How to treat measles in children naturally – 6 tips

how to treat measles

Measles, an infection, commonly happen in children but can affect people at any age. It can cause death in children if not treated soon and carefully. This disease is rare in the UK because most of children get the MRR vaccine. However, if your children unluckily get exposed to the virus of measles, you should cure them with effective ways on how to treat measles in children naturally.

How To Treat Measles In Children Naturally – Effective Techniques For Parents

how to treat measles

Measles is caused by the virus which lives in your mucus of nose and throat. The virus will easily spread to another person if patients cough, sneeze and have physical contact with others. Moreover, virus of measles in mucus of the nose and throat is able to exist actively in the outside environment for 2 hours. It means that virus can stay on the surfaces or door handles. As a parent, you should see some symptoms of measles of your children in order to have good solutions to treat. Some symptoms include a runny nose, a cough, red eyes, small white spots around his mouth and a 38-degree fever. If your children are affected with measles, he will feel miserable and unpleasant for at least 2-5 days. After that, the symptoms will ease and go if the children have healthy immune system, which can release antibodies to protect and fight against viruses.

However, some complications will easily happen if the child with measles has poor immune system. Some complications are eyes and ears infection, infection of airway or brain inflammatory. Many children who are malnourished die in the world because of measles. Therefore, it is important for parents to diagnose children and keep them in order to treat at home if they have any symptoms of this infection. Because measles are the contagious disease, it may develop the epidemic if not treated soon. So, in this article, I would like to share with readers of some effective techniques on how to treat measles in children naturally.

1. Keep Eyes Clean: 

how to treat measles

As I mentioned before, red sore eyes condition is one of the symptoms when your children are affected with measles. Therefore, the first treatment on how to treat measles naturally is to keep the children’s eyes clean. When children experience measles, they may have conjuncntivitis. Conjuncntivitis is the disease of eyes when discharge appears in eyes. This discharge keeps eyes from opening and makes them crusty and floated. You can remove discharge your children’s eyes simply by dipping the clean cotton ball in the warm salt water and cleaning eyes from the corner. After that, throw away the used cotton ball and take another to repeat the process with each eye. When your children suffer from measles, it is necessary for you to keep them from watching television, seeing telephone screen.

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2. Take Care Of The Children At Home With Vitamin A Supplement :

how to treat measles

Vitamin A supplement is recommended to be effective as the way on how to treat measles in children. The health organization also advises that children who get diagnosed with measles should take 2 doses of vitamin A supplement. Each dose needs to be separated for 2 hours. However, the children who are malnourished and have vitamin A deficiency should take more than 2 doses of vitamin A supplement a day.  Using vitamin A supplement is proven to treat effectively the children with measles living in the developing countries.

3. Hygiene: 

how to treat measles

This is the third tip on how to treat measles you should not ignore.  In order to prevent scabies and measles spreading, you should keep your body, your face clean. Wash your face and body with lukewarm water. Dip the bath towel into the warm water and wipe around children’s mouth. Moreover, eyes and nose also need to be taken care of with nose and eyes drops.

4. Drink Enough Water: 

how to treat measles

When your children have measles, this disease will drain their body moisture fast. Especially, if the children suffer from fever, this problem becomes worse. Therefore, if you ask me the way on how to treat measles, I would recommend you to keep your children well-hydrated. The more hydrated children are, the faster they will recover from illness. Children with measles should drink water as much as possible. Ice lollies are the best idea to keep them cool and hydrated.

5. Soothe The Sore Throat And Cough: 

how to treat measles

When your children cough and have sore throat due to measles, the solution is to let them drink warm water which is added with lemon juice and honey. This treatment on how to treat measles aims to soothe the sore throat. If you child suffers from fever, you should let them drink orange juice and milk instead of soda. Moreover, taking enough vitamins is the way to boost their immune system. Another solution to soothe the sore throat and cough is to run a humidifier in the room. Modifier will give the moisture to the air by evaporating water. Especially, this solution works well when your children have fever. This tip will help them to soothe the sore throat effectively. If you do not have a modifier, you can use a large bowl of boiling water and place it in children’s room.

6. The Need To See A Doctor

how to treat measles

This is the compulsory step on how to treat measles. Do not undervalue this disease. You need to take your children to the doctor. He will diagnose and advise the good treatments. However, preventing is better than curing. So, it is recommended to get MRR vaccine soon. The IMM vaccine is proven to be 95-99% effective as the way to prevent measles. Receiving IMM vaccine when the child is about 15 months old is advised.

These are 6 ways on how to treat measles I would like to recommend to you. I will appreciate your contribution if you share your opinions and experiences in the end of the post. Thank you for reading.

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