30 Tips on how to cure backache fast at home

Backache is a common problem in men and women and it can vary from short-term back pain to the long-term back pain. This condition almost occurs in older people and it can cause pain. It can be caused by lifting things incorrectly, bending awkwardly, standing or sitting improperly. Backache will improve and increase each day if you do not have any therapy or treatment for it. In this writing, VKool.com will show you top 30 tips on how to cure backache fast and naturally at home. The article is for informational purpose only so you should go to see the doctor if the problem is severe.

30 Tips On How To Cure Backache Fast And Naturally At Home

1. Milk

how to cure backache - milk

Milk is good in calcium that can improve the bones and strengthen the muscles effectively. Milk is very good for bone health because it is an excellent resource of calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, and vitamin D. This drink can prevent osteoporosis and it is very important to drink milk more often if you want to have stronger bones. Moreover, milk is very good for your heart health, decrease the risks of cancer, build muscles, and reduce stress. How to cure backache with milk at home? You just need to drink milk every day and can add some honey to taste. Certainly, you should check if you have allergy with milk or not.

2. Exercise Regularly

how to cure backache - exercise regularly

Regular exercise is a good remedy for backache prevention and treatment. Exercises like yoga, swimming, walking, and other sports will strengthen the back and make it healthier. You can choose any activity you like or enjoy some exercise classes.

By doing exercises, you will have a good posture, strengthen the muscles, and grow your bones.

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3. Acupuncture

how to cure backache - acupuncture

Acupuncture is a great method that can treat backache and this is also applied widely nowadays. The needles will be inserted in the points of the body and reduce the pain as well as help you relax. It is very effective for people who have a serious backache or long-term back pain. As the consequence, you might try to cure backache with acupuncture if you cannot carry anything.

4. Ginger

how to cure backache - ginger

Ginger is an excellent spice in your kitchen and it is widely used to treat vomiting. This is a herb, spice, and a valuable ingredient for medicine industry. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory compounds that can relieve the backache very well. Here are some ways to treat back pain with ginger you can follow:

  • Method 1: Paste some ginger and apply it on the affected area.
  • Method 2:
  • Cut the ginger root into different slices.
  • Boil and simmer it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Cool the mixture and strain it.
  • Add some honey and drink 2-3 times each day.
  • Method 3:
  • You can make a ginger tea by combining the ginger powder, ½ teaspoon of cloves, and ½ teaspoon of black peppercorns.

5. Basil Leaves

how to cure backache - basil leaves

Basil leaves can help you reduce backache significantly if you follow it every day. Basil leaves are usually added into the salad dishes, to meats, eggs, etc. It is a good herb in cooking and it can calm the stomach, treat coughs, cold, cure the headache, act as a natural antibiotic, treat bites, strings, regulate the blood sugar, and reduce stress effectually. How to cure backache with basil leaves? Here is the method:

  • Add 10 basil leaves in a glass of water.
  • Boil until it is done and cool in room temperature.
  • Add some salt and drink it every day.

6. Poppy Seeds

how to cure backache - poppy seeds

Poppy seed includes the opium poppy and it is used in making recipes. It contains the good source of fiber and works well for your stomach. This ingredient is also great in B-complex vitamins such as folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, thiamin, and pantothenic acid. Poppy seeds are widely used as a good spice and decoration to top on the baked goods. You can follow this remedy to cure backache at home:

  • Grind poppy seeds and some rock candy.
  • Mix it well and consume it twice each day.

7. Massage

how to cure backache - massage

Massage therapy works well for backache and other health problems. This remedy can reduce the lower back pain, improve the motion, improve immunity, reduce weakness, increase the flexibility of joint, reduce anxiety, stress, stimulate blood circulation, reduce swelling, cramping, spasms, soften the muscles, and relieve the migraine pain. Massage treatment can help you reduce the pain as well as help you relax and feel more comfortable. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, or eucalyptus oil to massage on the lower back. Make sure that you warm the oil before using for massage. After working hard in the office, you can ask your partner massage for you. It is a really great method that can cure the backache naturally and cheaply.

8. Garlic

how to cure backache - garlic

Garlic is a similar ingredient in your kitchen and you can take advantage of this spice to treat a backache as well as prevent some other conditions like cold, sore throat, etc. This is one of the healthiest foods in the world and you can believe that garlic contributes to treating high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack, prevent colon cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and so on. It will bring a lot of benefits for your health if you eat garlic every day by adding it into the recipes. How to cure backache with garlic? Here is the treatment:

  • Heat some sesame oil or mustard oil and coconut oil.
  • Add 10 garlic cloves in the mixture.
  • Fry it until the garlic is brown.
  • Strain the oil and cool it.
  • Use the garlic oil to massage the back.
  • You also can add some garlic oil into bath water.

9. Wheat

how to cure backache - wheat

Wheat is a common cereal available in the world and it is originated in southwestern Asia, but it is grown in many countries now. Wheat is rich in vitamin E, vitamin B, copper, iodine, zinc, manganese, sulfur, potassium, calcium, etc. This ingredient is useful in controlling the weight, improve the metabolism, prevent diabetes, reduce the risks of chronic inflammation, prevent gallstones, prevent cancer, asthma, etc. Ina addition, wheat can relieve the pain and it is an effective ingredient to treat back pain. Now, you can follow this instruction:

  • You take a handful of wheat and soak it in the water through the night.
  • In the next morning, you mix it with coriander and cuscus grass.
  • Add a glass of milk and boil it for some minutes.
  • Drink the mixture twice each day.

10. Ice Therapy

how to cure backache - ice therapy

Another good treatment for a backache is ice, which helps reduce swelling and pain effectively. Cold therapy is not only used to treat backache, but it is also good to use for treating the pain in other parts of the body. How to cure backache with ice at home? You can do it like this:

  • Crush some ice cubes.
  • Wrap in the towel and put the cold compress on the affected region for 10-15 minutes.
  • Repeat it every day.

11. Heat Therapy

how to cure backache - heat therapy

Hot compresses also work well for pain in your back. It is also simple to do this treatment and you can follow here:

  • Prepare a tub with hot water.
  • Dip the towel on the water and soak a towel in the tub.
  • Whenever the water is warm, rinse out the liquid and apply the towel on the back.
  • Do it several times each day to relieve the backache.
  • Avoid hot water because it can cause the skin rashes.

12. Epsom Salt

how to cure backache - epsom salt

Epsom salt can reduce the inflammation and pain effectually. Many people use it for backache, relaxation, body aches, hair and skin care, sunburn relief, sleeping quality, etc. How to cure backache with Epsom salt? Here are some options you can choose:

  • Method 1:
  • Mix hot water with some Epsom salt as a thick paste.
  • Soak the towel in the mixture. Ring out the liquid and apply the towel on the infected area.
  • This remedy will decrease the swelling and pain.
  • Method 2: you can add some Epsom salt into bath water every day and soak the body for 30 minutes.

13. Chamomile Tea

how to cure backache - chamomile tea

You might hear about the chamomile tea uses. This drink is favorite one of many people and it can help several patients with insomnia can sleep well at night. Before going to sleep, you can drink a cup of chamomile to feel relaxed and refresh in mind. Chamomile tea can reduce the depression, stress and muscle tissues as well as relieve the symptoms of a backache. You can use the chamomile tea bags to make the tea or make the chamomile tea by yourself:

14. Keep Moving

how to cure backache - keep moving

This is an excellent routine that can prevent backache as well as treat it fast. Actually, you do not need to avoid exercises or moving whenever getting backache. You should keep moving around and avoid resting too long on the bed. Simple activities might help you reduce the pain and relieve the discomfort from the back. For example, you can walk around your houses, view the trees in the beautiful garden, or do some simple things in your house. I am sure that your pain will be relieved dramatically when you still practice to improve bone health.

15. Relax

how to cure backache - relax

It takes a longer time to treat the backache if you do not relax. Relax will ease your pain and might speed up the healing process. However, do not sit in a place for a long time, you can read a book, or listen to some music, walk around and feel fresh. Stress might increase pain and cause other health problems. Therefore, you should not worry about the works in the office or worry too much about your wound. Depression is really a big factor that lowers the healing process and you should fight it as much as you can.

16. Change Sleeping Position

how to cure backache - change sleeping position

Sleeping position plays an important role in relieving the pain in your back. When sleeping, you can draw the legs toward the chest slightly and you might put a pillow between the legs. Or you also can put the pillows under the knees to keep the normal curve of the back. You also can prevent a backache by sleeping rightly. Many people get a backache because the bed is too hard and the quality of the sleep is also affected by the other environments such as the noises, and the light. Typically, sleeping on the stomach might flatten the curve of the spine and strain the back muscles. I know that you will feel difficult to sleep when the back is painful, but you should change the sleeping position for the better back health.

17. Have A Good Posture

how to cure backache - have a good posture

Keeping a good posture is very important to prevent a backache and it reduces the risks of frequent back pain. You should join in the workouts that help you strengthen your bones, the exercises for the back. Whenever you have a good posture, your back will be reduced significantly. If you always stay in front of the computer, you try to keep the back straight, avoid bending it and do not carry heavy things.

18. Quit Smoking

how to cure backache - quit smoking

Smoking lifts up the lung cancer, hurts the back, and damages every part of the body. A research in the American Journal of Medicine said that the smokers have more risks of backache than the non-smokers. Nicotine in the smokes will constrict the blood vessels, reduce the blood flow and that is the reason why you should give up smoking. If you have tried to quit smoking but cannot give it up, you can go to the specialists for consultation.

19. Stretching Hips

how to cure backache - stretching hips

Stretching your hips is also an effective exercise that can prevent and end the backache. Here is the instruction:

  • Stand and stage the feet, put the right leg in front of you.
  • Bend the front knee about 90 degrees and bend your lower back for some inches from the ground.
  • Press the left hip forward and you can feel some stretches along the hip.
  • Hold this for 20-30 seconds.
  • Change the side.

20. Child’s Pose

how to cure backache - child's pose

This is a yoga pose that can treat a backache very effectively. It will help you relax and stretch the back really well. The steps are:

  • Sit on your heels and put the hip distance.
  • Exhale and reduce the torso between your thighs.
  • Reach the arms forward and hold this position for 30-60 seconds.
  • Repeat it.

21. Body Squat

how to cure backache - body squat

Body squat will strengthen your core, gluts, and your legs. Now let start with the exercise:

  • Stand tall and put the feet hip distance apart.
  • Bend your knees and shift the hips back like you are sitting on the chair.
  • Lift your arms and hold it for a count before returning to the first position.
  • Do it 10-15 reps.

22. Pelvic Tilt

how to cure backache - pelvic tilt

This movement will stretch the lower-back muscles and help you prevent, treat a backache effectively. How to cure backache with this exercise? Let’s try it:

  • Lie down and face up on the ground.
  • Bend the knees and put the ankles under your knees.
  • Exhale and tilt the hips slightly.
  • Keep the butt on the ground and hold this position for some seconds.
  • Inhale and turn to the beginning position.
  • Do it 5-10 reps.

23. Downward-Facing Dog

how to cure backache - downward-facing dog

This common yoga pose is very good for strengthen the back extensors and improving the muscles that can support the spine, reduce a backache and you can try it now:

  • Place your hands in front of the shoulders slightly.
  • Press back and raise the knees away from the ground.
  • Lift the tailbone toward the ceiling.
  • Then you can push the heels slightly toward the ground and hold it for 5-10 breaths.
  • Repeat the exercise.

24. Pigeon Pose

how to cure backache - pigeon pose

Strengthen your hips can help treat back pain dramatically. You can try it with the following instruction:

  • Begin the exercise with the downward-facing dog and put the feet together.
  • Now you draw the right knee forward and turn it out to the right.
  • Bend the right leg and reduce the legs to the floor.
  • Keep the back straight and hold this position for 5-10 breaths.
  • Turn to another side.

25. Triangle Pose

how to cure backache - triangle pose

How to cure backache with yoga? I suggest you try practicing triangle pose, which is a great exercise to improve back health and it can improve the muscles effectively. The instruction is:

  • Stand straight and put the feet together.
  • Lunge the right foot back 3-4 feet.
  • Point the right foot out about 45 degrees.
  • Turn the chest to the side and stretch the left arm toward the floor. The right arm is toward the ceiling.
  • Straighten the left and right legs.
  • Avoid overstretching.
  • Hold the position for 5-10 breaths.
  • Switch to another side.

26. Cat and Cow Pose

how to cure backache - cat and cow pose

Cat and cow pose is a perfect exercise for loosening the back muscles, sore back, and achy. It is a good yoga pose to warm up the other workouts and it works successfully for your back.

27. Upward Forward Bending

how to cure backache - upward forward bending

This movement will work well the back muscles, hamstrings, and shoulders. Try it every day at home to prevent the pain in back. How to cure backache with this? Here is the instruction for you:

  • Stand tall and place the feet shoulder wide apart.
  • Loosen your knees ad exhale.
  • Hinge the waist and bend it forward to reach the floor.
  • You feel a stretch in the hamstrings.
  • Repeat it 5-7 times.

28. Upward-Facing Dog

how to cure backache - upward-facing dog

This yoga pose will be good for your back, chest, and abdominal muscles. How to cure backache with

this yoga pose?

  • You lie on the floor and put the palms face down.
  • Draw the legs and lift the chest off the ground.
  • Leave the legs extended.
  • Hold the position for several seconds and repeat.

29. Avoid Some Foods

how to cure backache - avoid some foods

Foods might improve your health, but they are also the elements that can damage your health, including

your back. It is crucial when you can avoid eating something in this hard time because foods might

increase the inflammation and cause your back more painful. You should avoid eating peppers, white

potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, saturated fats, fast foods, processed foods, fried foods, snacks, sugary

drinks, pasta, etc. And the oils is not good for your condition are sunflower oils, grape seed oil, corn, soybean,

sesame oil, and peanut oil.

30. Eat Healthy Foods

how to cure backache - eat healthy foods

By avoiding some foods above, you should intake more foods such as the monounsaturated oils olive oil,

canola oil. You should eat the chia seeds, flaxseeds, fishes that are rich in omega-3 such as trout, tuna,

Black cod, herring, sardines, mackerel, and salmon. To reduce pain, you can intake watermelon,

Pomegranate, red wine, grapes, berries, cherries, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, curcumin, garlic,

Rosemary, ginger, cinnamon, basil, oregano, herbal teas, etc. The green vegetables such as broccoli,

Spinach, kale are also good suggestions for you.

If you want to get more useful tips and tricks to take care of your health, you might visit out the main page how to. After reading the article about30 tips on  how to cure backache, I hope that you have found some proper solutions for your back pain at home. If you have any question, please leave your comments below.

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