How to set weight loss goals and stick to them

Now that the holiday season is on us a lot of people are starting to pay attention to their weight. What with all of the cookies, and amazing snacks that we eat during the holiday season it’s no wonder why so many people make new years resolutions at the start of January. The problem is most people don’t reach their weight loss goals for the year. Why is that? Is it a lack of motivation? A lack of knowledge? Today, we are going to go over how to set weight loss goals for yourself so that you can get the results that you really want to.

How To Set Weight Loss Goals Basic Steps

Writing Down Your Goals

How To Set Weight Loss Goals - Writing Down Your Goals

This is a big piece of advice that could really change the results that you see. Almost all high paid personal trainers advise that their clients write down their goals.

A written goal means that you are committing to something, it shows that you really have a goal that you want to achieve. The biggest fear that most people have is that they will write down their goal, and then later on not achieve it. This should not be something that will hold you back, since writing down your goal will be one of the main things that will help you hit it.

Write down your goal on a piece of paper, sign it, and then put it somewhere where you will see it. I personally always keep my goals up on my mirror, that way I see them every morning when I get ready for the day.

Reduce Your Calories

How To Set Weight Loss Goals - Reduce Your Calories

Want to know something that all fad diets have in common? They all reduce the amount of calories that you put into your body, this is why all of them help you lose weight. Studies show that a calorie deficit is what will always result in weight loss, all you have to do is choose how you are going to achieve a calorie deficit. There are some great apps available that can help you achieve you goals such as My Fitness Pal, which will help you keep track of the amount of calories that you eat.

Supplements can help as well, however I would like to caution you that supplements are no replacement for hard work and diet. If you do decide to take supplements decide what kind of workout regime you are following and what kind of supplements you need. For instance if you are looking at doing crossfit consider Progenex, or if you are looking at bodybuilding consider companies such as GNC. Please remember however that most supplement companies only want your money and don’t care about your results. I recommend that beginners stay away from supplements.


How To Set Weight Loss Goals - Exercise

If you are looking to lose weight, cardio is a great way to burn calories and keep yourself in a calorie deficit. Long sessions of cardio will also give you a lot of cardiovascular benefits as well. A big problem that I see among people who are trying to lose weight is they all seem to think that jogging is the only answer to cardio. This just isn’t true, cardio can be done in many ways, and all of them have their benefits. If you find that jogging isn’t your thing, consider using an elliptical machine, biking, or just going out and hiking. These little exercises are great and will make a big difference in the way you feel and look.


How to set weight loss goals and stick to them

Losing weight really is as easy as specified above. You don’t need any complicated machines, diets, or pills. Don’t worry about doing the latest fad program or hiring a personal trainer to be next to you the whole way. These are all basic things that can help you on how to set weight loss goals and motivate you, but if you have the drive then all you need to do is eat less and exercise more. The key is to keep yourself motivated, make sure you write down that goal, commit to a program, and go out there and get going. This way next year you can look back fondly and feel good about all of the progress you have made.

Guest post is by: Ryan Blair has been in the fitness space for over 7 years now, if you would like to contact him you can connect with him on LinkedIn

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