How To Prevent A Stroke Or Heart Attack In Men Naturally At Home

The stroke is a simple brain attack. It will happen when the blood supply to part of the brain is completely cut off. These problems are caused by:

  • A bleed (called a haemorrhagic stroke).
  • Or a blockage (called an ischaemic stroke).

The blood carries a lot of important nutrients and essential oxygen to the brain so the brain can work in the right way. Without blood, all brain cells will be damaged or completely destroyed and they will not be able to do the good job. Because the brain is an important part of the body, it controls everything people do, feel, remember or think, a stroke will affect all these abilities. That is why provides all people this full list of healthy and useful tips about how to prevent a stroke or heart attack in men naturallyathome. Let’s take a look over this writing.

I. Lower Blood Pressure

The high blood pressure problem is a big factor, quadrupling or doubling a stroke risk if the blood pressure isn’t controlled. All people should know that the high blood pressure is one of the biggest contributor to a stroke in both women and men, so if people want to know how to prevent a stroke or heart attack in men, they should know how to lower their level of blood pressure. All men need to monitor their blood pressure and if the blood pressure is elevated, they need to treat it.

Men goal: Maintain their blood pressure from 80 (bottom number) to 120 (top number).

how to prevent a stroke - lower blood pressure

How to prevent a stroke by achieving that goal?

  • All men need to reduce salt in their meals to about 1,500 milligrams per day. it is about a half small spoon.
  • They also need to avoid all kinds of high-cholesterol foods, like burgers, ice cream, and cheese.
  • They need to add four to five cups of vegetables and fruits in their healthy diet plans every day, eat fish 2 to 3 times per week, and severally eat the low-fat dairy adn whole grains.
  • They should get more exercises about 30 minutes of many activities daily.
  • It is very important that men need to quit smoking as soon as posible
  • If needed, they should take some blood pressure medicines with doctor’s advice.

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II. How To Prevent A Stroke With Losing Weight

how to prevent a stroke with losing weight

Obesity is the second thing linking to stroke. If any man is overweight, he needs to lose about ten pounds, if not it will have real impact on the stroke risk.

Men’s goal: Keep the body mass the index (BMI) at twenty – five or less.

How to achieve it:

  • All men need to limit or even avoid completely trans and saturated fats.
  • They should try to take only from 1,500 to 2,000 calories daily (depending on their activities and their current body mass index).
  • They also need to increase their amount of daily exercises, such as activities as golfing, playing tennis, walking, and by making activity part of single day.

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III. How To Prevent A Stroke With More Exercises

how to prevent a stroke with more exercises

Exercise will be the best way that can contribute to lowering men’s blood pressure and losing weight, also exercise is a good & independent stroke prevention. A study showed that a woman who walked 3 hours per week were less likely to get a stroke than a woman who did not walk.

Regular physical activities will help to reduce the blood pressure and lower the risk of getting a stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

There are some simple and healthy tips to get men started.

  • All men need to pick some easy and simple activities that they enjoy. These activites can be: dancing, T’ai Chi, or swimming. They also check out some swimming safety tips to save their health when doing activies.
  • Do not overdo it, they should gradually build up to thirty minutes daily.
  • Men need to warm up before exercising and then they need to cool down afterwards.
  • Men also can find someone to do these exercises with.
  • They should be more active during a day, it is very easy such as using a stair instead of lift or escalatoring and walking to shops instead of driving.

Men’s goal: They need to do exercise at the moderate intensity 5 days per  week.

How to achieve it:

  • Men should take a walk around their neighborhood in the morning after their breakfast.
  • They also start the fitness club with their friends.
  • When people exercise, they need to reach levels at which they are breathing hard, but they can still talk.
  • If men do not have thirty consecutive minutes to do exercises, break it up ten – to fifteen minute sessions daily.

IV. DrinkAlcohol In Moderation

how to prevent a stroke - drink alcohol in moderation

What men have heard is totally true. Drinking will be able to make men less likely to get a stroke. Dr. Rost showed that if people have about 1 drink daily, their risk will be lower. When men begin drinking more than 2 drinks daily, their risks will go up very sharply.

Men’s goal: get to know how to prevent a stroke or heart attack naturallyby drinking the alcohol in a moderation.

How to achieve it:

  • Men should have a glass of the alcohol daily.
  • They need to choose red wine at their  first choice, because the red wine contains resveratrol, which will be able to protect the brain and heart.
  • Watch theirportion sizes. The standard-sized drink is about a five-ounce glass of red wine, 1.5-ounce glass of the hard liquor, or 12-ounce beer.

V. Take A Baby Aspirin

how to prevent a stroke - take a baby aspirin

The landmark study of Women’s Health Initiative showed that all women over age sixty-five who take a baby aspirin daily lower their own stroke risk. Aspirin will help by preventing all blood clots from building. Also for men.

Men’s goal: Take the baby aspirin daily if it is appropriate for them.

How to achieve it: Firstly, they need talk to their own doctor to ensure aspirin is safe and appropriate for them to take. If men have the bleeding disorder, they need to lower their dose to other day or avoid the regimen altogether.

VI. How To Prevent A Stroke By Treating Atrial FibRillation

how to prevent a stroke by treating atrial fibrillation

The atrial fibrillation isthe irregular heartbeat that can cause clots to form in heart. These clots can travel to men’s brain, producing a heart attack or a stroke. Atrial fibrillation brings almost the fivefold risk of the stroke, and need to be taken seriously.

Men’s goal: If men have the atrial fibrillation, they need to treat it soon.

How to achieve it:

  • If men have some symptoms like shortness of breath, or heart palpitations, visit the doctor for the exam.
  • All men need to take the blood thinners like warfarin or high-dose aspirin to lower their stroke risk from the atrial fibrillation. Their doctors can guide them via this treatment.

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VII. Treat Diabetes

how to prevent a stroke - treat diabetes

Having the high level of sugar in blood over time damages all the blood vessels, making all clots likely to form in them.

Men’s goal: Keep their blood sugar under the control.

How to achieve it:

  • Men need to monitor their blood sugar.
  • They should use diet, medicines and exercise to keep their blood sugar in the recommended range.

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VIII. Quit Smoking Answer For “ How To Prevent A Stroke”

quit smoking answer for “ how to prevent a stroke”

Smoking will accelerate the clot formation in many different ways. It can thicken the blood, and it also increases the amount of the plaque buildup in all arteries. Along with the healthy diet plan and simple regular exercise, the smoking cessation is a lifestyle change that can support you in reducing their stroke risk significantly.

Men’s goal: Quit smoking.

How to achieve it:

  • Men need to ask their doctor for the advice on the appropriate method for them to quit.
  • They can use quit-smoking aids, like patches or nicotine pills, medicine or counseling.
  • Do not give up. Almost smokers take some several tries for quitting. See them failed attempt as getting their one step closer to beating successfully their habit.
  • Changing Men’s Habits

IX. Changing Men’s Habits

1. Set Your Alarm For 7 Hours of Sleep

how to prevent a stroke - set your alarm for 7 hours of sleep

Sleeping more than ten hours a night can increase the stroke risk up to 63percent, compared with a recommended seven hour stretch. So if men want to know how to prevent a strokenaturallyathome, they need to know how to wake up ealier in the morning.

2. Think F-A-S-T

  • Some surveys showed that less than thirty percent can name more than 2 symptoms of the stroke. They should use the handy mnemonic F-A-S-T to recognize all symptoms:
  •  F (it means “face”): uneven smile, numbness, facial droopiness, and vision disturbance
  •  A (arm and leg): weakness, difficulty walking, and numbness
  •  S (speech): inappropriate words, slurred, and mute
  •  T (time): Realize the time is very critical. If men notice any above symptoms, they need to call 911 immediately.

X. Healthy Eating Is The Best Answer For “How To Prevent A Stroke?”

healthy eating is the best answer for how to prevent a stroke

– Snack on vegetables and fruits.

Try to limit all junk foods. Choose some healthier options such as fresh fruit, dried fruit, and vegetables. They should have at least 5 portions of healthy fruit and fresh vegetables each day. The portion is about eighty grams (3 ounces) – for example, an orange or apple, a glass of healthy fruit juice, a big carrot, 2 broccoli florets, 3 small spoons of the peas or a handful of the grapes.

– Choose the low-fat proteins.

They should cut down all red meat – choose some fish, game, vegetarian or poultry options instead. Almost red meat is high in the saturated fat, which will be able to clog up their arteries and raise their cholesterol levels.

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– Eat a lot of healthy fiber

Foods that contain fiber help to lower the cholesterol in the blood. Try to eat more wholegrain cereals, brown rice, porridge, wholewheat bread grains, couscous and pasta.

This full writing showed to all men the best anwer for “ how to prevent a stroke or heart attack in men naturally at home” with all simple and effective tips.  Men also can visit home health page on our website to learn more imformation about their health.

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