viril X’s ingredients) and they include vision loss, hearing loss, and erections that last for more than four hours.

Viril X vs Vigrx Plus

The first difference between these products is price: Vigrx Plus costs $76.99 a bottle, while Viril X costs $59.99. They’re both based on natural extracts, with Viril X being more forthcoming on what exactly is contained in their product. They both have similar return policies, with a period of 60 days and 67 days, respectively. Vigrx Plus also contains more information about how the product is supposed to work, compared to Viril X.

Viril X FAQ

  1. Where can I read a Viril X clinical review?
    As far as we know, there are no clinical reviews of this product by medical professionals.
  2. What is the Viril X dosage?
    The standard dosage is 2 pills taken per day.
  3. Is Viril X on Amazon?
    We checked, and it doesn’t look like it’s available there.
  4. Where can I buy Viril X?
    You can buy it at the product’s main website, and there’s also someone selling it on Ebay.
  5. What is the price of Viril X?
    $59.95 per bottle. You can also get 3 bottles for $125.85, or 6 for $197.70.
  6. Does Viril X come with a free trial?
    No, this product has no free trial.
  7. What is the Viril X website?
  8. Is Viril X sold at Walmart?
    No, this product isn’t available there.
  9. Who sells Viril X?
    This product is made by Dignity Bio Labs.
  10. Does Viril X have clinical side effects?
    The company listed no side effects, but it’s possible that some ingredients in this product could make people nauseous, give them anxiety, or cause high blood pressure.

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So What Really Works?

Viritenz is the best male enhancement product out there, based on the strength of its results and its popularity among customers. It contains a quality formula of ingredients that come natural sources. It can increase erection strength and make men last longer during sex. It also comes with a money-back guarantee, and is made in the USA.

Men who want to get back their sexual energy owe it to themselves to check it out and see if it’s right for them. Viritenz is recognized as one of the most powerful supplements on the market for male enhancement.

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