Disguised Hypnosis Review – Is Jonathan Groves’ Course Useful?

disguised hypnosis

Updated: 09/15/2024

Do you want to know more about Jonathan Conrad Groves’ latest covert hypnosis course for professional hypnotists and beginners named Disguised Hypnosis? Here is my comprehensive review of Disguised Hypnosis that will show you whether it is worth buying. This review is divided into 7 parts including:

1. Introduction About Jonathan’s Covert Hypnosis Program

2. How Will This Program Help You Hypnotize Anyone You Want?

3. How Will This Program Benefit You?

4. Pros And Cons Of This Program?

5. How Much To Get Started?

6. What Will You Receive From Buying This Program?

7. Is It Guaranteed That This Program Will Work For You?

disguised hypnosis

How To Hypnotize People With Disguised Hypnosis System

Introduction About Jonathan’s Covert Hypnosis Program

disguised hypnosisDo you want to fix your life in many small areas to make a big improvement? Do you want to skyrocket your personal power by learning covert hypnosis? If your answer is “yes”, you can follow Jonathan Conrad Groves’ latest covert hypnosis course named Disguised Hypnosis.

Jonathan Conrad Groves, who is a certified hypnotherapist, created Disguised Hypnosis basing on his personal experience in 16 years of studying, learning and testing covert hypnosis techniques. Since Jonathan Conrad Groves released the Disguised Hypnosis course, hundreds of hypnotists and hypnosis lovers used it to help them discover powerful covert persuasion secrets about social engineering.

If you concern about whether the Disguised Hypnosis course is reliable, from the site VKool.com, I made a full review of Disguised Hypnosis, based on Anthony Hound’s sharing, a real customer and other customers’ sharing, to show you everything about it. If you want to know how Disguised Hypnosis works, keep reading the next part of this review.

disguised hypnosis

How Will This Program Help You Hypnotize Anyone You Want?

The Disguised Hypnosis course will take you through 6 sessions, and each session covers different hypnosis techniques, secrets, methods, and exercises.

Session #1: 1 hour 3 minutes 08 seconds

This session consists of the nuts & bolts of the persuasion process. It will help you understand more about foundations of covert persuasion. In this session, you will discover:

  • Elementary persuasion techniques and the basics
  • An important secret about boundaries
  • Tips to get rid of elementary persuasion tactics
  • Ways to gain advantage in your social interactions easily by playing an insurance game
  • Ways to erase your mistakes and flaws through the secret techniques of logical offsetting
  • Ways to harness the power of the salvation hooks
  • Ways to use infamous “view cycle” to control other people’s preferences and opinions
  • And more

cdisguised hypnosis

Session #2: 58 minutes 42 seconds

This section will help you have the ability to influence other people’s minds, manage them, and gain respect. In this section, you will discover:

  • Powerful principles of group management
  • The scientific principles that govern relationships
  • How to master the secret art of “group devotion”
  • How to create strong relationships
  • How to achieve more control over social structures and how to have ability to dominate them
  • How to protect yourself in the hostile environments
  • How to double your hypnosis power
  • How to skyrocket your social value effortlessly by using four simplistic group management systems
  • How to crack the hierarchy of any group and how to avoid the pitfalls of the group management
  • And more

disguised hypnosis

Session #3: 52 minutes 08 seconds

This session will help you immediately increase your social value and master “class systems”. In this session, you will discover:

  • How to establish a domino effect by using key allies
  • How to enlighten your knowledge of the social conditioning, and how to use it to affect to the persuasion process
  • How to use the power of persistence to weaken any resistance
  • And more

Session #4: 1 hour 5 minutes 47 seconds

In this session, you will discover:

  • The science of social strategy
  • Powerful persuasion techniques
  • A secretive set of strategies to get popularity & gobs of money
  • Ways to strengthen your persuasion abilities
  • Ways to transform yourself into a narcotic
  • Ways to capitalize on the power of selection
  • Strategies to attract wealth and money
  • And more

disguised hypnosis

Session #5: 1 hour 7 minutes 01 seconds

In this session, you will learn:

Bonus session: 33 minutes

In this session, you will discover:

  • A powerful Taoist principle
  • The truth about language patterns
  • The most practical dating tips and advice in the world
  • Common mistakes that guys make when starting a conversation with a girl
  • And more

disguised hypnosis

How Will This Program Benefit You?

Here are some of benefits you can achieve after following Disguised Hypnosis course:

  • You will be able to command more respect in almost social situations.
  • You can turn gatekeepers into allies who are willing to open the doors for you.
  • You have ability to come out of any crisis on top
  • You can elevate your social value, and get the best jobs & opportunities you wanted
  • You have ability to put a stop to the gossip in the next cubicle & put an end to unfair treatments by your co-workers.
  • You are able to improve the way that you socialize & gain the respect you deserve.
  • You can win over a difficult boss & begin gaining a better treatment at work.
  • You can extend your personal influence & authority.
  • You can manage the “class systems” in an easy way to get more of what you desire out of life.
  • You can climb the ladder of your success more easily and quickly
  • You can prevent yourself from being dominated and manipulated by other people
  • You can shield someone you love through difficult times.
  • You can become aware of the persuasion tricks instinctively that are played on you.
  • You can gain the tremendous personal power & leverage in unsuspecting times.
  • You can learn from the chameleon & switch your strategies if or when the leadership changes
  • And more

To persuade you, I would like to show you feedbacks from real users of Disguised Hypnosis:

disguised hypnosis

Pros And Cons Of This Program?


  • Following Disguised Hypnosis, You will save your time and energy because you do not follow other hypnosis courses that do not work for you
  • This covert hypnosis course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to master covert hypnosis
  • The course can be shared to your friends who want to know how to hypnotize other people
  • This covert hypnosis course is very affordable with just $99.99 for a full package of over 20 components.
  • Audios and manual included in this covert hypnosis course are absolutely safe to download to your computer
  • Jonathan Conrad Groves will provide you with a 24/7 support via his email
  • You will have 60 days to decide if you want to keep the Disguised Hypnosis course or get your money back
  • And more


  • Disguised Hypnosis product does not include tutorial videos; it only covers audio CDs and a manual
  • The price of this product is not cheap
  • It is only available on internet

How Much To Get Started?

With just $99.99, you can own a series of hypnosis training audio CDs, manual, and free special gifts from Jonathan Conrad Groves.

cdisguised hypnosis

What Will You Receive From Buying This Program?

Upon ordering the Disguised Hypnosis course, you will receive a comprehensive package involving:

  • Disguised Hypnosis – Practical Persuasion Systems CD 1
  • Disguised Hypnosis – The User’s Manual
  • Disguised Hypnosis – Group Management Foundations CD 2
  • Disguised Hypnosis – Breeching the Class Systems Through Hypnotic Pressure CD 3
  • Disguised Hypnosis – Passive War: An Introduction to Neutral Strategy CD 4
  • Disguised Hypnosis – Beyond Leverage: The Seven Components of Power CD5
  • The Game: Philosophical Approaches to Seduction
  • 11 Audio Persuasion & Dating Advice Program
  • A policy of 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee – Bonus
  • Free lifetime Disguised Hypnosis upgrades – Bonus
  • Technical support available by phone or by email – Bonus

disguised hypnosis

Is It Guaranteed That This Program Will Work For You?

disguised hypnosis Disguised Hypnosis has helped its customers have ability to hypnotize other people to do what they want, so why do you have to worry about whether it will work for you or not? Trust me, because Jonathan Conrad Groves, the author of this hypnosis course offers you a policy of 30 day money back guarantee if after following it you do not see any positive result.

If you need the support from Jonathan Conrad Groves, please contact him at here to get the answer.

Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. Now are you ready to try the Disguised Hypnosis course to know how it works for you?

disguised hypnosis

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