Top 38 Cheap And Easy Small Garden Design Ideas

cheap small garden design ideas

What do you often do with the blank space at your house? Have you ever thought you will change it into a garden? It will be a great idea because garden brings more potential than you know. However, it is often difficult to build a garden in the small or narrow space such as outdoor space, yard, balcony and some places in your house. But don’t worry about that now! Today in our page, we will present to you some small garden design ideas which you can follow to have a beautiful garden.

38 Cheap And Easy Small Garden Design Ideas

1. Repurposed Furniture Garden

When you are looking for some small garden design ideas, why don’t you use your old furniture which you are planning to throw away? These old things will help you to have a beautiful garden. What you need to do now is to put your favorite plants in the individual pots and you us your old drawers to hold them. In addition, you are able to end up with three tiered garden look which is not only beautiful but also space saving.

2. Recycled Upside Down Garden

small garden design ideas - recycled upside down garden

As you know, recycling is a good way in order to save space as well as money. And recycled upside down garden is also mentioned as one of the great small garden design ideas. It’s a wonderful choice for those people who are living in the apartments. First of all, you need to choose the containers which you want to use. Then you follow some directions in order to hang your plants properly so that these plants can grow as they ought to. This idea is very great for herbs, flowers or a lot of vegetables. Besides that, it is really a wonderful way to show those plants off.

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3. Vertical Small Garden Design Ideas

If you are looking for the small garden design ideas for your house, vertical garden is a good idea for you. And a shoe organizer is a fantastic way in order to build the vertical garden. This idea not only helps you to have a wonderful garden as well as save space but it also helps you to keep the pets and critters out of your vegetables and herbs. Now what you have to do is to fill the shoe spaces with compost or potting soil and then add your favorite plants. Make sure that the place which you choose for hanger ought to get enough sunlight for your plants.

4. Hanging Gutter Garden

If your house has a lot of old guttering cans, don’t throw them away because they can be used to build a wonderful hanging garden. And the amount of guttering cans which you need bases on the size of your garden. Furthermore, gutter garden permits you to take the advantages of the vertical space. That means if you do not have much of the lawn, you may still grow herbs, vegetables along with flowers. One thing which you need to remember is to choose the spot getting a few hours of sunlight each day. Moreover, gutter garden gives a little of the natural privacy fence. That’s why it is considered as one of the best small garden design ideas.

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5. Kitchen Fairy Small Garden Design Ideas

When talking about the small garden design ideas, it will be mistake if kitchen fairy garden is not mentioned. All you need are just the containers, soil as well as your favorite plants. Notice the muffin pan in your garden that is wonderful for smaller herbs. You are able to use the usual terra cotta pots or any types of the container. And if you want your garden to have a kitchen look, old pans and pots are great ideas for you.

6. Vertical Pallet Garden

If you have a small space and you want to change it into a beautiful garden, why don’t you use make your space become a vertical pallet garden? The vertical planters are really great because they not only save your space but also look very attractive. They also add to your recent garden area and provide you with more space for growing additional herbs, flowers as well as veggies. That’s why it is considered as one of the best small garden design ideas. In addition to that, you mush attach the terra cotta pots to these pallets using zip ties and then choose the plants which you want to grow.

7. Portable Container Garden

small garden design ideas - portable container garden

If you are looking for any small garden design ideas, a container garden is said to be a wonderful idea because it is portable. And if you want to move it, you can easily do it without worrying about growing grass over the garden again. If you have a deck or a fence, a container garden is a good way for you to add a little bit beauty to your area, along with saving space for your planting. Moreover, you can choose several colorful bucket planters and then hang them on your fence. Alternatively, you can hang them from your windowsills or any other areas around your house.

8. Formed Terra Cotta Garden

In the list of the great small garden design ideas, formed terra cotta garden is a wonderful idea since it can help you to keep the garden area separating from the lawn. You just need to decide the size of your garden and make an outline of it with the terra cotta planters. Then you use the planters in order to add your plants to this area. Besides that, this garden design works very perfectly for the vegetables garden. However, it can be used for the flower garden, too.

9. Tiered Garden

There are a lot of small garden design ideas nowadays. And tiered garden is one of them. If you just have small space for veggies or flowers, it is very easy for you to create a tiered garden from some terra cotta planters. When stacked, you are able to grow every plant which you want in these planters. Additionally, you may have space for a lot of plants which you want basing on the number of planters which you want to use. Furthermore, you can use the plastic planters.

10. Garden Bench Planters

As long as you have small space in your house and there is a bench which you don’t use anymore, why not using your bench in order to create a beautiful garden? Depending on the size of your garden, you take the suitable amount of benches. You are able to use them to hold the planters which you use in order to grow your favorite flowers, vegetables or herbs.

11. Hanging Tin Can Small Garden Design Ideas

What do you often do with old tin cans in your house? Do you usually throw them away? From now on, it’s time for you to change your mind. These old tin cans may be recycled to create a nice garden in your house. What you need to do first is to take some tin cans and paint them with the colors you like. Then you use them to grow your favorite plants. Finally, you just need to hang them on your fences or decks. Also, you can hang them on the side of the house. This will make your house look beautiful and different from your neighbors’ houses. Besides, they are very easy for you to move as needed. Hence, this idea is concerned as one of the easiest small garden design ideas.

12. Wooden Fence Planter Boxes

If you house has a fence and you want your house to have a small and nice garden, it is supposed that wooden fence planter boxes will be one of the wonderful small garden design ideas for your house. That means you use your fence as the garden area and then hang planter boxes on. When the boxes in this place are ready to be put the terra cotta planters on, what you just need to do is to enjoy your garden. In addition, this idea is very good for those people who do not have a yard and really want to grow flowers, veggies and herbs.

13. Vertical Garden Tower

Even you have the smallest space; you also have a beautiful garden. Vertical garden tower is an excellent idea for you. It is very easy to build this garden. You just add your favorite plants to your wanted containers in the vertical structure. As long as you want to have more plants, just build it taller. Furthermore, building this garden seems to be much easier than it looks.

14. Elevated Small Garden Design Ideas

small garden design ideas - elevated small garden design ideas

Elevated garden is also one of the cheapest and easiest small garden design ideas for you if your house does not have much yard. In order to build this kind of garden, you ought to build the boxes with the height you want. Besides, you can build the boxes with different size so that your garden area looks more beautiful. And elevated garden is pretty common to decorate the decks or steps.

15. Herb Spiral

If you want to grow herbs, flowers or some different plants in your small blank space, herb spiral is also a good idea for you. As the spiral contains the low spots as well as the high spots, it is said to be a better idea than flat garden. For example, herbs such as oregano or rosemary usually do well in a higher place; therefore, they are often grown on the top of this spiral. Meanwhile, hostas which are one of the common herbs may be grown at the bottom of this spiral.

16. Vertical Soda Bottle Garden

If your house has a fence, vertical soda bottle garden is one of the wonderful small garden design ideas for you to grow veggies or other plants. What you need to do now is to recycle some 2-liter soda bottles. Then you cut out the side of these bottles and use them to grow the plants which you want. Finally, you hang them on your fence. This idea is very great for those people who want to grow herbs. Besides, you can hang these soda bottles with your favorite plants from the outside of your house or in your kitchen door.

17. Patio Umbrella Garden

Provided that your house contains a small patio, you don’t have any ideas to use this patio without throwing it away. How about using it to create a beautiful garden in your house so that you can manage your stress after working hard all day? What you need is the piping in order to keep the umbrella and choose the flowers, herbs or veggies which you are going to grow. After you put all your plants into the planters, you just put them under the patio umbrella. Now you put this small garden near your seats and enjoy the fresh atmosphere to feel relaxed.

18. Garden Trellis

What will you do if you just have a small space in your sweet house? Have you ever thought that you will build a garden, yet? If your answer is yes, garden trellis is a good suggestion for you. And even you do not own a space for the vining flowers or larger plants, garden trellis will make you satisfied. Moreover, building a garden trellis seems to be pretty easy. You just need to spend a little time of your weekend planting and building your garden. Also, it is excellent for privacy.

19. Garden Fountain

Garden fountain is also a good idea for a smaller space in your house. It is said to be one of the fantastic small garden design ideas because it not only is built very easily but also makes your space seem to look much larger. Likewise, you are able to build a garden fountain out of the number of materials, together with basing on how you may do it; you may add a few plants to this design. It will give the peaceful sound of water as well as the greenness of the beautiful plants and flowers.

20. Suspended String Small Garden Design Ideas

One of the marvelous small garden design ideas is the suspended string garden. It is a lovely way in order to grow the plants and perfect for those people who are living in the apartments and really want to have a garden. In case your house has a smaller space, you just need to add some uniqueness to your patio or porch. And instead of being anxious about land space, the space which you have above can be simply used. It will be greater, won’t it?

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21. Pathway Garden

small garden design ideas - pathway garden

In case you want to have a beautiful pathway which may make everybody surprised, just change the space around your pathway into a nice garden. Hostas, shrubs, or any different leafy plants may give your garden a beautiful look. If you have had a pathway already, just use the space beside it in order to grow your plants or flowers. If you do not own a pathway, you can build it through your yard and then grow your plants as what you have made an outline. You can not only save your space but also make the path look much nicer.

22. Hedge Small Garden Design Ideas

When talking about the cheap and easy small garden design ideas, hedge garden ought to be mentioned, too. Even there is a smaller space; some hedges will make this space look very different. You must draw something about your garden first and then choose the hedges which you will use to surround your garden. After that, you choose the plants to grow in your garden. Green leafy plants are a good suggestion in this case. After you prepare all things well, it’s time for you to build your garden. Be a little creative if you want to have a wonderful garden in your house.

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23. Garden Pond

Supposing that you want to have a garden as well as have a pond but your yard is small, why don’t you combine them together in your yard? In order to build the garden pond, you can use an old tire which is easily found in some garages. And don’t worry about the size of the tire. Although your space is small or large, it is available to create a garden pond in your house. After you paint the tire and put it in your yard, you add water to it. Besides, you can add a few rocks with different size. Adding green leafy plants as well as flowers beside this pond is also a good idea. Therefore, you will have a fantastic oasis in your sweet house and you can feel relaxed when you see it after you work a hard day.

24. Cinder Wall Garden

While mentioning the wonderful small garden design ideas, cinder wall garden is one of them. Just with a few cinder blocks, you may have a fantastic wall garden which can hold a large number of plants or flowers. It also provides you with a little bit privacy. Furthermore, it may be built near or next to your fence. It is recommended to use 12 inch cinder blocks to create a beautiful garden. In order to secure these blocks, you can use liquid nails. Then what you need to do is to grow the green leafy plants or flowers. Now you will have a wonderful place in order to relax or start the conversation whenever the guests come to your garden area.

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25. Beach Small Garden Design Ideas

If you like the atmosphere on the beach and you want to bring it to your house, beach garden is a good idea for you even you are living in the city. This kind of garden is very easy and simple to be built in your house. And it takes you a little time to build this garden, too. You must choose a suitable type of fire pit which you really want as well as select the plants which will be well grown in your place and look like the plants that you will find on the beach. If you do not want to cover your garden with grass, sand will be a wonderful cover for your garden.

26. Vertical Planter Garden

small garden design ideas - vertical planter garden

Another kind of garden for small space in your house is vertical planter garden. You are able to create vertical planters easily. That will aid to add something green to your patio. These planters are wonderful ideas for the people who do not have a yard. But if your outdoor area is balcony, you will still own some loads of flowers, veggies and green leafy plants when you grow them vertically. In case you want a plenty of cover, the plants which will vine upward from your planters are the most suitable choices. Then you put them next to the exterior of your home.

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27. Living Pallet Table

It will be a wonderful idea for your house if you build a pallet table. It not only is perfect for these people whose outdoor gets together but also serves as the planter. In order to create this garden, you need to build a table as well as allow some spaces in the center of the table for growing your plants. As you can see, building a table is not difficult at all. And there are some good ideas for you to create the pallet table. For example, you can have a nice water garden with some flowers or plants which can grow in water in the center of the table. Alternatively, you can fill this garden with soil and enjoy the small green leafy plants growing.

28. Balcony Small Garden Design Ideas

For those people who are living in the apartments with balcony and want to have a nice garden, balcony garden is supposed to be one of the easy small garden design ideas. If you want to build this garden, you should choose larger plants with smaller plants. Then you plant them in your colorful containers. Next, you use your creation to arrange your beautiful garden like what you expect by putting these planters on your balcony.

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29. Slope Garden

In case your grass slopes and you really want to build a garden so that this slope area can be cover, there is some solutions for you. However, the best solution is to build slope garden. You can make this kind of garden with a lot of materials such as rock, bricks and so on. After finishing choosing the materials, you select the plants which you want to grow. Remember to use taller plants on the top as well as shorter plants in the containers at the bottom in order that the slope is covered with flowers along with greenery.

30. Mix Plant Garden

One of the fantastic small garden design ideas is the mix plant garden. In order to build this garden, you ought to prepare some containers. Then you mix the plants which you want in each container in order to make them become more colorful. It can create the illusion of a larger space which only takes up little room. So as to get more beauty, you can also mix hanging greenery with some flowers. In addition, there are so many different plants which can grow well together as well as look so beautiful when you combine them in the containers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about choosing the plants. Besides, you may put all flowers and green leafy plants together even if you just have only some containers.

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31. Fantasy Garden

small garden design ideas - fantasy garden

If you want to build a small garden, fantasy accessories garden is a perfect choice in order to add a little attraction to your space while using little space. A birdbath, an old terra cotta planter or some different containers are very wonderful for making the small accessories that will become the central point of the garden. In addition, this garden can be built on the balcony or deck. Now it’s time for you to create a small fantasy land with any theme or the personal accessories which you want basing on how creative you are.

32. Layered Small Garden Design Ideas

Meanwhile vertical garden as well as hanging garden can be the good ways which can help in making your small garden seem to look larger, combining a plenty of planting as well as display techniques is much better. Likewise, layering the plants is also a wonderful way in order to put out everything that you want while you can still save your space. So now, you need to think of adding containers with vertical or hanging planting in order to cover the whole deck, balcony or the small portion of the lawn.

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33. Living Wall Garden

One of the perfect small garden design ideas is the living wall garden. It’s a good garden for flowers, herbs and even simple greenery. This can make an excellent privacy fence, along with providing you with a load of space for growing what you want. It can be made as small or large as you want. If you do not have a place in order to put this wall garden on the outer edge of the house, you can create one on the side of the apartment or house. When your plants start growing in, you will own a beautiful space which looks like an artwork more than a garden.

34. Window Boxes

In order to save space and have a garden, there is nothing much easier than the window boxes. It both gives you the additional place for planting and adds beauty to the house. In addition, it is very easy for you to make the window boxes at your home. Now you can grow what you want from herbs, flowers to vegetables in these boxes. After you plant herbs, you can put these boxes outside the kitchen window. You can put the boxes with flowers into other windows around the house. This idea is a great solution for those people whose houses do not have a yard.

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35. Japanese Garden

If you just have smaller space and you are looking for small garden design ideas, Japanese garden is a good suggestion for your case. The reason why it is said to be a good suggestion is that they combine a lot of planting aspects in the small place. There are two choices for you to build Japanese garden. You can build it in the containers or you can build it on the ground. You should pay attention that most of Japanese gardens do not have flowers; however, you are able to add colorful plants to your garden. A water garden or a small yard pond will make your Japanese garden become perfect. Now you just need to put some chairs or a bench and then enjoy the beauty of your garden and relax.

36. Rooftop Garden

If you don’t have a yard but you have a rooftop, you can also build a wonderful haven which consists of flowers, lush greenery as well as a small fire pit. And containers are fantastic for the rooftop garden since they are easy to be moved. Furthermore, adding a raised garden bed with several heights of the flowers and plants or a small water garden will help you to have the best place for relaxing.

37. Succulent Small Garden Design Ideas

As you can see, succulents are not only beautiful but also easy to take care of. If you are finding something about how to build a small garden, succulent garden is a marvelous idea. You are able to mix succulent garden with the different plants so as to make it look more colorful. Alternatively, you are able to create the wall garden from these succulent. Moreover, they are capable of growing well when vertical. Thus, you can create frames or hang them over the side of the house or the deck so that it may add splashes of color which take up a little space.

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38. Shade Garden

In case you are looking for the small garden design ideas, shade garden should be mentioned, too. Especially, it is considered as the best idea for those people who do not have a space for the direct sunlight gardening. Nowadays, there are a lot of plants which can grow well even in the shade. So now what you need to do is to select the plants which you want and add them to the containers or on the ground. Make sure that you mix up your garden a bit so that it can look more beautiful and attractive.

That’s about “Top 38 cheap and easy small garden design ideas”. We all hope that you can find the best and the most suitable idea in order to build a garden in your house. However, this article is only for the informative purpose, you ought to consult the ideas from the professional designers so that you can have a perfect garden. If you want to know more information about other topics, you ought to spend a little time on visiting our main page Lifestyle. And if you have more different ideas about building the small garden, can you let us know by giving us a comment or a message? We will respond your comment or message as soon as we can

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