How To Stop Emotional Eating & Lose Weight For Good With 25 Tips

how to stop emotional eating

Updates: 06/23/2024

It has been a bad day at work. Or, you are stressed. Your children have been misbehaving all day. How do you deal with it? Maybe eating a piece of fried chicken? Or reaching into the bag of chips while zoning out in front of the television? Or, even by snuggling up with a container of ice cream and spoon in bed? We have all caught ourselves giving into emotional eating. In this article, we will give you 25 tips on how to stop emotional eating and lose weightfor good that you can follow and implement easily right from your home.

How To Stop Emotional Eating And Lose Weight For Good – Top 25 Proven Tips

1. Identify The Emotional Eating Triggers

Most people eat for various reasons. So, in order to stop emotional eating, you need to identify your own triggers. What, where, and when makes you usually reach for the comfort of food?

Keep in mind that whilst most emotional eating is linked to uncomfortable feelings, it could also be triggered by negative emotions or also positive emotions.

There are some typical triggers that you should know to determine what type you are facing with:

  • Social. You eat continuously when meeting your friends or other people
  • Emotional. You eat in response to stress, tiredness, boredom, tension, depression, or lonelines.
  • Thoughts. You eat as a result of negative self-worth or making excuses for eating. For instance, scolding oneself for looks or a lack of will power.
  • Situational. You eat because the chance is there; and there are favorite foods on the table that you cannot deny or you eat when you are watching TV, going to the movies or a sporting event.
  • Physiological. You eat in response to physical cues. For instance, increasing hunger due to skipping meals or eating to cure headaches or other pain.

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2. Reduce Anxiety

If depression or stress results in the problem of emotional eating, try doing simple exercises like yoga or deep breathing relaxation to overcome that situation. Besides, coping with the stressor head on as well as resolving the problem rather than letting it smolder in the background is always a sound plan.

3. List Your Daily Activities

This is a unique tip in a lot of tips and tricks on how to stop emotional eating and lose weight revealed by many nutritionist or fitness expert. Make a list of activities that you enjoy doing (other than eating!), such as walking, reading, gardening, etc. Keep this list handy and refer to it when you get the urge to eat. If you give yourself permission to take at least 30 minutes every day to relax, decompress, and unwind. This is your time to take a break from your responsibilities and recharge your batteries.

4. Do Not Deprive Yourself

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It is not uncommon for people trying to lose weight to completely cut out all favorite foods, but then end up bingeing on them later. Allow yourself to have a treat on occasion. That will help you get rid of the food cravings.

5. Ask Yourself Whether You Are Hungry Or Not 

If you have just eaten for a few hours and there is no physical sign of hunger. It means that you might be not really hungry. You should drink a glass of cold water first, then wait your craving pass. It is good way for you to stop emotional eating.

6. Create A Food Diary

This is a critical one in hundreds of ways on how to stop emotional eating and lose weight. Whenever you feel unbearable to get favor from comfort food, just take a moment to define what triggered urges. If you backtrack, you will often find an upsetting event that stimulated the emotional eating cycle. At that time, you should write down what you ate, what happened to upset you, how you felt before, during, and after you ate. After along time of keeping track, you will see some things that reveal the connection between your emotion, mood and food that you eat. 

You can refer the guide of unique plan to stop eating and ways for overcoming emotional eating to get more useful tips on how to get in shape quickly.

7. Find Other Ways To Feed Your Feelings

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There is a fact that once you cannot manage your feeling as well as emotions in the way that does not get involved in food, then you cannot control your eating habits for long time. So, in order to overcome emotional eating, you need to find other ways to adapt and fulfill the emotions. Although it is not enough to understand the cycle of emotional eating or even to understand your current triggers, it still is a huge first step that you should take to achieve your goal. You need alternatives choices that you can turn to for emotional fulfillment.

8. Find Assistance 

You are more likely to stuck with emotional eating if you lack a good support network. It is better if you look towards your friends and family or consider taking part in a support group. If you can associate with other health focused people, you can control your problem. Or, calling up a friend or family member who can take your mind off of eating is another good idea for resolving your problem.

9. Pause When Craving Hits

 The majority of emotional eaters feel unbearable when overcoming their food cravings. When the eating urge hits, you cannot think about anything except food. You are unable to resist the demands that need to be fed, instantly! Because you have tried to resist in the past and failed, you believe that your will power cannot adapt the resistance. Yet, the truth is that you have more power to get rid of your cravings than you think.

10. Abolish The Food

This is a practical and popular way to stop emotional eating. Eliminate all comfort foods in your house, if possible. Also, if you still feel emotional eating, do not go to the grocery store until you have calmed down.

Check the simplest yet healthiest eating plan and tasty and simple food recipes to get helpful techniques to create a good diet for controlling weight.

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11. Reward Yourself

It is necessary to look back and reward yourself what you accomplished along the way of beating emotional eating. It is not reasonable or healthy to restrict your calories for a longtime period. Enjoy what you like. Having a favorite food or meal once each week while trying to lose fat is great for your physical health as well as emotional health.

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12. Choose Healthy Snacks

 Stop emotional eating does not mean that you have to stop eating all what you love but to eat properly. If you feel hungry between meals, just choose a snack like apples, celery, or berries. Or, trying fruit and low-fat cottage cheese is also a good way to control your emotional eating.

13. Make Peace With Food

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You should not see food as the enemy, yet, likewise, do not see it as divine experience. Whether you have a weight problem or not, you usually see food as a form of comfort or reward. The only way to get around this is to strike a balance with regard to how you eat and how you think about food. 

If you do slip up by having a bar of chocolate, then do not beat yourself up about it  –  it most likely has not done irreparable damage to your diet. 

On a mental level, don’t make that chocolate bar an object of dread or desire . It just is a snack. The more you can take the emotion out of food, the more successful your dieting will be. 

14. Sleep

Sleep is also important in control emotional eating.  If you have adequate sleep, you will be able to reduce cravings for carbohydrates and sugary junk food. It can help you stop your unhealthy food cravings and stop your emotional foods well.

15. Consider Advice

If you have tried different methods and you still cannot take control of your personal emotional eating, you can consider the therapies with your doctor. Emotional eating therapy can assist you in understanding the stimulating factors behind your emotional eating and allow you to discover new resolving techniques.

16. Express Your Emotions

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No one knows what you feel, how hard your situation is if you do not tell them.  Holding your emotions lead to emotional, physical and spiritual distress. It is likely to lead you to the cookie jar. So, share your thoughts with others to find the best help.

Want to know more ways to lose weight? Then, you had better check some extremely unique weight loss methods following: hypnosis for safe weight loss and paleo diet plan for fast weight loss.

17.  Move Your Body Choose Activities That You Enjoy

You do not have to do exercise for hours at a time because that just makes you weaker. To stop your problem, you also can do less as you become stronger, more relaxed and more emotionally balanced. This will not only strengthen your health but also stop your food cravings for good.

18. Give Yourself Quiet Time

Everyone all needs peaceful time and rest to check in with themselves.  In that case, you need to take a deep breathe, meditate or do several forms of quiet introspection. We are usually so busy doing that we forget to stop for a moment and think about us. Therefore, if you do not do this, you forget yourself, and you do not meet your demands and end up feeling resentful and using food to soothe those negative feelings. 
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19. Appreciate Yourself

Others are too busy to make you happy or even just chat you.  If you have expectations that others will meet your demands (and they might sometimes…) you will be disappointed more often than not. And the result is that you find the help of foods. It is a vicious circle that you cannot get out if you do not awareness of it.

20. Eat Consciously

When you start to feel you, you should lower you speed of eating and put the fork down. Please set an alarm for about 20 minutes. If 20 minutes elapse and you are still hungry, you can allow yourself to continue eating. During the time of your eating, you should pay attention. Swallow after tasting all the flavors. If you eat mindlessly, forgive yourself. Start over with your following meal. You will be familiar with this process after a little practice.

21. Apply Your Wrong Hand

When it comes to weird ways on how to stop emotional eating and lose weight, apply your wrong hand to pick up foods. If you are right-handed, use your left hand to eat and vice versa. When you use your non-dominant hand, it will slow you down and make you become mindful of your foods. That is a core part of any healthy eating plan. Moreover, it is considered to be the easiest tricks to stop your emotional eating.

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22. See Red

One person named Albers considers that red cues can convey a powerful message to our brain. You should put red things in your house and try enjoying foods with a red plate. Red cues can aid in stopping your emotional eating or make you aware of your bad habits.

23. Find Healthy Substitute Foods With Some Experiments

Look for healthy substitutes for your favorite foods. For instance, try dark chocolate, raw chocolate, and organic chocolate rather than processed chocolate.

If you come up against bread cravings, you can eat gluten free breads or organic whole-meal breads instead. If you have the experience in cheese cravings, you can use goats’ cheese or you can learn how to make nut cheese on your own.

24. Visualize Your Own Life Free From Emotional Eating

Shut your eyes and imagine your dream life. Then, you start to answer these questions including “Where are you? How do you feel? What makes it mysterious? What is your expression?” Just take it easy and enjoy your own nice world. Write your feelings and images down and gradually you can realize many benefits, one of which shows your dream life is great.

At the same time, you are able to break your emotional eating.

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25. Embrace Curiosity embrace curiosity

Almost everybody isn’t curious about what they do and why they do. The major reason may be that they don’t want to become their own worst critics. A Buddhist practice known as inquiry is recommended where you implement your thoughts and your actions with curiosity and kindness. Let’s start.

Sit for 20 minutes and pay attention to these sensations around you: the sounds from your body, the feel from your clothes, and the smell from the air. After that, link those sensations to a particular feeling such as tension and loneliness. Be curious about those sensations without trying to distract yourself and direct the inquiry. Actually, encourage yourself to be amazed at what you are finding out. This sense will assist you in paying attention to the goodness in your current life. It is really important you feel gratitude in place of eating to make to feel good.

In order to lose weight comprehensively, I recommend you should follow the healthy diet plans introduced in this book of natural healthy weight loss meal plan and

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Well, the process of learning 25 ways on how to stop emotional eating and lose weight for good might require from you much effort, time as well as patience. I hope that these 25 tips on how to stop emotional eating and lose weight delivered in this article will be useful for you.
If you are interested in the post, we are open to welcome any discussion or debate about this subject. Leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think. We appreciate your contribution and will answer all as soon as possible.

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