How to prevent sunburn from getting worse naturally – 7 tips

Summer is the time when many people want to play outside. However, when you do not apply sunblock or sunscreen, it is possible for you to get sunburn and tanned during the summer time. The symptoms will make you feel pain and have uncomfortable sensation. It is said that if you get enough variety of foods such as tomato paste, fish oil, canned flamingo and drink green tea regularly, it will help you prevent sunburn. When you suffer from sunburn, it will get hurt, uncomfortable and unhealthy. Moreover, your skin will peel. So, what you can do to alleviate the symptoms and reduce sunburn. Although some prescribe medications and over-store screen will help you resolve the ailment, they will cause many side effects for your health.

Are there any home remedies and effective techniques on how to prevent sunburn from getting worse naturally? Of course, the answer is yes.

How To Prevent Sunburn From Getting Worse Naturally – Effective Home Remedies And Techniques

Sunburn, skin damage, happens when you get exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays. It will make your skin red, tender, sore, warm and itchy. Your skin starts peeling after a few days and then after seven days, it will heal completely. The sunburn is mild and short-lived; however, it is important to prevent your skin from getting sunburn and tanned. The reason may be that sunburn will increase the risk of developing serious skin conditions and problems such as skin cancer. Therefore, you should be aware of your skin and keep your skin from getting too hot when you go outside and get exposed to the sunlight.

  There are some factors that make people more vulnerable to sunburn caused by ultraviolet rays.
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For example, people who have white, pale and light brown skin will have more chances of developing sunburn. People with red fair hair

will be vulnerable to this problem. When you live in a hot country where you get exposed to intense sunlight, you will easily suffer from sunburn and other skin damages caused by ultraviolet rays. If you or one member of your family is sensitive to sunlight, some skin care tips should be concerned in order to prevent your skin from sun damage. You should make sure that you provide your children necessary protection because overexposure to sunlight will make it possible to develop serious skin problems such as skin cancer. Most sunburn can be treated at home with home remedies. Only in severe cases, you should seek medical help. It is time for me to introduce to you on some effective home remedies and techniques on how to prevent sunburn from getting worse naturally.

1. Aloe Vera: 

how to prevent sunburn-aloe vera

If you want to ask me the natural home remedies on how to prevent sunburn from getting worse, I should recommend aloe vera. By applying some aloe vera on the affected areas, you will boost the process of healing. Aloe vera is often used in many countries such as Latin America, Russia, India, and Japan. Some patients after trying this treatment find the relief for sunburn. It is proven to alleviate the pain caused by sunburn. Therefore, you should go ahead and try it. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is important to consult the professionals immediately to make sure that this treatment is suitable for you.

2. Vitamin D

how to prevent sunburn-vitamin d

Increasing vitamin D intake is the effective way on how to prevent sunburn. A recent study has suggested that vitamin D will increase sun tolerance and protect you from sun damage. Therefore, it is recommended to consume vitamin D from foods and take vitamin D supplement daily. In order to do this treatment, you should consult the doctor first to know the suitable amount of vitamin D you should take and its side effects.

3. Drink Tea:

how to prevent sunburn-drink tea

If you want to look for the way on how to prevent sunburn, tea is beneficial for you. The reason may be that tea has polyphenols that keep you from getting skin tumors. Moreover, drinking tea will help you to alleviate the inflammation and keep you from DNA damage. Besides drinking tea that helps you to keep the sunburn at bay, applying green tea on the affected areas will help you to treat sunburn naturally and effectively.

4. Lycopene

how to prevent sunburn-lycopene

Lycopene is the natural carotenoid which is found in tomatoes. This carotenoid is proven to keep the sun damage at bay. It is said that the patients will achieve significant relief when they consume 55 g of tomato paste which has 16 mg of lycopene. However, it is important to cook tomatoes and products such as sauce and paste. The possible reason may be that cooked tomatoes will give you more lycopene than raw tomatoes. Therefore, it is worthy for you to try if you want to treat or prevent from sunburn.

5. Milk: 

how to prevent sunburn-milk

The dermatologist said that cool milk should be applied on sunburns as the natural way on how to prevent sunburn from getting worse. You should use a clean cloth or gauze to apply the milk on the affected skin areas. The milk will help you to create a protein film that helps to alleviate the discomfort.
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6. Vinegar: 

how to prevent sunburn-vinegar

Patients find relief for sunburn after using vinegar treatment several times. In order to try vinegar treatment, you should mix one part of vinegar with one part of water and apply on the areas which get exposed to sunlight. It is considered as home remedy on how to prevent sunburn from getting worse although there are still not many evidences to show the effectiveness of vinegar.

7. Coconut oil: 

how to prevent sunburn-coconut oil

Many people use coconut oil as the sunblock to prevent sunburns and numerous patients also apply coconut oil on the affected skin areas with sunburns. Therefore, coconut should be added into the list of home remedies on how to prevent sunburn.

These are 7 home remedies and techniques on how to prevent sunburn from getting worse naturally. I hope that you will find these tips helpful and effective. If you have any questions to ask me, please leave your comments bellow. I will answer you all.

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