How to prevent yeast infections naturally – 10 easy tips

Yeast infections impact most women and it is among most common complaints among women of childbearing age. A yeast infection happens when the imbalance of the vaginal flora is interfered because of environmental changes, certain medications, or underlying health problems, which lead to an overdevelopment of yeast candida albicans.

Experts diagnose a sufferer that he/she tends to have recurrent yeast infections when he/she experiences 4, even more yeast infections annually.

This condition impacts about 5% of women.

If you are among those numbers of women, you should find some effective ways on how to prevent yeast infections naturally. Fortunately, this article done by Van Tran from will show you top 10 helpful ways to do it without using drugs or medications. Take a quick look!

How To Prevent Yeast Infections – 10 Useful Tips 

1. Keep The Vaginal Area Clean And Dry

how to prevent yeast infections-keep the vaginal area clean and dry

This should be the initial tip on how to prevent yeast infections. Yeast flourishes in such a warm and moist environment. Thus, you should opt for cotton underwear instead of those synthetic ones as the natural fibers tend to be more breathable.

You should also avoid wearing tights, tight clothing or pantyhose. Remember to change out of the wet swimsuit instantly after going swimming. It possible, go without underwear whilst sleeping or change into the new, fresh one before hitting the hay.

2. Avoid Using Dyed Or Scented Personal Hygiene Products 

how to prevent yeast infections-avoid using dyed or scented personal hygiene products

It is better for you to opt for unscented toilet paper. Scented and dyed toilet paper could lead to irritation in some individuals that could trigger yeast infections. You should also switch to clear and free or eco-friendly laundry detergents as well as fabric softeners or go without fabric softener while doing your laundry.

Also, avoid sanitary pads, scented tampons, and underwear liners. Make use of gentle cleansers to wash your vaginal area instead of deodorant soaps as they might upset the balance of bacteria as well as yeast within the vagina. Douches are also not good for the vaginal flora’s balance.

3. Opt For Condoms Without Spermicide

how to prevent yeast infections-opt for condoms without spermicide

If you undergo frequent irritation from spermicides, then you should opt for condoms without spermicide. Some women are sensitive to the spermicdie nonoxynol-9, so if they repeatedly use spermicidal condoms might result in yeast infections.

4. Ask Your Sexual Partner To Test For Yeast Infections

how to prevent yeast infections-ask your sexual partner to test for yeast infections

You had better talk to your doctor about what you concern. Despite yeast infection is not a STD, some professionals recommend treatments for sex partners if one personal has an infection to help prevent the recurrent yeast infections.

5. Use Low-Dose Hormonal Birth Control

how to prevent yeast infections-use low-dose hormonal birth control

If you are suffering from frequent presence of yeast infections, then you should consider going for a low-dose hormonal birth control method instead of a high-dose one.

6. Add Milk Products To Your Meal

how to prevent yeast infections-add milk products to your meal

When it comes to natural ways on how to prevent yeast infections, it is better for you to make use of milk products including the bacteria acidophilus lactobacillus to your current diet. These products could be kefir, yogurt, and acidophilus milk. It is believed that eating products including this kind of bacteria could help restore the vaginal flora’s balance and help prevent the occurrence of yeast infections.

7. Decrease The Intake Of Sugar

how to prevent yeast infections-decrease the intake of sugar

This tip is recommended by a lot of professionals in the natural health community, yet many doctors think that it does not impact directly on preventing the happening of yeast infections.

8. Get Enough Sleep

how to prevent yeast infections-get enough sleep

Often, your immune system can help keep yeast under its control. However, if you are lacking of sleep, your own immune system might not be able to do the proper function. Thus, you should get adequate sleep and avoid caffeine, heavy meals and exercise within 3 hours before bedtimes. Remember the immune-depressing diseases like HIV and diabetes could also enhance you risk of yeast infections. In addition, if you suffer from diabetes, it is crucial for you to keep your blood sugar levels under your control in order to prevent yeast infections.

9. Dot Not Self-Diagnose

how to prevent yeast infections-dot not self-diagnose

A lot of women make the pitfall of trying to self-diagnose and self-treat of yeast infections. The majority of them who think they have a yeast infection actually do not have. These phantom problems might simply be skin discomfort because of a chemical irritant or a change in discharge before menstruation . Females who regularly buy OTC yeast infection treatment might really make themselves more prone to real yeast infections. This might lead to an enhancing rate of yeast that resists treatment. If you realize any vaginal irritation, then go to see a doctor to identify the source of your own pain.

Learn how to treat vaginal odor at home by following 38 proven natural ways using natural ingredients here.

10. Be Careful Of Preexisting Health Problems

how to prevent yeast infections-be careful of preexisting health problems

It is worth noting that some certain conditions might make you more vulnerable to yeast infections. Those women with compromised immune systems as well as women during pregnancy are all a higher risk of yeast infections. Thus, managing your own medical problems might be useful in decreasing your yeast infection risk. This is important if you really want to know how to prevent yeast infections naturally.

There, you have known 10 out of most important tips on how to prevent yeast infections naturally. These tips though are simple but are very crucial in the success of prevention. Combine all of them at the same time so you can get the best possible results.
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