Plexus Boost Review (Updated 2024) – Is It Safe?

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A weight loss pill that is manufactured by a company that has had issues with the FDA in the past and uses an abundance of stimulants.

Continue with our full breakdown of Plexus Boost to learn if it is worth both your time and your money, or if you’re better off with something else.

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Plexus Boost Overview

Plexus Boost is a diet pill that is designed to suppress your hunger using a proprietary blend of ingredients, including Caralluma Fimbriata, which is a superfood and edible cactus that has been used by East Indians to fight hunger. The product is also gluten free and states that it is 100% vegetarian.

The manufacturer behind the product is a company called Plexus Worldwide, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Each bottle of Plexus Boost contains 60 capsules, and users are advised to take two capsules per day, preferably in the morning. One bottle is sold through the Plexus site for $39.95 plus shipping and handling, and it should last approximately one month.
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Plexus Boost Claims

The claims made by Plexus Boost through their product page are fairly limited. They include that the product will suppress hunger and provide increased energy, but they do not get into any more details regarding how the claims are achieved.

We believe that this may be due to an FDA warning to the manufacturer, regarding claims they were making about the effectiveness of their products, and accusations of misbranding and incorrect marketing language. This warning may have caused the manufacturer to severely limit the specific claims they choose to make through their site.

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Plexus Boost Ingredients

The website for Plexus Boost does provide a full list of ingredients, along with a view of the supplement facts label. Unfortunately, because the product is made of a proprietary blend, specific dosage information is not provided. Here are all the ingredients that are included in Plexus Boost:

  • Citrus Reticulata Blend
  • Yerba Mate Extract
  • Caralluma Fimbriata Extract
  • Green Tea Extract

The primary ingredient that they highlight is caralluma fimbriata extract, which is derived from a cactus found in India and has been used to suppress hunger for centuries. Unfortunately, it can also lead to side effects such as nausea, gas, upset stomach, and constipation. We are also concerned regarding the use of yerba mate extract, which is often used as a stimulant, but can lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure, irritability, and more.

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The Science Behind Plexus Boost

As we mentioned earlier, Plexus Boost and its manufacturer have had issues with the FDA in the past regarding some of the claims they made about their products. As a result, there are a distinct lack of claims made through their website now, and essentially no science presented to help support the product in any way.
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The site does offer a view of the supplement facts label, so users are able to research what is inside the supplement on their own, but there is no explanation of what each ingredient does, how it works, or clinical evidence that is offered to demonstrate the value of each included ingredient. Instead of rising to the FDA’s challenge regarding their product, it seems the manufacturer has instead decided to just make their claims vague enough, so they are not deemed illegal.

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Word on the Street About Plexus Boost

Because it is sold through some other online retailers, such as Amazon, there are a good amount of objective consumer reviews available to offer a full picture about how Plexus Boost has been received. Overall, the reviews are primarily negative, but in particular there were some extremely concerning experienced shared by users.

Among the negative reviews for the product were several complaints about side effects. As one user stated: “I don’t suffer from any sort of underlying health issues, but after taking this I ended up in the ER with heart palpitations, extreme sweating, and nearly passed out.” Another user noted similarly serious side effects, stating: “I got a massive headache and my heart was racing. I felt terrible.

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Is Plexus Boost Worth a Try?

Because of questions regarding the trustworthiness of the manufacturer, as well as not much information being made available about the product, we cannot recommend that you try Plexus Boost.

As we mentioned, the manufacturer has previously been warned by the FDA regarding some of their marketing practices and making misrepresenting claims about their product’s effects. Furthermore, their Better Business Bureau page is full of complaints from dissatisfied users.

There is practically no information provided explaining how the supplement works or is able to lead to weight loss, but the formula used is extremely concerning. There are multiple stimulants within the proprietary blend that could lead to things such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, sweating, and more.

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Plexus Boost vs Plexus Accelerator

Plexus Accelerator is a diet supplement that is designed more for active athletes and bodybuilders, though, like Plexus Boost, it is intended to increase metabolism and decrease the user’s appetite. Some of the ingredients overlap, including yerba mate and green tea extract, which can lead to things like increased heartrate and blood pressure.

Plexus Boost vs Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim is a new diet drink from the same manufacturer as Plexus Boost. Strangely, there is far more information, both general and clinical, that is provided by the manufacturer for Slim than Boost. That said, both are proprietary blends that are high in stimulants, though the reports of side effects are more common with Plexus Boost.

Plexus Boost FAQ

  1. Is Plexus Boost sold through Amazon?
    Yes, the product is currently sold through Amazon.
  1. How have the consumer reviews for Plexus Boost been?
    Consumer reviews have been mostly negative, with several complaints about side effects that have been experienced.
  1. Are there side effects associated with Plexus Boost?
    Yes, because of the stimulants used, consumers can experience insomnia, sweating, nausea, and more.
  1. What are the primary ingredients in Plexus Boost?
    Included in Plexus Boost are yerba mate extract, green tea extract, and caralluma fimbriata extract.
  1. How many capsules are included in each bottle of Plexus Boost?
    There are 60 capsules included in each bottle of Plexus Boost.
  1. Who is the manufacturer behind Plexus Boost?
    Plexus Boost is manufactured by a company called Plexus Worldwide.
  1. Is there are money-back guarantee with Plexus Boost?
    Yes, they do offer a 60-day money back guarantee, but several consumers have stated that they do not honor this guarantee.

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