How to treat alopecia in men naturally – 8 must-take steps

Alopecia is the pathological loss of hair connected with the hormonal disorders, emotional and physical overloads, hereditary predisposition, and so on. In fact, there are a lot of types of alopecia, aka hair loss, which are congenital, seborrheic, symptomatic, and premature alopecia.
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This condition is most commonly in men. Men, when they get older, begin to lose their hair above the temples. The hair loss continues over time around the top position of the head and sometimes on the side and read of the head as well, resulting in complete baldness. This is named androgenic alopecia – the most common type of alopecia in men. If you are the one who is suffering from this embarrassing condition, then you might want to know how to treat alopecia in men naturally, right? Take a look from to see top 8 must-take steps below. Chủ đề cách chữa hói đầu ở đàn ông

How To Treat Alopecia In Men Naturally – 8 Important Measures

1. Use Coconut Oil

how to treat alopecia-use coconut oil

Using coconut oil and massaging is the first and foremost tip on how to treat alopecia in men naturally. Press a small amount of coconut oil in its purest form down onto the scalp, then massage it with the fingers. Make little circles, not rubbing against the hair roots like many men do. Do this routine for 20 seconds in each scalp area.

This method is well backed up by limited science. Some individuals believe that it can shield the hair, seal in moisture, and supply nutrients to the scalp, and in return enhance the hair growth.

2. Balance The PH Level Of The Hair 

how to treat alopecia-balance the ph level of the hair

Some individuals believe that the human hair cells seem to react to physical stimulation after being kept in the alkaline environment for a long period of time. Thus, you should keep the surface of your scalp alkaline for about 1 week and massage it regularly in the next week. This could be done by checking the labels of chemicals of the products that you use.

It is shown that male pattern hair loss is almost gene dependent and that there is a small chance of getting rid of it completely. However, there might still be hope. If you keep your scalp health with the strictly regulated environment, along with using proper massage techniques, you can boost hair growth and slow the development of hair loss.

3. Use Natural Hair Care Products

how to treat alopecia-use natural hair care products

Normally, hair loss happens with age and it is the natural process of the human body to deteriorate when times passes. Nevertheless, the products that you are using might be exacerbating the condition. Thus, for starters, they should avoid and decrease using artificial shampoos as well as gels which are full of toxic chemicals – instead, go for products which are all-natural.

Make use of suitable herbal oil and carry out a head massage at least two times per week as it will help improve the blood circulation in your scalp. Then, wash the hair with a natural, basic shampoo and let it dry out thoroughly. We could put stress on the follicle and putting it down.

4. Use Some Home Remedies 

how to treat alopecia-use some home remedies

There is a home remedy for almost everything recent days, and that does not except for hair loss. By using some home remedies, you could manage your hair loss condition naturally. Despite there is no science to back it up, you can still try some of them, described below:

  • Use an egg yolk and rub it over your scalp, massage after that. Then, rinse your scalp with water yet let the residue stay in the hair. In the next morning, wash it out or do it when you feel the demand. Also, use an egg yolk oil instead and let it stay on your scalp overnight.
  • Apply the mixture of orange juice, vinegar, and milk to your hair. Then, brush the scalp gently. Use a prickly brush to scrape the dead skin from your scalp gently. Finally, wash your hair thoroughly.
  • Make use of peanut butter. You can use peanut butter to treat alopecia by spreading a thin layer over your affected scalp area, wait for about ½ – 1 hour before washing your hair thoroughly. Do this routine again every other day. To get the best results possible, you should go for all-natural peanut butter.

5. Check Your Insulin Levels

how to treat alopecia-check your insulin levels

Do you know that excess levels of insulin circulating in the blood are linked with the presence of hair loss in men? This suggests that avoid excess carbs and keeping fit will help you have a full head of hair, even when there is no study proving it conclusively, at the very least it will make you both look and feel better in other ways.

6. Eat Power Foods For Hair Health

how to treat alopecia-eat power foods for hair health

A healthy, well-balanced nutrition plan is very important when it comes to learning how to treat alopecia. Eating hair-loss fighting power foods is a good way to slow down the developing process of your hair loss condition. It is shown that vitamin A enhances the growth and health of cells, containing hair follicles. By consuming the foods mentioned below, your hair health will be improved:

  • Fortified milk
  • Fish or liver oil
  • Yellow, red, and orange fruits and veggies such as carrots and dark green leafy veggies

7. Drink Plenty Of Water

how to treat alopecia-drink plenty of water

Dehydration also worsens your hair loss problem. If your own body is not hydrated, your skin along with hair cells will not be able to develop and flourish. In order to keep the hair growing and healthy, drink lots of water. It is recommended to take 3 liters of water per day. In return, you could also notice weight loss if doing so.

Soda, coffee, and tea are dehydrating, in general.
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Thus, you should stick to unsweetened teas and water as well as juices. Nonetheless, watch out for the caffeine in the tea you drink too.
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Remember to read the labels of what you take to make sure you are not getting the sugar.

8. Manage Stress

how to treat alopecia-manage stress

In regard to essential ways on how to treat alopecia, managing stress is very important. Fact is, stress can make your hair fall out. No jokes at all. It has been long thought that stress could impact negatively the hair health. If you live a stressed life, you might find your hair fall down more than when living a chaotic life. Take some yoga, meditation, reading or just simply relaxing and calming music. This will help you manage your hair loss condition. Also, you could distress your head by avoid wearing tight hats or anything that tugs on your follicles.

In conclusion, 8 out of most important tips on how to treat alopecia above are what you could take action right today to slow down and manage your hair fall. Despite it is very hard to reverse the condition completely, by following a healthy lifestyle, you can minimize its effect.

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