How to prevent car accidents – 10 tips

Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of transportation that lead bigger amount of traffic cause many traffic problems such as traffic jams. One of them is car accident, the leading cause of deaths in American where car accidents kill over 3000 lives per day or 9 deaths every day.  Car accidents can happen in many ways. Mostly, car accidents happen sometimes due to careless driving or rash. Car accidents also occur due to lack of patience or disorderliness. A bad season and environmental conditions also can be the common cause of car accidents.
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Therefore, on the page lifestyle on, I would like to introduce to you some effective tips on how to prevent car accidents.

How To Prevent Car Accidents – The Most Effective Tips:

A car accident, also known as a car crash, road accident is the condition that one vehicle collides with another vehicle causes injury of a person or the damage of property but some, such head-on collision, it can kill you immediately. No one wants accident to happen so that we need some useful tips to avoid the accident that not only lead to safer driving but also save your time and expenses although not all accident cannot be preventable. That is the reason why I want to reveal some excellent ways that help you prevent from car accidents.

1. Avoiding Distraction

how to prevent car accidents - avoiding distraction

This is the first of effective tips on how to prevent car accidents that I reveal and want you to pay attention. Distraction is one of the leading causes of car accidents. You should not take a call or text on a cell phone or talk with your friends when you driving that can be dangerous distractions because they can take your focus off the road. You just use the cell phone when you drive in a case of emergency.
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Moreover, driving beginners do not carry passenger because they do not have experience behind the wheel so that it is difficult for new drivers to focus on driving when talking with another person. Besides, you listen to music or eat a snack when driving that can make your mind and hands busy to face the emergency leading to an accident so that you should give driving 100% of your concentration to help you avoid distractions and prevent car accidents as well.

2. Avoid Using Alcohol And Drugs

how to prevent car accidents - avoid using alcohol and drugs

This is the next of the effective tips on how to prevent car accidents that I would like to introduce to you and want you to make use for good. Using alcohol and drugs are the main reason behind the car accidents because alcohol and drugs can disrupt accurate judgments, slow down reflectors and lead to mental alertness to dip so that you should not use alcohol and drugs that help you remain conscious when driving on the road.

Alcohol brings more disadvantages for health so that we should stop drinking alcohol and use healthy drink instead.

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3. Keep Your Eyes Moving

how to prevent car accidents - keep your eyes moving

You do not watch the traffic in front of the vehicle. You should shift your eyes to the side-mirror to the rear- view mirror to the side – view mirror and ahead to where you will be in 10-15 seconds. Remember to do this that can prevent you from potentially dangerous situation because you can predict what traffic is going to do and monitor your blind spot that is useful when you changes lane, you will be safer.

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4. Follow Traffic Rules

how to prevent car accidents - follow traffic rules

One of the tips on how to prevent car accidents is to follow traffic rules. Traffic rules should have in your mind. It can ensure the safety for all including pedestrians. You need to follow the lane and keep the distance between vehicles that avoid car crash. Moreover, it is important to display indications and signal of your vehicle when you change turn or before a turn because the respect of other drivers is important for safety road.

5. Avoid Driving At Night And Bad Weather

how to prevent car accidents - avoid driving at night and bad weather

Some people always choose to drive at night to avoid traffic jams but at night, the visibility is poor so that it comes to hazards. Therefore, you should increase awareness about the safety when driving at night. Some people feel more tired at night, your reaction is slower so that driving at night is more dangerous. Besides, there are more drunk drivers who have an uncontrolled mind to easily cause car accidents so that you need more careful when driving at night or limit to drive at night. In addition, when driving in the inclement weather such as rain, wind or snow, your car and others cannot have normal performance that you can run the higher risk of having accidents related to weather so that you should keep few things on your mind.

Turn on the headlight to help other can see you

Keep your windshield moving when you drive in the rain or snow

If you must go out in the snow, drive extra slow and increase stopping distance

It can be seen as some of the best tips on how to prevent car accidents that you should pay attention.

6. Speeding

how to prevent car accidents - speeding

Another out of tips on how to prevent car accidents that I would like to introduce to you is speeding. You always remember to keep a rein on your speed. You are likely to need to lower the speed while on narrow roads, hilly areas, rural areas, nearing schools and poor visibility. Besides, you need to follow the posted speed limit especially new drivers because speed limit is based on ideal condition so that you need drive below the speed limit when you drive at night, in high traffic volume, in bad weather.  Therefore, it is crucial to learn speed management that helps in facing a variety of environments.

7. Read Caution Signs

how to prevent car accidents - read caution signs

It is important for you to read caution signs on the road because they warn about accident-prone spots that help drivers can reduce the speed of the vehicle so that you can keep accident to a minimum. It is considered as one of the useful tips on how to prevent car accidents

8. Use Your Signal Properly

how to prevent car accidents - use your signal properly

One of the effective tips on how to prevent car accidents is to use your signal properly. It is remembered to use signal even you think that nobody is there. Always use the signal at least a couple of second to ensure others know what you are going to do and account for your action they should do there on the issue. do not use afterthought or during the lane change when you change lanes on the freeway.

9. Seat Belts Use

how to prevent car accidents - seat belts use

Seal belts are seen as life-saving items. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that the risk of serious injury and fatality is cut by 50 percent due to lap-shoulder belt systems. Besides, according to statistic, 63% people who died in the accident had not trapped on their seat belts. Owing to mentioned statistic and report, seat belts are beneficial for protecting lives. Seat belts protect the internal organs in a crash because it restrains the forward movement of the body to a great extent. It is the necessary tip on how to prevent car accidents that you should know to avoid car accidents.
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10. Keeping Your Car Safe

how to prevent car accidents - keeping your car safe

Now, last but not least, it is one of the best tips on how to prevent car accidents that I reveal to help you drive safer. You can apply whatever to help you prevent car accident but your car is not good condition, the tips you apply that do not work. Therefore, you should keep your car in good condition. Keep the mirrors and windshield clean that help you clear visibility to avoid the car accidents. Besides, you should replace windshield regularly because when you drive into bad weather, windshield should be worked well. If not, you cannot see and determine what is in front of your car and how far away it is, it comes to car accidents.

I hope that you can prevent car accidents thanks to the mentioned effective tips that I would like to introduce to you in the entire article. These tips are simple but work well. You should apply them to avoid the unwanted accidents when you driving and save your life in the dangerous situation as well.

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The article today covers 10 tips on how to prevent car accidents that help you avoid car accident and feel safer when you are driving on the road. If you feel that this is a useful article for you and other people as well, you can share it widely for others who want to find the best ways to prevent them from dangerous car accidents. Besides, if you have any question, feel free to leave your feedbacks and comment at the end of the article. I highly appreciate your contribution and respond to you as soon as possible.

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