Nootropil Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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It’s yet to be fully understood how this works, and this is lacking evidence that it would be safe and effective. There’s disturbing online reviews of people who experienced dangerous side effects as well. Our research on Nootropil highlights all the important details surrounding this brand.

In this full guide we give all the necessary details so you know what nootropics are best.

Nootropil Overview

Nootropil is a nootropic medication which is also known as Piracetam, and it’s heavily regulated and only available in certain countries. US users would not be able to use it, as it’s not sold as a drug.

The limited use likely has to do with the fact that studies on its benefits are limited, and possible side effects are extreme. In reviewing this we found countless serious issues mentioned by several users. This made people feel a lot worse, and many added it was not worth the trouble.

To review what nootropics we found to be the most useful, check out the informative top 10 list.

Nootropil Claims

You’ll find it difficult trying to find any claims about its use but in researching we discovered it’s used for:

  • Helping control involuntary twitches and jerks in the muscles
  • Improved cognition (not proven or suggested by medical sources)

The cognitive support is most often claimed by companies which offer illegal sales of this online. Surprisingly there are many available retailers but it’s not advised to buy it as this is not only illegal, but potentially dangerous.

The only proven medical benefit is that it may help control muscle twitching, there’s no drug use for nootropic benefits.

In our quick top 10 guide we explain what the best nootropics are and why.

Nootropil Ingredients

  • Piracetam

Piracetam is a drug known as a racetam, meaning it affects the nervous system and some say it is a nootropic. There is no consensus on what this can truly do or what kind of support it may offer.

The only medically proven possible benefit is the reduction of muscle twitches.

This is also sometimes used for reducing age related brain decline, anxiety, depression, and even sickle cell anemia. Unfortunately it’s not been proven to help benefit any of these issues.

The only way to access Nootropil is if you are prescribed it in parts of Asia, South America or Europe.

We concluded that these top 10 nootropics offer the greatest potential for cognitive enhancement.

The Science Behind Nootropil

The most reliable study performed on the sole active ingredient in Nootropil made it clear that the evidence to support its use is lacking. The Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group performed a 2004 study had 11,959 people tested and compared to the placebo they state:

“no significant differences”

This didn’t impact depression, speech, memory, or overall cognition enough, meaning it’s likely ineffective. They concluded it would not be a useful drug for people with cognitive issues or dementia.

In our research we uncovered what the top 10 nootropic brands were and we explain why.

Word on the Street About Nootropil

“the next day I ended up feeling much more tired than I usually get”

“Almost felt like my brain would not shut off and it felt like it was pounding”

“Felt weird and stupid after, and no positive benefits came”

“I was delusional on it, stated arguments for no reasons and felt like I couldn’t be wrong”

Many strange experiences were mentioned from customers who felt it was not worth using. Even though for some it did have positive effects, overall people said it didn’t deliver well enough support to make up for the side effects.
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There was troubling issues that made it hard for people to feel regular again, even for extended periods after their last dose. Most who tried it used it not for its intended purpose, but for a cognitive boost, which may explain why there were many side effects.

Here’s what we found to be the top 10 rated nootropic supplements.

Is Nootropil Worth a Try?

We can’t see much benefit in a hard to access drug which is lacking studies. The largest study performed on this drug showed no cognitive benefit, which is why it’s only sold as a drug for treating muscle twitches. This may be useful for that purpose, but many said it caused serious side effects.

It was easy to find many who had problems with coordination, mood, and overall self-worth. Some even had lasting negative effects which continued on, long after they stopped supplementing. This is likely why use is restricted, and why it is banned in the US.

We’ve completed an updated list on the top 10 most useful nootropic brands.

Nootropil vs Adderall

Adderall is used as a prescription to help combat sleep related problems and ADHD. This can help boost cognition and it has stimulant like effects. The drug tends to be well-tolerated for the most part, but it can disrupt emotions and cause instability in some. There’s also some who use it for regular cognition support, but it’s not advised to take it if the user wasn’t prescribed.

Nootropil vs Modafinil

The prescription Modafinil is given to people suffering from narcolepsy and other sleep disorders including daytime sleepiness. The drug is a controlled substance, meaning it is heavily regulated by the DEA. The reason for it being classified as a schedule 4 drug is because of its potential to cause addiction.

Nootropil vs Ritalin

Ritalin is a prescription stimulant which is meant to help reduce ADHD symptoms. It can help provide mental focus and reduce behavioral issues. Since it is widely available, sometimes it will also be used for nootropic benefits. It’s not advised to use it outside of a doctors recommendation however, as the side effects may be severe.

Nootropil vs Piracetam

Piracetam is a drug which is not approved by the FDA. This is most commonly used in parts of Europe and Latin America. There have been studies performed but often they fail to produce good results which prove its worth. This may also lead to some side effects such as irritability, anxiety, nervousness, weight gain, and increased libido.

Nootropil vs Noopept

Noopept is a common nootropic ingredient which is actually the brand name for the ingredient N-phenyl acetyl-L-proglycine ethyl esther. This is often used to help reduce age related cognitive issues, and it is used for mild effects. It’s still unclear exactly how this works, and very few studies have been performed on humans.

Nootropil FAQ

  1. What’s the proper Nootropil dosage?
    This can vary depending on what your doctor prescribes.
  1. Is there Nootropil syrup?
    Some brands offer it in liquid syrup.
  1. What is the Nootropil mechanism of action?
    We don’t know for certain since science is lacking.
  1. What are some Nootropil uses?
    This is used to help treat involuntary muscle twitches but sometimes it’s used for general cognitive support, though it’s not recommended for this purpose.
  1. Can I get Nootropil in Mexico?
    There may be some generic versions but there’s no clear information on where to get it from.
  1. Where can I buy Nootropil?
    This is only offered if you can get prescription in parts of Europe, South America and in Asia.
  1. Can I get Nootropil on Amazon?
    No, it’s not sold over the counter.
  1. What’s the Nootropil Reddit page?
    There is no official sub forum but a few people have discussed it.
  1. What’s a common Nootropil review?
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    Reviews varied but some said it caused serious problems including depression, mood swings, and painful headaches.
  1. Can I get Nootropil in the US?
    Not at this time, it is not allowed in the US.
  1. Is there still Nootropil at 1200 mg?
    Some countries offer it at this dosage strength.
  1. Can I still get Nootropil 800?
    It’s sold in this dosage strength but only in certain countries.
  1. Can Nootropil work for Autism?
    This is not approved for regulating autism.
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  1. Is Nootropil useful for studying?
    This is mostly prescribed for involuntary muscle movements, not for studying.

So What Really Works?

We liked Memotenz most for many reasons. The ingredients provided are included amounts which can best stimulate cognitive benefits. It’s likely why many used it for all kinds’ mental takes where it was mental endurance, mood, concentration, and overall brain function.

People gave it favorable reviews and stated that it greatly improved their state of mind. The way the formula works is by stimulating blood flow, improving neurotransmitter function, and reducing age related brain plaque. There’s nothing artificial nor is there a worry about stimulant cycling. Find a more detailed look into the possible benefits provided by Memotenz by clicking here.

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