18 sneaky tips to eat less and lose weight from nutritionists

In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you really consume, which inevitably means portion control. However, you tend to not stop eating until you reach your goal. Fact is, portion control does not simply mean that you need to eat tiny portions of all things. Instead, you should take few calories. So, how to eat less? Use 18 tips to eat less and lose weight here so you will be to gain a healthy weight without counting the minutes till your next meal. Take a look from VKool.com!

18 Tips To Eat Lose And Lose Weight – Simple But Practical

1. Begin With A Glass Of Water

tips to eat less Before starting your meals, you should drink a big glass of water (about 16 ounces) to fill your belly with water, thereby naturally making you eat less. Moreover, for most people, they often misunderstand the symptoms of dehydration with the symptom of being hungry, so sipping a significant amount of water before eating might eradicate your “hunger” altogether.

2. Wear Form-Fitting Clothes

tips to eat less When it comes to weird tips to eat less, this is one of the most effective. You can make use of your form-fitting clothes to avoid overeating. However, that does not mean that you need to squeeze into the pants which are too tight. Just try to choose the outfit with a waistband or maybe a jacket with buttons could serve as a tool to assist you in slowing down and assessing how you might feel during the meal. When your clothing starts to feel a little snugger, you will know it is time to stop eating. Recommend reading: how to stop emotional eating

3. Fill Up With Veggies And Salads

tips to eat less Bulking up your meals with vegetables is considered as one of the easy ways to cut down the calories while still filling you up quickly. These are old diet tips, yet watch out for tricks and pitfalls. Just make sure that your salad is not added with sugar or oil based dressing. Rather than, you should use simple vinegar with black pepper and oregano. The same for the soups – that means you had better consume water based soups only, such as lobster bisque, cream of mushroom, and clam chowder.

4. Go For Dinnerware That Helps You Lose Weight

tips to eat less The color of the plates you use might affect how much you eat each meal, according to prestigious study. It is shown that when a certain plate and the food  on it had a low color-contrast, people might served themselves at about 22% more than when there was a higher color-contrast. Thus, nutritionists suggest that if you want to eat less, you should opt for the plates which have a high color-contrast to the food you eat.

5. Let Carbs Be At The Topper, Not The Base

tips to eat less You should rethink the way you starches as well as grains. Take a breakfast parfait, for example: rather than starting with a granola base, fill your cup with the yogurt and then sprinkle just a small amount of granola on the top. Check out: healthy breakfast ideas

6. Set The Circumstance For Eating Slowly

tips to eat less To eat less than usual, you should set a specific circumstance with dimmed lights and relaxing music so you will be able to enjoy a more leisurely meal. Take your time whilst eating will increase your enjoyment and reduce your portions. Besides, you should put down your fork between your bites, and sip water to make the meal last longer.

7. Work For Your Food

tips to eat less This is one of the easiest tips to eat less by slowing down your eating speed: munch on the foods which require peeling, shelling, or individual unwrapping. Edamames, oranges, and pistachios in their shells might be healthy and easy-to-find options.

8. Avoid Eating From The Box Or Bag 

tips to eat less When sitting down with even a small bag of chips, do you really know how much you are consuming? It is pointed out that people tend to eat 50% more chips when they are not given any visual cues as to how large the portion should be. Hence, do not by a tin of nuts or a bag of pretzels that includes 10 servings. What you should do is to divide into 10 smaller bags ahead of time.

9. Start Your Meal With Some Soup

tips to eat less Before diving in to your main meal, you should have some soup. Despite it might seem counterintuitive to add more food to your meal, it is shown that beginning the meal with soup can help you decrease the overall calorie intake. People who consume soup before their lunch might reduce the total intake of calorie by up to 20%. Go for a soup made mainly from broth, preferably with vegetables to help you feel much fuller from the natural fiber.

10. Add Chia Seeds

tips to eat less They are low in calories, tiny and high in protein and fiber – one tablespoon of chia seeds includes 69 calories, 2 grams of protein and about 5 grams of fiber. Also, chia seeds expand in liquid, which means that you could bulk up your food. As a result, you could prevent overeating effectively. Sprinkle them on cereal or yogurt, or add them to a smoothie or baked goods. As chia seeds are small and do not have a distinct taste, so they will not distract you from what you are consuming.

11. Eat Slowly 

tips to eat less This is one of the most popular tips to eat less. Mindful eating can help you enjoy your foods more while helping you feel fuller more quickly. So, slow down and enjoy each bite of your own – you will realize when to stop eating faster than if you are wolfing it down. In addition, sitting down when eating can help you eat more slowly.

12. Spice It Up 

tips to eat less You will be more likely to enjoy food which is much more flavor than the bland food, so spice it up. According to a study, people tend to take 60 fewer calories if cayenne pepper is added to the tomato soup they consume. In fact, spices do not just suppress your own appetite, either; they can boost metabolism and might help you use less salt in the food as they already impart so much flavor.

13. Limit Distractions During Mealtime

tips to eat less While eating, you should shut down the TV and put down your smartphone while eating. A recent study showed that people who kept watching TV while eating tended to eat more than those who ate without any distraction. Thus, you should consider taking your lunch break away from the desk if you really want to eat less.

14. Sugar-Free Gum

tips to eat less To eat less, you should carry sugar-free gum in your purse or pocket. The ingredients within chewing gum could curb your food cravings and help you eat less. And, in case your friend has a junk fest which contains cookies, potatoes chips, and ice cream, and you are trying to stick to your healthy diet, then sugar-free gum will help you control your cravings effectively.

15. Use Smaller Dishes And Large Forks

tips to eat less To portion control your meal, you should go for smaller dishes and larger forks. It is because the large bowls will sever you more without you even realize it. And, though using larger forks sounds ridiculous, but as a study published recently, eating with a larger fork could help people consume less food. You might think that you are making more progress on your own meal and eat more, yet in fact, you eat less. So, dish up your food with the small utensil onto a small plate or bowl. Then, chances are you will eat less.

16. End Your Meal With A New Type Of Sweet Treat

tips to eat less Many people are familiar with the habit of having a sweet treat at the end of their meal. Swap in a healthier, new ritual after meals to signal that you have done eating. It is recommended that you should brew a flavorful decaf tea such as cinnamon, peppermint, chocolate or one of your own favorite fruity varieties for no- or low-calorie satisfier.

17. Use Your Non-Dominant Hand 

tips to eat less This might be one of the little-known tips to eat less. Whether you enjoy your snacking or meal, you should try to switch to your own non-dominate hand to eat less. According a research, people who consumed with their non-dominant hand ate less food than those who used their dominant hand.

18. Avoid High-GI Foods That Increase Your Blood Sugar 

tips to eat less Foods which are rich in simple carbohydrates enhance your blood sugar, causing your body to release too much insulin, which in turn will lead to blood sugar to reduce drastically and accelerate your cravings and hunger over and over again. Those foods contain white pasta, white rice, potatoes, cookies and cakes. Above are useful and practical tips to eat less that you should apply right instantly if you really want to create a healthy diet plan and maintain a healthy weight without feeling hungry. Try out some or all of them and then share your results and stories with us by dropping words below the post. We will feedback soon.

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