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Thermofit is a weight loss pill made to boost the body’s metabolism and energy and provide it with antioxidants. The product is a combination of raspberry ketones, chromium, vitamin B12, and other key ingredients aimed at providing nutritional support to dieters, while at the same time, helping people burn fat.

Made by the MLM company, It Works, Thermofit is a supplement that aims to help users slim down by increasing fat and boosting metabolism. Unfortunately, this product does not appear to be in production anymore. Potential users may be able to find this product for sale on Amazon.

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Thermofit Overview

Thermofit is a thermogenic weight loss formula which works to help the body raise its temperature and energy output with use. The formula, at a glance looks pretty safe. While it contains green tea, the pills are made primarily from herbal ingredients used to help boost your metabolism and ultimately, aid in weight loss, as well as delivering quality nutrients to the body.

It Works recommends taking two to three pills daily with meals or right before eating. Thermofit was made to increase energy, appetite, and weight loss, plus bring antioxidants from the superfood acai berry into the mix.

At a glance, this product looks reasonably safe, it’s made with a number of ingredients that bring free radical-neutralizing capabilities to the table, plus green tea and capsicum fruit—which may work to increase metabolism with use. That said, the product does appear to have been discontinued, so it may not have been the weight loss supplement of choice for dieters.

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Thermofit Claims

Thermofit was made by the company, It Works as part of their line of diet products. The pills aim to stimulate thermogenesis, a process that heats up the body and turns food into fuel. When taken as directed this product aims to jumpstart your metabolism, helping you lose more weight when combined with diet and exercise.

Unfortunately, there are only a few reviewers on Amazon that shared their thoughts about this product, plus some bloggers scattered around the web had written reviews. It Works still makes products that are a part of this larger line, but this particular item has been pulled from production.

The sales sheet we found revealed that this product’s key ingredient is Capsimax, a fat-burning patented hot pepper blend designed to boost the metabolism. Additionally, It Works touts its high antioxidant content throughout this piece of promotional material—despite the fact that they probably won’t have much bearing on your ultimate weight loss goals.

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Thermofit Ingredients

The product, a thermogenic pill, combines things like acai berry, cayenne pepper, green tea, and more. Overall the formula is made with a number of herbal ingredients–and at a glance, it looks like it might be a gentle way to increase fat burning potential.

  • Bitter melon
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Acai fruit
  • Raspberry ketones
  • Gynema leaf extract
  • Dicalcium phosphate
  • Dandelion root extract

Bitter melon has long been used in Chinese medicine to cleanse the body and support liver health. Additional benefits include wound healing, soothing an upset stomach, and alleviating symptoms associated with respiratory infections.

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology published a study back in 2004 claiming the fruit works to manage diabetes, reduce inflammation, promote menstrual irregularity, and treat gout, kidney stones, and jaundice.

That said, there don’t seem to be any links to the fruit’s ability to promote weight loss. Same goes for raspberry ketones. Some evidence suggests that combining the fruit-based compound with vitamin C. That said, there just isn’t that much research backing the use of ketones for weight loss.

Gymnema leaf is an herb native to India and Africa. The plant is used to support healthy pancreas function, as well as balance blood sugar levels.

Dandelion root extract is an herb used to decrease inflammation and stimulate the flow of urine. Sometimes the product is used in detox products, as it may work to reduce toxins present in the body.

Dandelion may help strengthen the immune system, relief heartburn, balance blood sugar levels, and aid in digestion. That said, there aren’t that many studies available that look at this ingredient as a weight loss aid.

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The Science Behind Thermofit

Ingredients like vitamin B12 and chromium can easily be found in whole food items–but they’re essential nutrients you can get in a more affordable multivitamin.

Raspberry ketones have become a popular ingredient thanks to Dr. Oz, and some believe this ingredient is a powerful weight loss. Raspberry ketones, for example, are thought to help burn fat when combined with vitamin C.

While the makers of this product tout the natural ingredients used in this formula, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this product is safe for everyone.

This product is made is a collection of herbs and caffeine. The how it works page on the website does not explain, how exactly the products works, instead, opting to list some bullet points of what the key herbs do.

There’s no mention of any studies, the best you’re going g to get here is the fact that the FDA hasn’t banned any of the active ingredients outlined on the ingredients label.

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Word on the Street about Thermofit

There aren’t all that many reviews about this product on Amazon, one of the few places you can expect to buy this product from. Even so, we found that people had vastly different opinions on whether or not Thermofit was actually a good product.

One person claimed that this product immediately made them sick. They said that the product caused extreme nausea, headaches, and insomnia – and that insomnia continued for days after stopping use.

Another said, “Thermofit did not work. This product is a joke.” While another user found that this was an “amazing tool for weight loss.”

Unfortunately, there just weren’t very many other opinions, so it’s hard to come to any clear-cut conclusion on whether this product is useful or not.

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Is Thermofit Worth a Try?

Ultimately, Thermofit is just another one of several herbal supplements that can’t provide the weight loss results they claim to on the official website. The makers of this product, the social media-friendly MLM brand, It Works! doesn’t even carry this product on their site anymore—while that might mean that they’ve developed something in its place, it makes us wonder if they’ve discontinued the product because it wasn’t all that effective.

That said, users may still be able to buy the unauthorized product from Amazon. People have been purchasing this product this year, so it seems that there may be plenty of stock left. However we do not recommend purchasing unauthorized supplements—there’s always the risk that you’re getting a product that is expired (and therefore, rendered ineffective) or that it’s a counterfeit product.

While our look at the ingredient profile didn’t reveal any ingredients we had a real problem with, some reviewers claimed that there were some adverse reactions. The one person that claimed that the pills caused extreme nausea made us worry that this isn’t a very safe product.

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Thermofit FAQ

  1. Who is Thermofit for?
    Thermofit is a product that is made to curb hunger and burn calories. Because this problem may have a stimulant effect on users (like most fat burners), we recommend that users avoid taking this product several hours before going to bed.
  2. How much does Thermofit cost?
    We’re not sure how much Thermofit initially went for when it was sold through It Works!. Some reviews we’ve seen have mentioned that the product initially was sold for around $65 for a one-month supply—which falls within the realm of similar products.
  3. Where can I buy Thermofit?
    It looks like Amazon might be the only place you can buy Thermofit at this time.

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So What Really Works?

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