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Yoli Shake is a nutrient-dense whey protein shake designed to supply the body with the nutrients it needs to power through the day. The product is low in calories and may be used as a diet aid on its own, with other elements added into the mix.

So is Yoli’s shake solution a viable option for weight loss, or is there something to be desired? Below, we will take a look at the ingredients and nutritional worth of this shake mix.

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Yoli Shake Overview

The company, Yoli makes the Yoli Shake. The name comes from the Aztec word meaning “to live,” which the web copy claims are about the ways these products work to transform users’ financial (yes, really) and physical fitness. In other words, Yoli Shake is part of a multi-level marketing company that relies on “distributors” to sell to their friends and family.

The Yoli Shake comes in both chocolate and vanilla and is sold both in the Better Body Kit, as well as on its own. The product is a whey protein shake, sweetened with stevia, with vitamins, probiotics, and more included in the mix.

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Yoli Shake Claims

The makers of Yoli Shake don’t try to claim that this product, in particular, is a weight loss tool. The product description states that the shake is made to be used as a boost. You’re getting small doses of vitamins, plus a superfood blend, probiotics, and whey protein. The shake doesn’t contain the highest protein counts or the most nutrients per ounce, but it stands to be a complementary addition to your existing diet plan.

In all, it’s a low-calorie, low-sugar shake. On its own, it’s nothing special. But, the makers of this product have put together a larger weight loss plan, which includes the shake we’re discussing here, plus some additional supplements that claim to transform your life.

The Better Body System (Yoli’s diet) doesn’t claim to help you lose x amount of pounds per 28-day period. The kit is customizable—based on your personal goals. So, you might get the shake (which maintains the body’s pH and staves off hunger pangs), along with the company’s Thermo-burn blend and probiotics.

Based on our quick look at the Yoli Shake the product looks like it might be a viable solution for people looking for a convenient way to deliver the nutrients you need to support the various systems in the body, as well as

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Yoli Shake Ingredients

Yoli Shake s a pretty simple product. It contains brown rice protein and amino acids, and that’s it. So, below, we’ll take a look at what this soy and whey alternative stands to do for your body and where it comes up short:

  • Whey Protein
  • Bacillus Coagulans
  • LeanImmune Blend
  • Vitamins and Minerals

Whey protein is the focal point of this particular shake. Whey, sourced from cow’s milk, comes with a complete amino acid profile, which works to replenish your muscles after a workout. Whey protein is thought to help you increase strength and gain muscles, while at the same time, can help you lose body fat.

You’ll also get 500 mg per serving of the probiotic, Bacillus coagulans. This ingredient is often used as a way of treating diarrhea and other digestive system issues. It may also stimulate muscle recovery and lower insulin levels.
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All positive things, but this shake doesn’t contain as many probiotics as you’d get by just taking a dedicated probiotic.

There are small amounts of a handful of vitamins and minerals in the formula—vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. It seems like these nutrients come from the range of fruit and vegetable extracts in the blend—pomegranate, olive leaf, carrot.

Overall, this product seems to contain some good ingredients, but you’re not getting as much as you could by either using another whey protein shake—many of which have more protein per serving—or by taking a multivitamin that will give you more than 4 or 6 percent of your daily value with use.

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The Science Behind Yoli Shake

Overall, there’s nothing inherently bad about Yoli Shake. The product contains 12 grams of protein and just 2 grams of sugar per serving, and you’ll get a decent amount of probiotics. But, there are countless other shakes on the market that give you more protein, vitamins, and minerals for a similar calorie content.

While the formula claims to be low in sugar due to the use of stevia rather than cane sugar, this product also contains xylitol, a sugar alcohol that may have a laxative effect.

The website itself states that the original Yoli Shake formula is designed for people who don’t want a ton of additives, vitamins, sugars or flavors, preferably a whole food source of protein. So, that makes it a little different than some of the superfood drink mixes we’ve taken a look at.

That said, the important thing here is, Yoli Shake contains a complete amino acid profile, which means you’re getting a total protein.

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Word on the Street about Yoli Shake

Based on our look at the product’s Amazon page, it seems that this is one of the better tasting shakes on the market. That said, something seems off about the reviewers. Aside from blog posts that evaluated this product against their own offerings, this product didn’t have many comments that showcased its pros or its cons.

Comments said things like: “I love this product.” “Best protein shake.” “Great taste.” We failed to find any additional comments that went into detail—mentioning whether or not the shake helped them lose weight or if the presence of xylitol caused them any digestive problems.

The fact that Yoli, as a company falls into the multi-level marketing category means there are a ton of brand ambassadors selling this product from their own social media channels—and unfortunately, that means you’re getting biased reporting on whether the shake is a good product or if the whole Yoli transformation system actually works.

Is Yoli Shake Worth a Try?

Aside from the fact that this product could stand to pack more nutrients into the product, this product could be a decent option for people looking for a low-calorie shake that offers a fair amount of protein.
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But, the cost could be an issue for some people.

A 30-shake canister costs $100 on Amazon, which seems pretty steep. We could understand charging this much for a shake that contains all your essential nutrients, but this one comes up short.

The other issue with Yoli Shake is, the product contains xylitol, which may cause some people to experience gas, diarrhea, or other digestive woes. While many people will be able to consume this product with no issues at all, it’s worth bringing up, as some people might not appreciate that this ingredient is present in the blend.

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Yoli Shake FAQs

  1. How Much Does Yoli Shake Cost?
    If you opt for purchasing the product through Amazon, you can expect to pay roughly $100 per container. Each container holds 30 servings of the product–so assuming you’ll be using the shake once or twice a day, it should last between 15 and 30 days.
    If you buy directly from the website, the product is $80. This price is available to all customers, no membership required. Preferred members
  2. Do I Need to Participate in the Multi-Level Marketing Program to Try this Product?
    No. Again, you can buy the product on Amazon. Unfortunately, though, the best deals are provided to those people who literally buy into the program.
  3. Does Yoli Shake Feature a Complete Nutritional Profile?
    At a glance, it looks pretty good. The product contains just 2 grams of sugar and 90 calories per serving. But, the product doesn’t contain very high concentrations of vitamins and minerals and has just 12 grams of protein. In all, it contains a lot of good components, but we feel that there are better options out there.

What Actually Works

One of the best products our review team has found is the metabolism-boosting shake, 18Shake. The shake contains a number of vitamins and minerals, as well as whey protein and amino acids to promote fat burning. With 90 calories and one gram of sugar, this product is the perfect supplement for any diet regimen.

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