Centrophenoxine Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Because it’s just a single ingredient the potential support will never be as good as more well-rounded formulas. The ingredient does have a decent potential, but it’s also not comprehensive enough. If you still want to see what Centrophenoxine can do, check out our full review.

In this top 10 list we offer the top rated nootropics and it’s fully explained as to what they can do.

Centrophenoxine Overview

Centrophenoxine is a nootropic ingredient which is used for enhancing memory and overall cognition. What’s good about this ingredient is that there is actually some science to support its use, but it’s also just a single ingredient, making it hard to trust it would deliver as good support as full supplement formulas.

There is also some evidence shows certain side effects are possible. This is likely why it is a prescription drug in many countries. Even though it can be ordered online and over the counter in the US, it still should be taken with caution as it may cause side effects in some users.

We spent a good amount of time finding out which nootropic brands were the best.

Centrophenoxine Claims

You’ll hear different intended benefits depending on what brand is marketing this, but it’s most often used for the following:

  • Reducing age related mental decline
  • Boosting memory
  • Aiding overall cognition

Any other claims made outside of this may not be true, though the brands we looked at that use this often only make the suggested benefits we listed. There are a few websites which states that this will help flush out toxins, but we couldn’t find any more than a single site which claimed this.

Some brands may mix it with other ingredients and if they do, then the expected results may be drastically changed.

A fully detailed explanation on the top rated nootropic brands are featured within our top 10 list.

Centrophenoxine Ingredients

  • Centrophenoxine

Centrophenoxine is an ingredient that is like DMAE, but it has an extra compound which is meant to make it easier to absorb. This additive is sometime sold individually as a powder or within a supplement pill, but it’s not always in the same dosage strength or potency.

Much like any other kind if ingredient, you would have to do your research to check if the producing manufacturer is reliable. Dosing can also vary but some sites suggest that 3 to 6 doses of 250mg is an acceptable and usable strength. It’s highly advised to seek a doctors recommendation however, as this may vary depending on the user’s needs, age, and weight.
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Some side effects have been mentioned and it includes depression, headache, muscle tension, dizziness, tremors, and many other related side effects.

Our complete top 10 list emphasizes the most reliable and well-reviewed nootropic formulas of the year.

The Science Behind Centrophenoxine

Basically Centrophenoxine is used to increase choline levels in the brain. This has DMA and pCPA added to it. pCPA is a synthetic plant pesticide which is naturally found in plant hormones.

This blend of ingredients is used to help support memory, improve cognition, and it’s most often used by the elderly who are having a decline in their mental capacities. This is sold as appreciation in parts of Europe and Japan, though in the US it’s used as a supplement.

There are many brand names which use this ingredient as they sole key additive, though it’s also sold as a generic. A scientific review by Examine.com showed that this is a:

“general neural enhancer”

This can also potentially protect the brain from further damage, which is why it’s most often used by the elderly. There is a good amount of science to support this ingredient, which is often the case for any prescription drugs.

In general this is meant to help reduce the waste buildup which can increase the signs of aging on the brain.

Here is the best brand we could find for nootropic support, all ranked in this top 10 lists.

Word on the Street About Centrophenoxine

Reviews will vary depending on which brand you choose from but here are some general opinions:

“No changes at all”

“Felt like my memory improved and I felt less anxious”

“Good for increasing your short-term memory but that’s it”

“Seems to work just fine for what I needed it for”

The results will vary depending on dosage strength and the brand, but generally people said they notice their memory improved. Many failed to see any other benefits beyond that, but a few did say it helped their mood and overall stimulation.

The brands we most favored for nootropic support were ranked in this top 10 list.

Is Centrophenoxine Worth a Try?

It’s just not good enough to provide lasting support that’s as good as full formulas. The single ingredient does have some potential as a somewhat stronger version of DMAE, but it’s not complete enough to suggest it over brands which offer a lot more.

There has to be much more to suggest results would be likely. You also have to be careful about potential side effects, and where you get it from. This is used as a prescription drug in other countries for a reason; some saw that it’s too potentially damaging to allow people to dose for themselves.

Find the top 10 nootropics that are currently available and effective for well-rounded support.

Centrophenoxine vs DMAE

This is a hormone naturally made by the adrenal gland which is meant to have multiple benefits. It’s sometimes used for enhanced sex drive, to prevent the damaging effects aging can have, and for supporting muscle mass creation. This is known to be the most present natural steroids made in the human body, and it is an often used supplement ingredient.

Centrophenoxine vs Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate has added salts to it and it is the more cost-effective version of choline. This is intended to have general cognition boosting effects, though it’s often seen as being les bioavailable than other kinds of choline. What this means for users is that this specific version of choline would require more supplementation than other strains in order to be made useful.

Centrophenoxine vs Choline

Considered an essential nutrient this is similar to a vitamin. This is found naturally in many plants and animals, and it’s often in enough quantities within a basic human diet. The benefits include regulating muscle control and memory, and humans naturally make it within the liver. It’s highly rare to find a deficiency since it’s common to so many kinds of foods.

Centrophenoxine vs CDP Choline

Naturally found in the brain, CDP Choline or Alpha-GPC as it’s more commonly known is often used as an effective nootropic ingredient. This is known to cross the blood-brain barrier, making it useful for supplementing. It’s sometimes used to help treat many kinds of dementia, and it is used for general cognition support.

Centrophenoxine vs Adrafinil

Adrafanil is a wakefulness producing drug which can stimulate mood and it was most used by the elderly. This was used in France in the past but now it’s uses as a general nootropic ingredient. This is banned by some athletic groups, and it’s considered a synthetic nootropic ingredient. May of the claimed benefit ae still lacking sufficient enough research, and its safety is still questioned.

Centrophenoxine FAQ

  1. What are common Centrophenoxine experiences?
    People in general said it did deliver similar effects to DMAE, and that it gave them a brain boost.
  1. Does Centrophenoxin cause brain damage?
    There does not seem to be any issues related to brain damage but it’s difficult to say what may result as doing and brands matter.
  1. Can I take Centrophenoxin before bed?
    This can have a stimulant like effect so it’s advised not to take it before bed.
  1. What’s a popular Centrophenoxin stack?
    Some use it with Aniracetam or with Noopept.
  1. What’s the proper Centrophenoxin dosage?
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    This depends on where you source it from, every brand is different.
  1. Where can I find a good Centrophenoxin review?
    It depends on many factors since different bands will sell this either individually or within a blend.
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  1. Is there any information about Centrophenoxin on Reddit?
    Mostly people general use questions about how to properly use it as well as user experiences.
  1. What are some Centrophenoxin benefits?
    This is made to help improve overall cognition including memory, concentration and the ability to stay mentally sharp.
  1. What are common Centrophenoxin side effects?
    This may lead to side effects especially in higher amounts such as insomnia, headache, nausea, and stomach cramps.
  1. Can I get Centrophenoxin at Amazon?
    There are some brands which sell this on Amazon.

So What Really Works?

The most reliable nootropic blend we could find was Memotenz. This was highly rated because of the amount of positive feedback users gave, and due to the dosage strength being just right to deliver suitable support. The effects are also well-rounded as it’s meant to help support mood and overall mental functioning.

A common positive experience was that it helped to give users an increase in their ability to focus; lifting mood to make them feel energetic and mentally active, and overall improved their ability to have a productive day. There is a lot of support offered from the aired formula which includes studies nootropic ingredients. There’s even more to learn about what Memotenz can provide for nootropic support.

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