Holiday Travel Tips – Top 17 Surefire Ways To Have Nice Holiday

holiday travel tips

Are you going to visit Paris or somewhere you love in the upcoming holiday season? Then, you must equip for yourself some fundamental holiday travel tips. Travelling over the holidays could be notoriously expensive, busy, and stressful, yet the news is not all bad. With these following holiday travel tips, you will be able to find some joy this holiday season with ease. Here they are!

Holiday Travel Tips – Tips To Survive The Holiday Season

1. Avoid Peak Travel Dates

holiday travel tips drivingTo explain specifically for this tip, I want to take Thanksgiving Day as an example. At Thanksgiving, Wednesday can be the day that needs to be avoided as a rule. Most people want to get to their destinations on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving that might make the flights especially expensive. Instead, you can travel on Thanksgiving Day as it is breeze and affordable.
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The same goes for Christmas. Also, there are usually discounted deals on this day. Just check out the flights in the morning of the holiday day itself to know if better deals are currently available.

2. Train, Plane, Or Automobile

Do not disregard other forms of transportation then you can see how expensive airline tickets will be in these days. It can be actually be cheaper to travel by different means. Compare not only the fees, but the amount of time you have to spent for each one and ease of the methods as well. By that way, you can find that, driving by your car (if the destination is pretty near), train, or bus might really be the best choices. Especially, they do not get involved in air traffic cancellations or delays. Obviously, you will be more guaranteed to arrive at the time you intended.

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3. Check Your Flight

Regardless of your destination, you had better check your flight beforehand. If you think that you do not have to worry about bad weather as you are going to fly from sunny California to sunny Florida, then you might be wrong. That aircraft you pick up in San Diego might have been coming from Chicago or Minneapolis. If your airplane comes from a city hit by foul weather, it could hold up your warm weather travel. Thus, you need to check the aircraft’s journey on the airline website.

4. Book Early

holiday travel tips for seniorsHave not booked your holiday travel yet? It is the time for you to decide where you will spend your holiday and figure out the travel plans for your family. It is recommended that people should plan as early as possible to get the best deal on their arrangements, leaving them enough money to get wonderful gifts for everyone on their list.
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With the current state of airline industry, it is never too early to book your flights. Just be flexible with dates as well as flight times.

5. Make Use More Of The Web

The latest developments of self-service in online travel could be moderate time-savers during busy travel times. If possible, you should print the boarding passes at home; pull up boarding pass on the smart phone. You could also use your smartphone as a tool to look up the gate information, because it frequently changes at an instant moment’s notice during the busy holiday season.

Consider doing shopping online during the holiday or having your presents shipped to your required destination. With high-bag checking fees, poor care, and even theft, you may be better off by shipping the whole or a part of your bags home. If so, you can cut down on the luggage as well as the risk of them getting lost. Especially, this will be helpful if you want to bring any foods or liquids.

6. Do Not Drive Yourself To The Airport

In fact, airport parking prices could increase drastically around the holidays. So, rather than driving yourself to the airport, you can see if a friend could drive you to that destination or call a taxi. If possible, go for public transportation choices.

7. Know The Airports

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It is necessary for you to check airport as it is a standard tactic. At no time can the alternate airport gambit pay off better than during the holiday crush. You could save both time and money on parking, traffic to and from, rental cars, and nearby hotels. Remember that small airports will have fewer flights and delays. This tends to be important during the busy holiday season.

8. Travel Either Early Or Late In The Day

Normally, the airports are at least congested at times as people would rather be at their own home. And, delays are also less likely to be happened in compared with morning flights, and airports often unclog as the afternoon and evening peak passes.

See: techniques to have safe trips.

9. Plan For Additional Transportation Time To The Airport

holiday travel tips flyingAirport drives and parking lots could become so congested during holiday travel season, so you should spend extra time on getting to and from the airport.

You can take a shuttle to the airport or part at a satellite parking lot nearby. If you drive yourself to the airport, allow additional time for parking busy holiday travel period because lots might be full.

10. Package Deals

In reality, peak travel times could be the best time to purchase package deals, even for people who might not buy one, as the packaged pricing could be very competitive, especially at times of high demands.

11. Plan Extra Time For Security Procedures And Baggage Check

Actually, the ticket counters as well as security lines will be so busy during the holiday travel season. Therefore, you should plan to arrive extra early so you can give yourself some time to breathe, relax.

12. Be Smart About What To Take

Do not fall prey to overweight baggage fees. Pack lightly, then weight your suitcase before leaving. If so, there will be no surprises. Carry essentials, containing an ample supply of any medications you use, in the hand luggage. The fact is, you will not know when your luggage will be postponed or otherwise surprisingly separate from you, it might take a few days before you take back your belongings. Also, you need to register checked bags online before going to the airport. They usually give you a break in the fees when you sign up online.

In case that you do not lug a lot of gifts, then go and fly with only your carry-on. In other words, taking public transportation or trying to hail a cab is so difficult at the best of time when you go with heavy suitcases. Moreover, holiday crowds might also enhance the difficulty.

Learn tips to prevent and overcome jet lag to have a joyful trip.

13. Keep Copies Of Travel Information

You had better keep copies of travel information in the safe place. The wise option is to have your copies in case the originals are lost. The holiday season also means that the majority of offices function on major staffs. Thus, replacements might take more time than you have.

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Furthermore, holiday travel might bring a lot of problems of how to transport gifts. Wrapped gifts are allowed, yet not encouraged. If possible, do not carry wrapped presents in carry-on luggage, because presents might need to be inspected at the security check points and in some cases they might be unwrapped. You should either check gifts or leave them accessible and unwrapped.

14. Put Address Tags On Your Baggage

For good preparation, you can put address tags on the outside and inside of your baggage; sometimes, external tags can get torn off during baggage handling.

To have a “healthy” holiday, you should check out a full list of super foods to eat and nutrition advice to avoid digestive disorders.

15. Have Backup Plan

holiday travel tips for familiesYou could not project travel snafus, yet you could prepare for some common unforeseen events. If you drive, know the alternative routes in order to adjust if the traffic is not good.
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If you fly, know the alternative flights and connecting cities to the targeted destination in case of cancellations and delays.

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16. Transfer Your Mobile Phone Into A Travel Tool

With your phone, you can sign up the airline website to get flight status updates. Or, you can load your own smart phone with mobile travel alert applications. Before going out of your home, you had better guarantee that your phone is fully charged. Besides, hold all the numbers of your family, hotel, airline, credit card enterprises, and rental car agency when necessary.

17. Avoid Honeypot Rogue Wi-Fi Networks

The last one in the list of holiday travel tips introduced today is that you should avoid free Wi-Fi if you suspect it is not safe. Actually, not all free Wi-Fi is good Wi-Fi, and even if it is good Wi-Fi network, you should ensure that you do necessary things to stay safe. However, when you are being at the airport, there are many free ad-hoc networks which people make for the purpose of getting your usernames and passwords. So, be careful of the free networks you choose to protect your private information.

To have motivation for packing up your luggage right now for upcoming holiday season, see more advantages of traveling here.

All of the above are super useful holiday travel tips you should keep in mind before heading off for a fuss-free airport check-in. Make use of these holiday travel tips to start creating the most memorable holiday season you have ever had.

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