Cool Things For Guys To Buy And To Do

It is time to face the fact that we are all grown-up now. Therefore, we have to give up childish things that have been close to us for so many years. Your most valuable possession is no longer the PlayStation. Converse is no longer your everyday attire. Having gone through puberty or reached an important milestone in age does not make you a man. A little teenager becomes a man by developing his own actions. This is when he starts to take responsibility for his own behavior, meaning do what only cool guys do and buy what only cool guys own. In this “Cool things for guys to buy and do” article, we are giving you a collection of cool things that guys should buy and do in order to become an interesting and gentleman.

I. Top Cool Things For Guys To Do

1. Be Yourself

be yourself review

Obviously, appearance is very important. If you are overweight, you can minimize that by joining a weight loss program or start having your weight loss diet.

However, knowing who you are and being who you were born to be are far more important. You should learn not to pay too much attention to how people are going to see you. Instead, try to focus on having fun, telling jokes, expressing yourself, talking about your thoughts and doing what you really want to do. It is also a great start if you own a good sense of humor.

Every one of us is unique in our very own way. Do not be ashamed to let people see what makes you different. Do not hesitate to say that you are into something that most people are not. For instance, if you like bird watching then that is cool to say it out loud. However, if you try to hide that you like bird watching, then that is totally not cool at all.

Do not try to hide where you are from. It is totally unnecessary if you try to hide your Southern accent just because you are from the South and living up North. Being different is a good thing. People will also appreciate that you are not like the others.

Do not try too hard to be cool. Do not act like you do not care about something just to show that you are cool. If you really care who wins the World Cup game this year, show it. It does not hurt to show how you feel.

Always be yourself. This sounds very cliché but it is true. Although it is crucial to enhance some parts of your personality, it is still important to be authentic, which means not being afraid to be who you were born to be.

2. Be Charming

be charming review

Being a cool guy means you know how to charm people. This means that you can walk with confidence into a room full of people and talk to anyone you want with a smile on your face. You should be able to talk with a seventy year old woman and play with a seven year old boy.

In order to charm someone, it is important that you show your interest in that person rather than talking about yourself. You should ask about his/her feelings or habits while making eye contact and nodding intently. By doing this, they will know that you are actually paying attention to the conversation.

Try to remember the name of everyone you meet and use it the next time you see him/her.

Always smile. Charming people always have a smile on their faces. Besides, they also like to make people laugh. If you are talking to someone who is receptive, do not be afraid to gently tease that person. A good sense of humor can bring people closer together.

In term of charming the gals, you body needs to be toned and that can be done by doing your abs workout routine everyday.

3. Be Witty

be witty review

Being a cool guy means that you like to make people laugh and to maintain a light and winning banter with everyone. Moreover, being cool and witty also mean that you are able to give incisive and clever comments at the right moment.

Whenever someone says something funny that makes people laugh, you should follow that person by answering back with a funny comment. This will give everyone else in the room a very good impression about you.

You should find an idol for your own that is witty and smart, from a famous comedian to your funny brother, and learn their tricks.

Try to choose perfect time to express your wittiness. Tell your jokes when everyone else is paying attention. Make it loud enough for everyone to hear. If you tell your joke too quietly or while others are talking, it will not be cool when you try again.

To learn how to be witty and charming, How to be Witty is the best guide men should read.

4. Do Not Put People Down 

do not put people down review

Many people usually think that it is normal for cool people to make fun of others who are less cool than them. Some even call others “loser” because they do not meet the standards of coolness. However, making fun of people and laughing at those who are not like you do not make you look better. Instead, it makes you look like an insecure and desperate guy trying to draw others’ attention.

II. Top Cool Things For Guys To Buy

1. A Tailored Suit

a tailored suit review

It is a basic principle that every man has to own at least one suit in his closet because of its utility. However, it is important to do it right. Because you have put so many efforts in the gym and in the kitchen, you would want the suit to be tailored in order to perfectly fit your body and show off your attractive figure. A neutral color such as navy, grey or black is perfect.

2. Brown Or Black Dress Shoes

brown or black dress shoes review

Any outfit can instantly become luxury if you match it with a nice pair of shoes. A brown pair of shoes can be mixed with almost any looks. If you want to be trendy, an oxford loafer is what should be placed in your wardrobe since they work perfectly with jeans, slacks and khakis, making you look like a fashionable, attractive and cool guy.

There are a lot of different shoe types for men, Bostonian Men’s Ipswich Lace-Up is the best one you should use.

3. A Leather Belt

There is a general law that almost every man keeps in mind: if your pants have belt loops, wear a belt. Another tip for you to look better is that always match your belt with your shoes color.

Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt is the most highly appreciated leather belt you should use.

4. A Sports Jacket

You can instantly upgrade your appearance by putting on a sports jacket or a blazer. It does not matter if you are wearing a plain T shirt and jeans or a dress shirt and pants, some maturity and coolness will be added immediately by putting on a sports jacket.

5. Cologne

cologne review

I will repeat something that almost every man has already known: women are attracted to a man who smells good. If you are a newbie who has just started to pick out a signature fragrance, try to find a scent that you really like then start to build on that. However, remember that it is necessary not to bathe in it. Spray a little on your chest and the base of your throat and you are good to go.

Nautica Voyage is the best cologne you can try now.

6. A Wallet

You are not a teenager anymore to just shove things in your pockets, remember that. Every cool guy owns a wallet. However, do not buy the giant wallets that tend to protrude from your back pocket. Pick a thinner one or just go for a simple card holder.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ranger Passcase Wallet is the best wallet on the market you can use.

7. A Travel Bag

a travel bag review

There is no need to use backpacks or gym bags anymore. You are a grownup, and you need a travel bag. When you are planning for a weekend getaway or a business trip, just put your things into a travel bag and you are done.

If you are looking for a travel bag, US Traveler Rio Luggage Set is the best one you should use.

8. A Nice Watch

Despite the fact that you can check the time on your mobile phone, your laptop or just base on the position of the sun, you still need a nice watch. It will instantly say a lot about your taste. It is the most important thing to own comparing to all other accessories.

9. A Grooming Kit

a grooming kit review

Unless you have a personal barber or you own a barbershop, this is what you need to own. Consider this as an essential tool kit specifically for your face.

To choose a good grooming kit, you should choose Remington Products PG6025 Grooming Kit.

10. A Quality Chef’s Knife

a quality chef’s knife review

Unless you want to decorate your kitchen, you do not really need to own an entire knife set. If you are going to buy a knife, choose a chef’s knife since it can do many things rather than just cut.

That is the end of this Cool Things For Guys To Buy And Do article. Hopefully after reading this article of cool things for guys, you will find more cool things for guys to buy and do.

If you find this “Cool things for guys to buy and do” article useful, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment down the section below. If you have any questions related to this article, please feel free to contact us any time. Besides, there are also many other lifestyle related articles from the site vkool, please take some time to read. We are sure that you will learn something meaningful from them and apply them to your daily routine.

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