How To Concentrate Better When Studying Or At Work

how to concentrate better

How to concentrate better when studying or at work – VKool.coDepending on different factors you sometimes work or study without being tired and bored, but sometimes you can’t focus on anything, even a small task. It may be caused by your health, by stress, by noise and so on. Though what trigger it is, you can fix yourself or overcome distractions to focus on doing something. In this writing on the VKool site, in the line of Mind & Body, I’m showing simple tips and ways on how to concentrate better when studying or at work. Keep reading and check out all these tips below!

How To Concentrate Better When You Are Studying Or At Work

1. Avoid Checking Email In The Morning

how to concentrate better

Checking email may be an interesting task you like to do every morning. It however may waste your time and make you can’t be focus on doing main tasks first. So, if possible do it 11am or at noon. Change this habit and you will notice your efficiency in studying or at work. Also, remember to limit time on checking email. Read them fast and take time to reply email after then.

2. Stop Multitasking

how to concentrate better

Many people like to be a multi-task person as they think that they are good at doing many things at the same time. It will be no problem if they can handle tasks properly or in order, but doing multi tasks can lead to more mistakes, less concentration, and less efficiency. Also, if you are relaxing with music, writing, eating, it will be ok. It will be actually a problem when you are doing an important thing like solving a math exercise or doing a calculation.

So, keep in mind that, to concentrate better, you have to stop multitasking and never forget the importance of high concentration on doing anything. Just a little mistake may cause serious consequences.

3. Plan More Time To Do A Task

how to concentrate better

Yes, next to ways on how to concentrate better when studying or at work, you can alleviate your detailed schedule with more time to do your tasks. Normally, you have to take longer time to do tasks than you think. If a core task takes you about 45 minutes, then you can block out 50. If it takes you about 40 minutes then you have more free time to relax! Schedule it on the calendar. It will be a cool way for you to do things without too much pressure.

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4. Take Breaks & Reward Yourself

how to concentrate better

To concentrate better, you have to stay in comfort zone, relax yourself and take breaks for regaining more energy. Just do some stretches on your chair, drink some water, view the street via the windows, walk around your office or room or do any stuff to relax your mind as well as reward yourself.

If you work or study at home, you can relax with music or practice meditation. Just take about 30 to 60 minutes to cook or do something you like. They are actually the way to balance your mind, and you are able to be more productive, after then.

5. Just Do 5 More

how to concentrate better

This is for you to try when it comes to ways on how to concentrate better. For instance, if you want to focus on reading, apply the rule read 5 more pages. If you are doing math homework, just try to finish 5 more math tasks. If you are working in the office, just challenge yourself to work 5 more minutes.

Just do as an athlete who builds his physical stamina day by day by working under pressure, exhaustion and frustration. Finally, he will be able to build his mental stamina and reach his athlete goals.

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6. Conquer Procrastination

how to concentrate better

Procrastination is a foe of productivity in study and at work. To concentrate, you have to conquer procrastination as if you are having a fight in your mind. Use your conscious mind and balance it to complete your task in time. Procrastination is also unfriendly with responsibility. While your responsibility aims to do a thing as fast as possible, procrastination just want you to be lazy and postpone doing your task. You at that time like one who has to choose a good friend to stay with. If you want to focus on your tasks and complete them quickly, choose productivity and responsibility; and unfriend with procrastination.

7. Use Your Hands Like Blinkers

how to concentrate better

Next to ways on how to concentrate better, cup your hands over your eyes, and take deep breath. Next, picture your mind to see important things in front of you. Your task is to focus on the most important ones and skip stuff aside.

8. See As If This Is The First Time Or Last Time

how to concentrate better

Mind yourself, be aware of chance to fully present, instead of rushing everywhere mindlessly. When your eyes wake up again, it stops taking things for granted. For the lack of attention, 1000 forms of success and happiness elude you every day. So, see and act as if this is the first time or the time with all your concentration and effort. If you try your best, you can achieve amazing results that will make you more successful and confident. If you could not success then, you might be still satisfied as you tried the best and there was nothing to be regretful.

9. Drink More Water

how to concentrate better

When it comes to ways on how to concentrate better, pay attention to your diet and nutrition that boost your brain power for more concentration.

In an article on The Journal of Nutrition, it is said that mild dehydration can cause inattention. When people are less than 2% dehydrated, their ability to focus on cognitive tests can be impaired. In fact, the brain works to detect small changes in physiology that start operating to get attention. Thirst in fact is not an only measure of hydration, and a decrease in the ability to concentration is a warning signal of time to drink something up.

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10. Consume Leafy Greens

how to concentrate better

In a study released by Neurology in 2006, individuals who consumed 2 or more servings of vegetables daily, particularly leafy greens, achieved their mental concentration of people 5 years their junior. For this reason, add leafy greens to your daily diets. Have a salad plate for each of your lunch or serve a sautéed spinach dish at your dinner. Besides, you can eat more brain foods and fruits to empower your mind when it comes to ways on how to concentrate better.

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11. Eat Whole Grains

how to concentrate better

Next, consider eating more whole grains, especially in your breakfast. These foods help supply your body with more energy and help increase your focus to start a new day.

Studies indicate that eating whole grains in the morning can help sustain mental concentration better than skipping breakfast or consuming meals of refined carbohydrates. There are different whole grain recipes, so create your new habit to cook whole grain dishes for your breakfast. For instance, you can eat quick whole grain cereal with whole wheat toast or eggs.

12. Drink Coffee

how to concentrate better

There is no surprise that coffee can keep your mind sharper. So, if you have brain fog in the morning, start your day with a cup of hot coffee. According to a study released by the University of Barcelona, men get more benefits of coffee than women do. Men also feel more alert quickly after drinking coffee than women do. In this study, women felt less drowsy after about 10 minutes and sustained mental boost for 30 minutes. Women got an elert from coffee, too, but the rate was weaker than men did.

13. Chew Gum

how to concentrate better

Are you a gum lover? There are different gums that can satisfy your need. If you want to whiten your teeth, enjoy xylitol gum. If you love fruit flavors, chew fruit flavor gum. If you want to be alert quickly, try some cool air chewing gum. In fact, gum can help you reduce stress, increase oxy to your brain so that you have more focus on doing something. According to a study in 2024, researchers found that individuals who chewed different types of gum during specific stressful tasks. The results showed that they were more alert than they ever did their tasks without gum.

This is a great reason for you to try chewing gum and enjoy it when studying or at work if it is allowed.

Bottom line:

They are top 13 ways on how to concentrate better. Hope that you enjoy these ways or learn some to improve your focus. For any comment or feedback about the article on how to concentrate better when studying or at work, please leave it at the end of the page. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in the next posts. Keep in touch with us!

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