Possible Causes And Symptoms Of Tachycardia

causes and symptoms of tachycardia

Among many types of heart diseases, tachycardia is known as a common one, which refers to the abnormal fast heartbeat. So how to determine whether you have tachycardia or not. Actually, doctors show that if anyone has the heartbeat over 100 times every minute, that one is suffering from tachycardia disease. You may come up with another question if anyone has the slow heartbeat. In fact, there also exists a form of heart disease that the heart beats slowly, whose name is bradycardia. However, in this article, we concentrate on the possible causes and symptoms of tachycardia, fast heartbeat problem, thus, those who have this disease should not ignore this topic.

Possible Causes And Symptoms Of Tachycardia

I. Three Forms Of Tachycardia Condition

As said above, tachycardia is the fast heartbeat condition. In general, there are three major types of tachycardia disease, including supraventricular, ventricular, and sinus tachycardia. Before going to the possible causes and common symptoms of tachycardia condition, VKool.com would like to show you some facts about each of three types of tachycardia. Firstly, supraventricular is the condition that the heartbeat is speeded up because the electrical signals in the upper chambers fire abnormally. Due to the fast beat, there will not be enough blood to supply to other organs.

The second type of tachycardia is ventricular. In contrast to the supraventricular, there is something wrong happening in the lower chambers but the same result is a shortage of blood to other parts of your body.

Sinus tachycardia is the third one that happens as your heart’s pacemaker releases the faster electric signals in comparison with the normal ones. As a result, the ticker beats fast, however, it beats in the way it should. Based on these three types, we will show you the causes and common symptoms of tachycardia condition.

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II. Causes Of Tachycardia

symptoms of tachycardia - causes of tachycardia

Cardiologists said that there were many possible reasons for this health condition. In overall, if you have tachycardia, it means that there is something wrong happening to disrupt or change the normal electrical impulses. As a result, the rate of the heartbeat will be affected. After researching a lot about this condition, researchers have shown the possibility of many causes that will be considered as the big obstacles, in turn, leading to many symptoms of tachycardia disease. You can refer to the list of causes below:

  • Possible side effects and reactions to certain medicines or treatments. It is likely to occur due to the inadaptability to medications or something else going wrong.
  • Some forms of heart disease cause damage to the heart tissues as well as a poor blood supply. For instance, coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, heart muscle disease, heart failure, tumors, or infections are also possible things.
  • Congenital abnormal electrical pathways in people’s heart.
  • Stress, anxiety, shocks and other psychological conditions can cause tachycardia.
  • Anemia is able to cause this health condition as well.
  • Exercise
  • Fever
  • People who have low or high blood pressure can also be patient.
  • If you some bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, caffeinated beverages, you may suffer from fast heartbeat condition.
  • Abusing recreational drugs like cocaine is more likely to cause tachycardia.
  • Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) is another cause of tachycardia disease.
  • If there is an imbalance of electrolytes that are known as mineral-related substances required for conducting electrical impulses in your body, you can have the risk of tachycardia.
  • Sometimes, doctors and cardiologists cannot determine what results in many symptoms of tachycardia as well.

We have listed out some basic and major causes of tachycardia disease in humans. After reading this section, do you understand deeper about this form of heart disease? It is the right time for you to look at the common symptoms of tachycardia.

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III. Common Symptoms Of Tachycardia

Actually, we think that by combining the information about causes and symptoms of tachycardia, you can reconsider your health condition in general, and your heart health, in particular in order to determine whether you are on the edge of suffering from the fast heartbeat problem or not.

By investigating and observing patients’ feels as well as reports, cardiologists said that there was a range of symptoms of tachycardia disease, actually. As mentioned above, when the heart beats more rapidly than normal pace, blood carrying oxygen may not be transferred to other parts of the body in an effective way, thereby negatively affecting the operation and function of other organs and tissues as well, followed by many serious symptoms or even other diseases. Among many symptoms of tachycardia, on this topic, we decide to mention some of them, which are the most common and easiest to realize.

1. Possible Symptoms Of Tachycardia – Shortness Of Breath

One of the initial symptoms of tachycardia is a shortness of breath. Actually, you can find that the sudden shortness of breath can be a symptom of many diseases, especially heart diseases. Regarding tachycardia, it is. Tachycardia patients often have the sudden shortness of breath and face some difficulties in breathing. When it happens, it means you are in the dangerous condition that should have first aids and call an emergency. Even though you can control your breath again, you are highly recommended to go to the doctor to have a health check because it is likely to suffer from some diseases, including tachycardia.

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2. Dizziness

symptoms of tachycardia - dizziness

Another of common symptoms of tachycardia is dizziness. In fact, you may have dizziness in your lives due to different reasons. Sometimes, you feel too tired because of a huge workload and in turn, you can get dizziness. In another case, you work in the sun for hours; you also can get this symptom. Actually, we can explain this phenomenon by many ways but most of them relating to the abnormal health condition. Nevertheless, if it occurs regularly and suddenly, you should consider your health immediately because maybe, you have one type of the heart diseases such as tachycardia. Therefore, you need to be aware of your condition and have a proper control and adjustment.

To give you some more information, we show you some following facts about dizziness. According to doctors, there are some main types of dizziness, including vertigo, lightheadedness, anxiety, and disequilibrium. Especially, tachycardia patients are proved to get lightheadedness very often. Specifically, lightheadedness is a symptom resulted from a temporary decline in blood pumped to your brain. It will subside with time if the actual cause of lightheadedness is not severe blood loss, stroke, or heart disease. Sometimes, lightheadedness is considered as an indicator of an underlying medical condition. Tachycardia is not an exception. As we explained, when you experience the fast pulse, an enough amount of blood might not be pumped into other organs, including your brain. In turn, it causes lightheadedness. In conclusion, if you have dizziness as well as lightheadedness on a regular basis, you should ask your doctor for recommendations. It may relate to symptoms of tachycardia disease.

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3. Possible Symptoms Of Tachycardia – Confusion

Next, we are going to show you another of symptoms of tachycardia. Confusion is the third one. In general, confusion is a mental status that people are not able to think as usual level of clarity. Respectively, you might lose your ability to recognize something around you such as people, places, or time and date. In addition, you may have feelings of disorientation. In addition, your decision-making ability is also impaired. People who have the fast pulse condition will have this symptom, which is not so amazing.

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4. Hypotension

In the list of possible symptoms of tachycardia, we cannot ignore hypotension that refers to the low blood pressure status. It is not a strange health condition. Specifically, if anyone has the level of systolic blood pressure is lower than 90 mm Hg or less than 60 mm Hg of diastolic blood pressure is also considered as low blood pressure patients. Fainting and dizziness are also its own symptoms that you can see.

There are many causes of this health condition varying from dehydration to some serious medical disorders. In accordance with cardiologists, tachycardia can reveal through the low blood pressure as well. Because the level of blood pumped into other parts and flowing in blood vessels is low, then the pressure it has on the vessels. It is nothing better than going to a hospital and having a health check.

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5. Possible Symptoms Of Tachycardia – Syncope (Fainting)

syncope (fainting)

Among many symptoms of tachycardia, syncope or fainting is more serious. It is defined as a temporary loss of posture as well as consciousness that is caused by the temporary insufficient blood transfers to your brain. As said above, scientists point out that fainting often goes with the low blood pressure. In conjunction with tachycardia, the explanation can be like that the patient’s heart cannot pump a normal amount of blood with oxygen to their brain. In turn, they get fainting. By the way, syncope or fainting is a serious health problem that you should not ignore. Instead, you are recommended going to a hospital and have a proper treatment. Otherwise, it will leave bad results for your health.

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6. Possible Symptoms Of Tachycardia – Palpitations

We would like to show you the last health status relating to symptoms of tachycardia that you need to aware. Palpitations cannot be skipped. This symptom makes you feel that your heart is beating too fast and skipping a beat. Imagine that you are going to have an appointment with a president, you may worry too much, and your heart starts to beat so fast that you cannot control it. Heart palpitations are somehow like that. You can notice it in your chest, throat, and neck. Actually, palpitation itself is not very harmful and they will go away. Nevertheless, in a case of relating to tachycardia condition, it should be paid more attention.

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In conclusion, all of the health conditions that we have shown you are possible symptoms of tachycardia. If you have almost all of them, it is undoubted that you can be suffering from tachycardia. Don’t be hesitate to go to a hospital. We hope that this article with useful information about fast heartbeat problem can help you resist this disease or at least it raises your awareness about these conditions & diseases as well.

To sum up, we have provided you some facts, causes, and symptoms of tachycardia. If you have any comments, questions, and recommendations, you are highly appreciated to leave all of them under the topic. We are thankful for that and try to reply you as soon as possible. We also hope that our main site Health will be your favorite site with a big deal of informative threads about health. Let’s join with us and leave your feedbacks and sharing!

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